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March 25, 2012

Carol asks…

Recording studio rates and rooms?

I want to record like 3 songs in a studio but I don’t know wich room I am going to need to record in? So I have pasted the rates and rooms below can somone tell me what all I will need and what room I should choose and about how long it will take to record 3 songs. Oh and I and I don’t play any instruments so how or where can I find music to sing my songs to?

Suite A – $160/hr
Built for comfort and speed. This room was designed and built to be the ultimate listening/production environment. Equipment includes the AMS Neve Logic 3 console with 5.1 Surround Mixing, and the Audiofile SC workstation with lightning fast archive and retrieval via DVD-RAM. Also features a window into our Sound Studio, client desk, couch, lava lamp, wireless internet, and a 32 inch video monitor.

Suite B – $160/hr
Built to get the work done. Our second AMS Neve Logic 3/Audiofile SC workstation is the heart of our “living room.” It also includes a 2 GHz dual processor Mac G5 with Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. Virtually every audio format available is represented in this space. Features a beautiful view of downtown Raleigh, and easy access to the coffee pot.

Sound Studio – $25/hr (only in combination with Suite A or Suite B)
Built for silence. Our 500 square foot studio features a 3 inch floating concrete floor with 2 inch thick walls and ceilings mounted on isolation systems designed by Mason Industries for the ultimate in soundproofing. Combine this with a no compromise approach to acoustic treatment and you have what is probably the best sounding room in the Carolinas. Features a window into Suite A, and a comprehensive microphone collection, including the best from Neumann, AKG, and Sennheiser.
ISDN Services – $75/hr (only in combination with Suite A or Suite B)
Real time high quality audio from anywhere in the world. We support all major data formats, including APT, Telos/Zephyr and MPEG layers 2 & 3. Standard phone patch services also available and included in edit suite hourly rate.

Production Music and Sound Effects
We have an extensive collection of music from the best production libraries available: FirstCom, Chappell, One Music, Gotham, and more. Plus we have access to thousands of additional titles published by these libraries online.

Our sound effects library is second to none, and includes hundreds of recordings collected by our staff over more than 20 years of operation.

Production music $100/use – Access to our sound effects library $25/session

Digital Spot Delivery
Digital Delivery of Radio Spots and Traffic to stations nationwide
$15 per station delivered
plus $2 for each tied spot.
($45 minimum)

CD-R Recordable Compact Disk
DVD RAM Disk 4.7G [client archive]
DAT 124 Minute
DAT 64 Minute

There is a minimum copy charge of $35.

Administrator answers:

I dunno really
I get to do mine for free….
Yeah it is expensive whatever you have the money for I guess

Mary asks…

Is Time square in New york city or Manhatten? what’s the difference?

and which is closer to Parsons New school For Design?
new york city or manhatten? :)
what part is a good neighborhood?
especially with no gang related fights or anything.
i plan to move to new york and find a studio but i need some info about it.

like on project runway, jillians apt. is nice. what part of new york does she live? what neighborhood?
and what about christian?

help pleasseee :)

Administrator answers:

Ok, New York City is the city… Which has 5 boroughs (Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, brooklyn and staten Island.) Manhattan is split in 3 main parts (downtown, midtown and Uptown). Then they split it in different neighborhoods such as financial district which is wall street (downtown) China Town, Tribeca, Greenwich East and West village are all downton. Then midtown has chelsea, union square, Stuvesant town, murray hill, The garment district or fashion district and theatre district where time square or 42nd street is. That makes it in manhattan. Parson’s school of desing is in West 2nd street which is in greenwich west village about 20 mins in train from time square.

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