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September 15, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Average electricity cost for a studio apartment?

What is your electricity cost for a studio apartment (about 450 sq. feet)?

How many kilowatts do you use per month?

I don’t have AC. I live in a 450 sq. ft apt and my electricity bill was around $90 a month in August/September…..15 kilowatts a day
I have no clue why it is so high because I am pretty conservative when it comes to electricity. No AC…No fans…

Administrator answers:

Check your refrigerator- old ones really suck up energy. Also- do you have a hot water heater? If you do, do you have any hotwater leaks?

You do have expensive electricity…20 cents per kilowatt.

Here in Oregon it is less than 1/2 that cost…about 8 cents. I use about 1500 kw a month and my bill is $120.

Only other option you have to reduce is to unplug all appliances like tv, phone charger, toaster, etc…anything that has a power draw even when turned to ‘off’.

CFL bulbs help a LOT. They use only 1/4 the energy of regular bulbs- but they take time to get used to…they can take upto 30 seconds to reach their full brightness.

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