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September 1, 2012

Carol asks…

could you give me a good link to look for apt’s. or even cheap studio’s?

if you could please im in kuwait now but i need to find my own place asap, i live in colo. springs, if that helps i’ll be leaving here in early december

Administrator answers:

George asks…

where can i find a reasonable apt. in LA that allows 60 pd dog?

i am in desperate need of a apt. in LA that allows large dogs. i dont not want to live with anyone a studio to 1 bedroom is fine. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I found a PERFECT site.
Hope This Helps! :D

Sandra asks…

I “found” an apt but does this look fishy to you? is it legit?

i want to move to miraflores lima, peru, i’m looking for a studio apt… and i came across this…

ps. this is my first time looking for an apt.
here’s the link
it doesn’t say the exact address for it either…just a phone number.

Administrator answers:

Looks good to me!

Ruth asks…

How can I store away things in my basement?

I live in a studio apt. What’s good for putting my off season clothes in the basement?

Also, do I have to put lysol in it after 8 months?

Administrator answers:

Rubbermaid tubs and if you want to keep your clothes smelling fresh add some sachets or fabric softner sheets.

Daniel asks…

How do I start a bed and breakfast in my home?

My home is in a residential neighborhood. Is it possible to rent out a studio apt. on my property as if it were a hotel?

Administrator answers:

First you will need to find out the zoning laws in your town and area. As far as renting out a studio apt…I don’t see why not..However a bed and breakfast is slightly different. And a bit more involved. A bed and breakfast is considered a business and therefore there are alot of thing to consider. If you are truly interested. Start going to B&Bs in your area. Ask questions. See how much work is involved. Taxes, insurance etc etc. But if you only have one room to “rent” then I really dont see it as a problem as that isnt really considered a Bed and breakfast. Lots of people rent rooms from there home weekly monthly and sometimes even daily. So I would proceed ahead until someone tells you otherwise. Check with your home owners insurance as well. Just to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.
Be careful how you advertise…I wouldn’t advertise as a Bed and breakfast…advertise as room/ studio apt for rent. Keep it simple.
Also…get with a local real estate agent who can help get you established and someone that can refer perspective “renters” to you. Do as much research as possible and never be afraid to ask question of people who run the same type of buisness.
Good luck!

Susan asks…

What is the best futon to sleep on every night?

I am about to move into a very small studio apt. So small that I can either have a bed or somewhere to sit so I thought I could get a futon and solve that problem. What would be the best futon to use as a couch and a bed everyday? Also, it needs to be under $300. Is that even possible?

Administrator answers:

Well then the best is for you is a futon with a thick mattress futons are not comfortable.Why not get a twin bed and then some recliners . Then a bunch of long pillows to make the bed a couch this way when you have company the can sit on the recliners.

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