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August 17, 2012

Chris asks…

What are things to look into when apartment hunting?

Me and my college room mate are planing to move of campus next year and are starting to do some apartment hunting.

Things we already are considering are:
Proximity to the school
Pet policy
Utilities included

What else should we take into consideration?

And also, does anyone have an estimate as to how much utilities would be for a 3Bed apt in SW Va with one Bed acting as a studio? Water, Electric, Cable/Internet.

Thank you.

Any input is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Parking – secure, street, lot, paid or permit
HV AC- what kind of heat (gas, electric, propane) and does it have AC
What is the security deposit and what does it cover (i.e. Cleaning upon move out and what condition does the unit have to be left in)
Are their move in specials (i.e. One month free)
Can both names be on the lease?
What is the lease term?
Are there house rules (no noise that can be heard outside the unit after a certain time, can you hang pictures or make holes in the walls, paint, etc.)?
Is there storage?
Is cable included?
Do you have your own meter for water, gas, electricity?
Is there a security system or guards or gated entry?
What are the entry rules (i.e. Emergencies, notification)
When is rent due, when do late fees start accrue, how soon after move out is security returned
What is required to quit the lease (inspection, 30 day notice in writing, professional cleaning, etc.)

Richard asks…

Help for first time moving to a new apt?

Ok so I live in New York but I wanna move to queens to be near my boyfriend.

Anyway, I recently stop working over some medical issues so I can’t work for now. I wanna know if I can still move? I want a studio around maybe Woodside, Astoria, forest hill or Flushing. But my budget is a little tight right now. Is there any studios around those areas that’s cheap but nice. My last apt I paid over 2000 so I want something I can pay less rent. Please help me with this =)

I don’t know much about moving etc because i was raised all my life in korea and lived in new York for 5 years only.

Administrator answers:

No landlord will rent to you if you’re not working. How would you pay the rent?

Susan asks…

Is karma real? What goes around, comes around?

My boyfriend just dumped out of the blue for a girl he just met. I was so good to him. Whatever he needed, I gave it to him. I was always by his side through the good times and the bad. So he dumps me, and the same day, he goes to work and gets fired. He has no money in his bank account. He has to pay rent, which is a little over $700 for his studio apt, car note, car insurance, energy bill, cell phone bill, etc. He has no money and is scared he will get evicted. The bastard had the audacity to call me a day after he breaks my heart to ask for money. He’s been asking his friends for help…with no such luck! Jobs are so hard to find in GA right now. I doubt he’ll something soon enough to pay for everything. Last night he went to go see his new girlfriend at work and he lost his blackberry. It’s 3am and he’s on the street looking for it and he finds it. But it’s smashed because it’s been ran over by a car!

Would you say this is Karma? Or maybe it’s just coincidence?
I never wished any of this. I would never wish bad things to happen to anyone. I just thought it weird that everything in his life was perfect, and then he dumped me and didn’t give a sh!t about me and how hurt I am, and now he’s going through hardship right now. He’s having family issues as well. I feel sorry for him!
All of you have given very interesting answers!

Administrator answers:

Within a single lifetime, yes – one does eventually reap what one sows

across several lifetimes, that’s another matter where it is very hard to tell

Daniel asks…

moving to new york, hav a couple questions for new yorkers. wat kinda neighborhood? and wat not…plz help thn?

i am moving to new york..i want to move into harlem. where is a gud place to move? wat is a ok amount for rent? how is the neighborhood there? i am a single person. i only want a studio apt

Administrator answers:

Harlem has different areas and neighborhoods within . Some parts are good, some parts not-so-much. It just depends. Try to stay out of the rent controlled areas. I am personally not from NYC, but lived there for a while. And I go back at least 4 times a year. When I was there, there was a double homicide in the neighborhood that I thought was ‘safe.’ Seriously…it’s a big city. You really need to go look around before finding a place to live. Rent varies, but most decent neighborhoods are going to be spendier in NYC. You might want to consider a roomate to get a nicer place in a nicer area.

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