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July 26, 2012

Donald asks…

Can you recommend some neighborhoods in the Bronx?

I would like to rent a studio or one bed room apt and want a fairly convenient commute to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital at 1650 Grand Concourse. I have a car but also am willing to use a bus or subway. Safety is important so low or lower crime areas would be preferred. Thanks for your suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Decaulb ave,hull ave.olinivile

Sandy asks…

Whats the best neighborhood to rent in Portland Oregon? What are the price ranges for rentals in these areas?

I am 24 yr old looking for a one bed/2 bedroom apt NOT in an apt complex! Like to be near by fun shops, good restaurants, and (hopefully) a nice yoga studio. Wouldn’t mind be a little further away from those amenities if there was a house with a lot of light, good energy, and a yard:-) Will be living with my boyfriend I’m a massage therapist and he’s a chef. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Definitely around NW 23rd. I actually know of a yoga studio right around there, I think it’s called CorePower Yoga.

I’m not sure about the price ranges for rentals.

Donna asks…

Can my landlord ask me to pay rent 5 days early?

I have lived there for 3 years. Its a studio apt above a garage which is part of a house. The landlords live in the house. We do not have a rental agreement or lease term. She asked me last month to pay rent 5 days early because she needed the money and she gave me a 40dollar discount. (oddly, she didn’t cash the check til days after the original due date).
She hasn’t offered me an incentive such as a rent discount.

Please read the question thoroughly.
-Rent is usually due on the 5th.
-This is the second month in a row she has asked for it on the 1st.
-Last month the check wasn’t cleared until the 8th or so.

Administrator answers:

“We do not have a rental agreement or lease term”

Then legally you have a month to month lease and she (the landlord) can change the due date to the 1st simply by giving you 30 days notice.

For example on or before Sep 1 she could inform you that the rent is now due on the 1st effective Oct 1 and that would be the new due date unless/until you give notice to vacate.

Linda asks…

Is it possible to afford $600 rent and still go to school full time?

I’m 19.
Living at home/commuting isn’t an option. Parents are both alcoholics/dad’s homophobic…and I just hate the boring town I live in.
I want to move into a tiny studio apt. in Chicago. It’s actually $525 but I’m estimating $600 with utilities.
Since public transportation is so good, I won’t be using a car.
Just wondering does this sound crazy? Or would it still be possible to pay for food, laundry, hygenetics, etc., and still have a little spending money leftover? I’m not sure if I should just take a semester off school to work more or just try to rough it out.

Also I tried looking for roommates but no luck…and I don’t want a random roommate from Craigslist, cuz that’s just a little too weird for me.
I’ll have about $5000 in savings by the time I move.
i would have a job whether i’m in school or not…i don’t want to spend the $5000 it’s mostly just to fall back on.

Administrator answers:

I dont know wat tosay.
I feel sorry for u.

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