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April 1, 2012

Linda asks…

Utility prices for Studio apt in San Francisco?

I’m a student planning to move to San Francisco in August, will be living with a friend in a studio apartment. How much can I expect to pay for gas, electricity, and water?

Administrator answers:

$13o per month

Susan asks…

What are the dangers, and how serious are they, of bringing an infant home to a studio apt. with a gas stove?

I’m due with our first child in August. When on, the gas stove usually makes the whole apt. smell like gas. How concerned should I be? What can I do? We will only be living here for about six months after the baby arrives.

Administrator answers:

Its dangerous for an infant, because he/she has such small lungs and not a very good immune system. I’m not real sure what to do, but your doctor will be able to tell you. (yeah, its a dumb question to ask a doctor, but my sister did)

Good luck with the rest of your pregnacy, and God bless.

Sharon asks…

what is the approximate cost of carpeting a small studio apt in nyc?

i’m looking to carpet my studio apartment. it’s pretty small. anyone have any info? thanks.

Administrator answers:

Did you not learn to figure out area in square yards in high school? Multiply length by width in feet divide by 9 and that’s how many yards you’ll need. Carpeting prices are by the square yard.

Chris asks…

How to decorate a small studio apt living room that only has a black leather couch in it?

Give me tips? What kind of throw pillows should i get? Do people even still do throw pillows on there couches?

Administrator answers:

-get a footstool(they also make footstools that can turn into a table and footstools that you can keep your stuff in)
-use colorful throw pillows
- drape a blanket over the couch
- if you can’t paint or hang stuff up wall decals are a great idea
- get a small endtable/cabinet to store your stuff in and put pictures, books,lamp on top of

Jenny asks…

Just moved to studio apt -going to convert a walk-in closet into a mini office. In Chicago, what store should?

I go to? I will need to add a shelf to act as a table and need plenty of storage options.
I will probably buy a piece of pre-cut wood and add storage underneath. I’m looking for filing cabinets that are wire baskets, I saw them before and now I can’t find them.

Administrator answers:

I would buy a precut countertop from home depot and just attach it yourself with supports every 4 feet and it will give you a nice inexpensive desk

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