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August 26, 2012

Maria asks…

I live on a farm in NJ and keep seeing these large black Tarantula looking spiders in my studio apt. ?

I have had a 6 mos old kitten who was curious be bitten by one of these spiders without any issues, so I know they are not poisonus people or aminals. My landlords and I are curious because of how they look. If anyone can help us that would great.

Administrator answers:

Well, it is NJ, so it could be some giant toxic-waste mutant version of any sort of itsy-bitsy spider, but there is a fairly common large, dark, long-legged spider that can be found in your area. That would be my first guess – the upland fishing spider Dolomedes tenebrosus (link below). They get about hand-sized and like to hang out on walls when they come indoors. The fieldmarks are large size, hairiness, long, stripy legs, broad carapace and a rather angular abdomen with zig-zag or chevron markings on the dark-colored background.
If it’s not this, see if you can get a photo and repost your question.

Susan asks…

should my first move with moving from shelter to apt be a studio, or a room?

Want to save but need some order first

Administrator answers:

What can you afford?

Rooms rather than places of your own tend to be a lot cheaper

Donald asks…

hi i am looking for studio or 1 bed room apt in near to corporate center ,camp hill,pa?

Administrator answers:


Michael asks…

i need a place to rent by 1st wk of dec. (studio or 1 br apt would be great) budget is 6K/mo. area makati. tnx

If u know of any available unit… please contact me right away.. thanks and iou! cheers!

Administrator answers:

I am not from that area, but what I may suggest is checking the local papers in that area, or call a local Real Estate office in the area, they sometimes have their own rentals available.

Here is also some websites that I have heard are helpful.

Either way, good luck to you!

Chris asks…

Ladies, what color should i paint my two room studio?

IM a single guy 25 yrs and i have a two room studio i just moved into. and i cant figure out what colors to paint it. so ladies..what color would u like to see a guys apt to look a hUGE yankees plz help!!! thanks!

Administrator answers:

Try out this website

It lets you simulate what your rooms will look like. You can try out different colors.
Personally I would stay with neutral colors for a while until you get a feel for the apartment and really know what you want.

Thomas asks…

I’m looking for a apt. in Brooklyn,Bedford Stuyvesant area. A studio or one bedroom.?

The apt can be in a private house or brownstone. I do not have any children living with me and I am single. I work full time and sometimes I enjoy company. I smoke and have coctails on occasion.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried Craigslist? There is a Housing Section on Craigslist for Brooklyn.

Sandra asks…

What’s the rate for moving expenses in NJ.The move is a few blocks away w/studio weight.Pack & drive.?

I am moving about 3 blocks away from where I am here in New Jersey. How much approx.would I get charged by the moving companies? I have a studio size apt. and it is not that much. Maybe 2000 pounds all together. I would like for the moving company to drive and pack. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I recently moved from NJ to PA. I called a local moving company and they sent someone to give me a price including packing. That’s what I would do if I were you.

Robert asks…

could you give me a good link to look for apt’s. or even cheap studio’s?

if you could please im in kuwait now but i need to find my own place asap, i live in colo. springs, if that helps i’ll be leaving here in early november

Administrator answers:

Refer to first question you asked 10 seconds ago

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