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July 29, 2012

Mark asks…

Where in Tallahassee, Fl can I find a nice 1br apt/studio for about $600/mo?

I’m a FSU student and I’m looking for a one bedroom apt or studio in Tallahassee for $600 or less. the three vital things I’m looking for are :

- One bedroom
- Included utilities
- Furnished

I’m flexible on the last two if the apt. is at a good price.

I’ve tried looking on apt finder websites but they never list the price for anything, so I’m asking if anyone knows first hand of any good places.
I’ve already checked caigslist. And although I’ve made a listing for something for next fall, everything thats posted is reday to be rented out now.

Administrator answers:

Look here:

Steven asks…

Studio Apt [living alone] or Roommate[Staying with someone]?

Which one do you think is better. What are pros and cons? I know this has more to do with personal choice, but I just wanna know pros and cons which may have escaped my attention.

Administrator answers:

Live alone. Had you wanted to deal with anothers habits you could have stayed with your parents.
Read the site enough and all you read about are roommates stealing, dirty, messy, drugs, moving in a lover, not paying the rent or utilities and eating your food.
So you have less elbow room in a studio but if you want to run around naked it is your castle and you do as you please

Charles asks…

where put hamster in studio apt night sleep time?

at the wheel at night I heard about hamster-should I get one

Administrator answers:

I have a teddy bear hamster in a metal cage in my room and the wheel sqeeks sometimes…i just put alil bit of pam or butter on it to stop the sqeeking…but the dwarf hamster that i have in my room is in a plastic cage and the wheel in there wobbles around on the axel..there really is nothing i can do about that…so if u have a plastic cage i would perfer that don’t have it in ur room but a metal cage u can easily fix that noise.

Carol asks…

Have you lived in a studio apt with a bf/gf?

I haven’t yet,but I think that is what we are going to get.We have had a one bedroom.I am kind of worried about having space when we need it.
Fig-I have already lived with him for over a year and I am happy with it,but we have had more space than that is all.:)
I am 27 years old people, and I love living with him already! I just wondered about the space thing and if people did the same thing.

Administrator answers:

Don’t do it!!! If you move in together, you better get a one bedroom. Trust me. There is just not enough room for all of your stuff.

I live in a studio by myself and there is barely enough room for my stuff.

I used to live in a one bedroom with my ex and we had a hard time finding places for everything. Imagine how it would be with a studio.

Helen asks…

I am Looking for a Studio apt in olathe or Gardner Kansas?

Administrator answers:

Millcreek Woods Apartments
1711 N. Ridgeview Road
Olathe, KS 66061

Ruth asks…

Adding doors to a studio apt? Can I?

Umm im thinking about moving into a studio apartment because it is much cheaper then renting a 1 bedroom. I was wondering if it was possible to build double doors to seperate the bedroom n living rooms. How do u think it will look and do you think landlords will go for it if i tell them ill take the doors down if i move out?

Administrator answers:

I would ask the landlord.

In some states you need a permit for that type of construction and an inspector to approve it.

Try to divide the room with a curtain or partition instead.

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