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July 19, 2012

Sandra asks…

what is the difference b/w a single, a studio, and a bachelor apt?

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a difference.

Linda asks…

should i get a studio or one bdrm apt?

I am getting ready to move out for the first time on my own, and want to know what is better for a single full-time student and full-time worker.

Administrator answers:

I would vote for the one bedroom. I like to be able to close the door if I have a mess. Also, I have some trouble sleeping so it’s better for me to have my sleeping space separate from my living space.

William asks…

Help!! If you make 55-60K/yr, abt how much can U save if U live as cheap as poss. in a studio apt?

Anybody out there? Anybody???? around +350 p/mo car pmt, 50 p/mo cell plan, 300 p/mo gasoline…
Thankyou so much for the answers so far. Please forgive my naivete. I’m preparing to move off to grad school (and beyond….)

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you live,housing costs, you know your spending habits better than anyone else,lets jut say after taxes you take home 4,000 a month 750 for a studio<depending on where you live more or less that leaves you with3250 – 350=2900 – 50=2850 – 300 im assuming insurance is in your payment 2550 – whatever you spend on food clothing entertainment im about 200 a week you might be different
1750 a month give or take

Thomas asks…

would you share studio apt to save money?


Administrator answers:

You do what you have to do to get by until things get better. Sharing a studio apartment might be cramped, but could work with the right two people. However, you may find that a landlord is not willing to allow two people to share a studio. Depends on local occupancy codes.

Donald asks…

Housing Prices in Abu Dhabi – Studio, 2-3 Bedroom Apt, 2-3 Bedroom Villa?

I recently got an offer to move to Abu Dhabi and I am trying to determine the cost of living. I need to live inside the city, hopefully close to international schools. I will first need to live in a studio, then when I bring my family will rent 2-3 bedroom aprt, or 2-3 bedroom villa. If you are familiar with the area I’d appreciate it if you can make any recommendation. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Its incredibly expensive. A 2-3 bedroom apartment costs around 180,000 dhs to 300,000 dhs rent per year.
Studio apartments are 100,000 and villas are even more expensive as you’d have to pay an immensely huge bill for electricity due to the AC, an apartment is comparatively lower as its a central AC. I’d suggest khalifa city.. You’d actually be able to find a villa/aprartment and the international school of Choueifat has a branch there, they’re one of the best schools in the gulf region, but the school fees are impossibly high, I’m in the 10th grade and its around 45,000 dhs per year school fees for me.
There’s a shortage of affordable housing and due to inflation most people are leaving as they can’t afford to live here. You should seriously consider all your options before moving.

Chris asks…

Will running a fan in a small studio apartment save me a lot more money than air conditioning?

How much money will I save if I have a fan on ALL DAY LONG as opposed to air conditioning in a small studio apt?

Administrator answers:

The answer above me is correct about the humidity. Our utility provider gives a cost estimator on their website which gives the costs of running certain electric and gas appliances by the hour. Ceiling fans, floor and window fans are a fraction of the cost that they charge for AC. Most fans on their chart cost between 1-1 1/2 cents per hour as compared to over a dollar (depending on the type of AC, window, stationary room or central) you are running and the square footage of the space you are cooling. Plus, you could add a dehumidifier for about 25-50 cents per hour depending on the size of the unit. Our utility is SDGE, but check whether your provider has a website with the cost estimator. It will give you the answer more accurately than we can on Yahoo Answers (but we sure try hard!)

Richard asks…

can you have a pitbull in a studio apt. looking into getting a dog and a pitbull is my fav, but dont know?

Administrator answers:

If the landlord and/or building allows it.

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