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April 19, 2012

Ruth asks…

Is it legal for family of four to live in a studio apt on LI,NY?

Renters below me have 2 girls ages About 6 and 10,plus the parents. Lease was orginally for a father and son. The son moved out and the man bought his family over from a foriegn country. Their lifestyle drives me to distraction. Do I have legal recourse? I own my co-op apt.

Administrator answers:

Studio apartments have no separate bedroom. The living room doubles as the sleeping quarters. They are meant for one, two people tops. Four people, regardless of the fact that two are children, is considered overcrowding. You can contact the local housing authority and check the rules with them.

Mary asks…

How do I go about renting a studio apt near Samsung-Dong Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea for 1 year?

Any good website I can use to search for one? Sites I’ve been through don’t have studio apartments. My budget is around $400-500 USD. Thanks.

I’m looking for a place near
Inwoo B/D
109-1 Samsung-Dong
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Budget for rent at 400-500USD per month.

Administrator answers:

Umm, for Gangnam, you’ll need more than that.
You need to make a deposit at the start of i think around $5000USD.
You need A LOT of money to live in Gangnam.

I asked a similar question like this before. Check it out. I think it’ll help you out a bit.



Paul asks…

Have you lived in a Studio Apt?

Besides price, was there anything you liked about it compared to living in a one bedroom apt? What were the advantages and disadvantages?

Administrator answers:

Living in a studio apt is a way of life… Your personal space is combined in with your entertaining area, dining area, etc. A studio tends to feel larger than a one bedroom apt because there are no walls dividing spaces, but for it to really work you have to be creative with how you set it up otherwise when you have guests over they’ll be sitting on your bed and using your laundry hamper as a footrest. The size of the apt also plays a major role, so if we’re talking about a 250 square foot studio life will be much more difficult than if it is 800 square feet.

George asks…

What is the difference between a studio apt and a efficiency apt?

Administrator answers:

An efficiency apartment is a smaller, and cheaper version of a one-bedroom apartment.
A studio apartment, is usually all contained in one room, sometimes even a bathroom may be part of the one room.

As it has become evident from the other posters, an efficiency apartment and a studio apartment can be considered the same thing or vastly different. The most logical thing to do, would be to ask whomever is offering the apartments and check it out for yourself, with real-estate lingo, it can vary from seller to seller. So take a look at the apartment/apartments and decide if they are something you are really looking for.

David asks…

I want to make a sort of canopy/room divider for my bed in a studio apt. Think Moroccan. Any ideas?

I want stylish but not “girly”. Close to the bed so not a true room divider, needs two sides. Maybe some lights around the top edge,colored fabric….. Any websites where I can get ideas?

Administrator answers:

What about one of those “mosquito net” looking things? I know they have those at ikea, pottery barn, etc. You can also add lights, beads, fringe around the top circular base which would look really cool :)

Donna asks…

What is the cheapest in the seattle rgion to rent a studio apt?

I am looking for something to live in while I work in seattle. I don’t care for the commute. I just would like to know which suburb out of seattle isn’t going to charge for me over $700 for rent? any info helps

Administrator answers:

Without knowing where you plan to work, it is a little hard to provide specific advice. Many neighborhoods in the city of Seattle might offer what you are looking for. Seattle is not a cheap city for rents, but housing in Lake City and in West Seattle tends to be the least expensive (not counting Rainier Valley and parts of the south end where there are some problematic areas). The closer to downtown and the closer to UW, the more expensive housing tends to be. The local bus system is reasonably good if you work downtown.

The least expensive suburban areas are those immediately to the north and south of the city, the ones across Lake Washington tend to be more expensive. If you work in Seattle and live east of the lake, or vice versa, the commute is going to be unpleasant.

Mark asks…

Makeshift wall for potential bedroom in studio apt?

We’re thinking of getting a studio apartment that has a large living room but it seems like, if one was creative, theres a section we could wall off as a bedroom. Can we make a makeshift wall? How could we do this?

Administrator answers:

Curtains, a screen or bookcases. If there is enough room, you could put bookcases back to back, if not. Put them side by side, and have some face into the bedroom and some into the living room. You could hang or lean a mirror against the back of one bookcase, to throw light into that side.

If they all face the same way, you could hang or staple fabric–like a big sheet–on the backs to make them look good on the other side. I would connect them at the top and side so they don’t tip.
You could put tall bookcases facing one way and shorter ones facing the other, to help stabilize things, and provide storage. Target and Walmart have they kind you put together with a screw driver,
and they frequently go on sale.

Linda asks…

How can I decorate my 2 room studio apt, I’m looking for an inexpensive room divider??Please help the clutter.

Administrator answers:

Get some cool Bamboo Shades and hang the from the ceiling, then you can use them as a backdrop to place a chair and small table by. I bought some from Wallyworld on sale for 10 bucks.

Joseph asks…

what is good color to paont my studio apt.?

i have a studio apt and i want to paint it. it a very huge one at that. i want to paint my studio to shades of the same color. Any suggestons

Administrator answers:


These are color wheels. Pick a color that you like, and choose one on the opposite side for contrast. Or pick a color on either side for same tones. Also, if you go to your local paint store or hardware store, the have paint samples on cards with up to three colors on it. You could find a color that you like and go two or three shade lighter or darker for a monochromatic effect.

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