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July 4, 2012

David asks…


I live in Chicago, where I rent a studio on the 18th floor of a high-rise of the lake. For the past few weeks (like since its gotten warm out) I’ve been noticing little black bugs on my ceiling. I don’t know where they come from or what they are. They mostly crawl on top of the ceiling by my lamp, in the corner near the window, but they can fly too. I kill em off, but every night they come back. Where could they be coming from? I have screens in the windows. Tried keeping windows closed to keep em out, but it does not help. Could they be getting in through my window unit air conditioner? Any suggestions on how to get rid of these damn things they make me really uneasy.

Administrator answers:

They like light. Take a container and put some soap and water in it. Place under a night light. Turn other lights out. Maybe they will drown while you sleep.

Put some lemon pledge on your window sill and window frame around the ac.

Try some peppermint oil on the front of the ac.

They might have a little hole in the ceiling or a wall to get in.

Thomas asks…

child support first time?

i was 19 and dumber than i am now. i knew 2 lesbians and they were friends to me and another male friend that introduced them to me, we all lived in the same complex. anyways one of the lesbians approach me and has a very long talk with me about both of them wanting a child and needed a male to make it happen, it took alot of convincing because for one i was scared and 2 i knew i was not capable to take care of a child. i told her that and she responded with excuses to make it seem like they will be the care takers and i can see the child from time to time so i eventually agreed. once she got pregnant a week later her girl got jealous and broke up. then the pregnant woman ended up liking me and had nowhere else to stay but with me and my father. to make a long story short i found out how crazy she was. she stalked me and hid my shoes to keep me from leaving the house. other weird things i cannot mention. she had stupid visions of moving to alaska or florida. i did not want to leave my state since i had support where i lived. she ended up moving to florida with the child after i helped her out on numerous occasions driving all the way to another city to give her money for the baby. she had another baby by another man and she called my father for money all the time. but get this, i moved to a nearby state and she happened to be in town, i wanted to see my son and she kept telling me its been so long (6 years) he will not recognize me since last time i saw him he was 2. she moved all over the states i could not afford to follow her and i also could not afford to take custody, i can barely take care of myself to be honest, i have no car and my wardrobe is 5 years old because of my job and taxes being taken i only have enough to eat 1 meal if im lucky and pay rent for a studio apt. all she did was ask me for money and she abused drugs and alcohol from when i last seen her. all i asked for was for me to claim my son on my taxes, once i asked she changed her phone number and never gave me any information on my son, social or any proof he is my son. i get a child support case letter in the mail. the court is in a whole different state i would be lucky to even go to a close by city. i have no help or family support. what do i do?

Administrator answers:

Contest the child support, make them do a DNA test. In your answer to the court summons you will have to motion for joint custody, this is the best time to do that, and is possible in most states. If you don’t ask for joint custody she can continue to move anywhere she wants and you can’t stop her.


Richard asks…

Inexpensive apartment/flat in Barcelona?

Help, I will be moving to Barcelona for six months, Going to be for recreation and a few classes at a local School. I want to rent a studio or 1br apt for myself. Already tried craigslist, looking for something else?

Administrator answers:

I will highly recommend for you to travel to Barcelona first. Stay a few days at a cheap hotel that is centric, do not book it online (except your first night, of course), it cost less over there or less you are traveling on high season.

Once in Barcelona get “Los Clasificados” (the classified) from any local newspaper. Look for “Rento Piso” (apartment for rent) or you may also find someone that may want a roommate.

People are always willing to help in Spain. Get to know some locals (older folks) and they will show you the ropes. Get yourself a cell phone (Vodaphone or Orange), don’t use the public phones and do not connect a land-line phone they are very expensive.

You may find that some people will rent you a room, but if you are looking for privacy make sure you have lots of money, rent is not cheap at all or less you get lucky. There is always a friend who knows a friend in Spain.

Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

Costa Rica, what is required of Americans to rent cheap?

