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May 11, 2012

Michael asks…

I rented a studio apt and found out just recently that my L.L.(landlord) was actually having me and the other?

apt renters sharing a single water heater and also electric? Is this Legal it’s not anywhere in my lease that there was shared appliances?
There are two units and a store all attached to one unit for hot water and electricity and the landlord didn’t inform us until 9 months after moving in that we were all sharing, and the way he told us to cool it on our dish washing and showers as we were not leaving enough hot water for the other tenants??????????? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

It depends on who is paying the bills.

He can only have 4 units on a standard hot water heater.

Carol asks…

can two people fit comfortably in a studio apt with 1 bathroom?

its a 630 sq ft and i want to move in with a friend eventually

Administrator answers:

It depends entirely upon what the two of you are accustomed to and whether or not you can discuss issues that WILL arise :)

Granted, this will be a very small space, it’s prolly the most affordable space too.

Richard asks…

How is is living in a Studio Apt? With a 4 year old?

Administrator answers:

As long as it’s not a permanent situation, the 4 year old would love being closer to mommy. Eventually, they’ll want some independence though, so you won’t be able to stay in a studio for more than a few years.

Linda asks…

Does $1,440/month sound right for a studio apt?

location: Downtown San Diego,

does this number seem right? if not what is the typical price for a studio apt in San Diego?

Administrator answers:

Yes, sort of. Being downtown San Diego, it is obviously central to many things and would benefit a business more than an individual.
Unless you need to live downtown for a specific reason, why would you want to pay that?
If you work downtown with no transportation then there are still better choices due to our mass transit system that can get you to downtown from several of our cities in around 30 minutes. The places you will find out in these places will run around $750.00 for a studio. I live in a 2 bed 2 bath a/c and such for $835.00/mo.
Surely you can find an alternative to that large amount.

John asks…

Moving to Chicago very excited. where are some places to look for an studio or apt in an ok neighborhood? i ?

know that Chicago is an expensive place but where can i stay for $350.or $500 a month? what neighborhoods to stay away from cuz of crime and violence?

Administrator answers:

Its going to be tough to find an apartment that cheap anywhere in the city unless it is on the south side in the tougher neighborhoods. I suggest looking on websites like craigslist and and search for a roommate, because it will be easier to find say a $900/month 2 br than a $400/month 1 br… That being said, the two neighborhoods I would look in for the cheapest apartments while still being safe are hyde park and pilsen. Hyde park is harder to get into downtown depending on where you are though, and try to look as close to U of C as possible… Hope that helped!

I would also recommend looking at

with any possible neighborhood questions, etc… Its a very helpful forum and most of the time if you don’t find the information you are looking for you can post specific addresses of apartments you are looking at and the members will tell you more information about it

Maria asks…

OK I live in a studio apt with no oven and just a hot plate to cook . Is decent carne asada possible?

to fry. I have no porch to BBQ either.
my hot plate can fry surprisingly but indoor grill is a good idea

Administrator answers:

You can do wonders with a “George Foreman” grill. You can pick one up for about 20 bucks. My last one lasted for 10 years and I cooked much of my food on it. It plugs in to any standard electrical outlet and cooks things quickly. It also helps decrease the amounrt of fats you would otherwise get from some food by its design and method of cooking.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this grill cooks from both sides and therefore cooks quicker than some are used to so they at first over cook things. Just cut your expected time in half compared to normal grill or range cooking and the food should be done perfectly every time.

New York Strip, regular cut , medium, perfect in 7 minutes

Cajun spiced Chicken Breast , perfectly grilled in 3 to 5 mins

Ham & Cheese melt on wheat bread , hot and golden in 5 mins

Stir fry beef, onions and green peppers seared to perfection in 3 to 5 mins.

Carne asada…. ? TO be continued

Try it and see for yourself, I think you’ll like the results and your Carne asada.

Chris asks…

Is it possible i’ll find a studio apt for around 750$ a month on south beach?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can

George asks…

How do I “feng shui” my studio type apt.?

Administrator answers:

Easiest is to hire a fengshui auditor/ master to do it for you.

Next, there is buying and reading so many books. And you’ll do it by trial and error, since there is no one to help you. But you can just leave your apartment clean as claimed by fengshui books written by english speaking writers.

There is really no one general rule or do it yourself guide to doing your place. There are several concepts – and the more concepts that supports what you did the better is your solution. For example, according to flying stars concept a particular area is good, so you activate it by putting a mini water fall; and according to 8 mansions that is also you favorable area, then you also need to cross reference with the water placements concepts; but if there is a concept that is against it, you need to weigh out what are you trying to achieve.

Fengshui is not easy. It is not put a pair of mandarin ducks here, paint the room red, and put a windchime there and everything will be fine. It is not like that. Have you even gone to a chinese house who is practicing fengshui? They do not have mandarin ducks, red walls nor windchimes all over the place! It is just western people who likes a quick fix, an easy way out. And you need to remember that in fengshui the more powerful a formula/ concept is, the more powerful it can bring in wealth or health, but when used wrongly, it can be fatal up to 3 generations up and down from where you are. Thus, it is really cheap and easier to get someone who is fluent in fengshui to do it for you.

Thomas asks…

is baking soda the best litter box deodorizer? his box is inside a big covered a studio apt.?

his box is not in a separate room. but its covered in those big plastic litter box covers. i put it in a corner so that corner has stagnant air,

Administrator answers:

Baking soda is a great deoderizer – you can mix some in with the litter and keep an open box or container of it in that area to absorb odor. I also really recommend the clumping litter (like Fresh Step or Scoop Away) because it kind of absorbs everything.

We also use a citrus spray to freshen the air after our cat has just “gone” and the litter hasn’t had a chance to soak it in yet. Our most honest friends have told us that our house doesn’t smell like cat, so it seems to work pretty well!

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