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Your Questions About Studio Apt Decorating Ideas

February 23, 2012

Donald asks…

Tiny studio apt. decorating ideas to make place look bigger an more warm feeling?

I have a small living area with large TV, large coffee table, blue couch and then a seperate blue leather lazy boy recliner. I also have a bookshelf in my living room. My kitchen is along the back wall, nice and open… Reaches from wall to wall. I have a half wall that seperates the rooms. I have black drapes that i tie back during the day abd I can shut them at night. Best we can do fo privacy in a studio apartment. My bathroom and closet are great, lots of room. I want it to feel like home, more warm, i want to be able to decorate and re-arrange my lil place to look like a designer has come through and done it for me. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Have you considered using vinyl wall decor to add personality and flair to your pad without taking up any precious space?? Whether it be a beautiful saying or a trendy image, you can easily and quickly transform. Uppercase Living wall expressions are made from light weight self adhesive vinyl that applies and removes in a snap without damage to walls! With over 300 designs in 50+ colors it is a fun and affordable option!
I’m a Demonstrator with Uppercase Living and would be happy to answer any questions you have!

William asks…

Anyone have any good decorating ideas for our new studio apartment?

my boyfriend and i ( this is his account, i am just using it) are moving into a studio apt. it is 450 sq. ft. with a nice little kitchen, a decent sized bathroom, walk in closet, and of course bigger living space. What are some good ideas to divide the living room from our bedroom? i know they have like actual room dividers but from what i have seen they are a little expensive and we are on a budget. We also have a king size bed so i know it is gonna take up a lot of the room we had planned as the bedroom. Any ideas suggestions etc about anything would help, Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You can build or buy folding screens with neat fillers for inside the frame. Get some metal for the center, fabric, lucite like for light fixtures, etc. Yu might want to check out’s Design on a Dime has done projects for just what you’re asking for. Hope this helps. Roxanne

Steven asks…

HELP!!!! Small room studio.?

I moved in a one room studio apt. Bathroom is separate and fair size. Problem is everything else is in one room including my clothes which hangs on a rack similar to those you see at a hotel to put your luggage, etc to take to your room. I have put risers under my bed so I can cram everything not usable under there. Most of the pictures I see to decorate a studio apt are very modern and don’t give you any information on where to store things. I don’t have alot of money and have down sized as much as possible. The ceilings are at a slant on either side of the room making it difficult to use an armoir to store more things out of sight. Although I am looking for one that is shorter than usual. I also cannot divide or use a screen because my bed is in the room and in order to see tv I cannot use a divider. I like the shabby chic or eclectic look and am looking for a chest of some sort to store as well. This type of living is new to me and need help. Does anybody have any ideas or sites to go to? I have looked at some of them but OMG, they are ultra modern and don’t show where the clothes or anyhting is. I know I am not the only one out there with this problem. Thank you for any and all help. I will be doing the storing and do not build or anything so this is not a rebuilding project and as I only rent I am limited to what I can do. Thanks again

Administrator answers:

Get creative! Ikea has great storage solutions at really low prices if you’re working within a small budget. You know those plastic bins that are usually 3 or 4 high, sometimes just one long one? You can find them at Target and Walmart? You can store things in there and cover it with a decorative sheet or sarong. Look for coffee tables or trunks at places like the Salvation Army and flea markets or even garage sales and a lot of the older models had added storage underneath. Shelves! Lots and lots of shelves, all you have to do is spackle when you’re done and you won’t have a problem getting your deposit back. Look at it as a fun challenge and there’s all kinds of things you’ll find you can do.

Mark asks…

Decorating Help please…?

I just moved into a studio apt. and I am NOT used to having such a small space to deal with. I got rid of alot of stuff and I have been very creative about ways to make extra space (because I HATE cluter!) But the problem now is my apartment looks too boring! My head board, computer desk and tv stand are all antique black, and my bedspread is leapord print (black and tan)….any ideas for other colors that will go well with this? I still need to buy a rug and curtains and maybe a chair or two….Plus I dont have anything on my walls yet…. I was thinking maybe red would be a good color to go with the leapord print, but I’m not sure….ANY Advice, Ideas or Color schemes are welcome! Thanx!

Administrator answers:

Sage green might work.

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