My apt lease expires in Mar 2010. I was touring Costa Rica and loved it. I lost most of my income when the stock market crashed so I’m living on a limited income, retired, no family and alone. What is required of Americans to rent an inexpensive unfurnished studio or one bedroom apt in a safe area within bus or taxi range of the capital, markets, shopping centers? I previously owned a vaction house in Mexico so I speak fluent Spanish. Need to know rent rates, requirements, suggested neighborhoods??? Please help a senior citizen make this happen. Thanks for your comments.

Administrator answers:

Look at outlying areas, Cartago, San RAmon, Alejuala, SArchi, Naranjo, Atenas. All are about 1 hr from S. Jose. Avoid Escazu, Santa ANa, CUidad Colon- all are pricey.

Most have rentals aimed at foreigners but the rates are raised for them. So use the SPanish classifieds instead. If possible have a tico(a) friend make the first contact and get the rental rate stated before you go to see the place- otherwise once the owner knows he/she is dealing with a foreigner the rate will climb. Staying near schools and churches tends to improve security. USUally living near other government buildings also helps (health clinics, libraries, municipal storage sheds, etc).

Getting outside of the main area of any of the towns and into the barrios drops the rental rates a lot but local bus services also drop. You will have to compromise.

THere are increasing numbers of elderly foreigners that shares houses and apartments, split the rent. I would not like to do it myself but it often works out well. Be sure you are the legal tenant- the one who signs the contract- so if you want you can get rid of someone you can’t stand.

EDIT. Avoid hiring any body to help you find a place, especially the foreigners that offer property managerment services (especially true in Atenas- the place is clogged with real estate leaches).

Sharon asks…

Looking for rental in Ft. Lauderdale…?

I’m spending the winter in Florida, and I am looking for an inexpensive studio apt. or room to rent in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I need an apt from January until April, and I am looking to spend around $500.00 a month. Anyone have any availability?

Administrator answers:

Try craigslist!

Paul asks…

how can we afford this?

my wife and i are both 30. we own a condo just outside boston that we owe about 237,000 on. it apraised at 300,000. we rent out a room for 600 a month to help cover our $1605/month mortgage payment and $330 a month condo fees. we have pretty decent credit and manageble cc debt with 0 or low intrest. after al our bills with save about 1400 a month.
we found a 2family house that wed like to buy and start afamily in. we’d like to buy it with 0 down. it has a 4bd apt to rent out which i think we could rent for 2200-2400 a month and has a basement to put another studio or 1bed apt in to also rent out or have her mom stay when we have or first baby. it also has some extra parking we could probably rent out too for another 200 a month.
id like to keep our condo and rent it out but i dont think i could rent it out for as much as it costs us i think i could get 1800 at the most. which is $150 short .

i guess im looking for some advice on whether or not it is possible for us.

Administrator answers:

Try making some minor upgrades to the condo, adding some extra nice things to it to increase rental price. If you can make it just a little bit more comfortable than it is now, you can make that extra money easy.

Install a really nice bath or something that you dont find everywhere else.

Daniel asks…

How can I convince my landlord to rent me a 2 bedroom apt?

I live in a NY complex with several buildings. There are studios, 1 bed, and 2 bedroom apts. I now live in a one bedroom with my roommate. I sleep in the living room which has a divider, so it is a converted 2 bedroom apt. We do it to save on rent. But I am getting tired of not having my own bedroom. We can’t afford the two bedroom. What can I say to convince management to rent a real 2 bed to me? There are so many empty apartments now. I know he wants to keep me but..What if I ask to rent to me the 2 bed for the same rent and I will give him an additional months security? He already has two months security from me. What is a good strategy?

Administrator answers:

DO your research first. Is your LL renting out apts cheaper now than when you moved in? Can you find nearby 2 BR that you can afford? Or at price you’re willing to pay your LL? If you’re good tenants and they don’t want more vacancies, they should be willing to move a little, but whether as much as you want. .. . . . .?
I’d suggest going to LL/mgr and ask what kind of deal he can give you for a 2 BR apartment.
Or going to him and suggesting that you two would like to move to a 2 BR, but pay only $50 more a month, in order for him to keep you guys as tenants. You’re going to have to pay him something more, not same rent.
OR Split the difference between you, say your rent is $1000 and 2 BR is $1500, difference is $500, you pay $1250.

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