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March 22, 2012

Mark asks…

I would like to rent one room studio apt. in golden sands for one week from april 24 2010.?

please reply at
Sender : Vinod

Administrator answers:

Better advertise in local papers for better response.

Nancy asks…

new york studio/tenement apt?? Are there any small tiny studio apts for rent in nyc for under $550 a month?

I have a friend that lives in new york city that has lived in the same apartment for 25 years. She only pays $325 per month for rent. The apartment is TINY (like 8 X 10 feet) and she has to share a bathroom on the hall. What I am asking is if it is still possible to find tiny studio apartments or a room in a tenement building for under $550 or so a month??? Where do I look?? I would appreciate answers from people who live in new york city, especially those living in this type of situation………… thanks a lot…. serious only please…..

Administrator answers:


She is in a rent controlled apartment. That’s why she has been there for 25 years, it’s so much cheaper for her to rent.

The only way you will find a deal like that is if you know someone who is moving and wants to sublet.

Laura asks…

I’ll be moving to LA soon and want to rent a 1bdrm or studio apt for around $900.00 a month.?

Can I find such a place in the San Fernando Valley, maybe around the intersection of Sepulveda and Ventura Blvd? How about in the Venice area? I am not that concerned about crime. What would be the minimum lease term? I would like 6 months in case I decide that LA is not for me and need to split.

Administrator answers:

A cheap alternative to Venice would be Palms/Culver City or Mar Vista. Crime is not really an issue in any of these areas and they are all super close to Venice. I know that there are studios & 1 bdrms in these areas from $650-$1000/month. is probably your best bet for apt. Searches.

Charles asks…

How much would a studio or 1 bedroom apt be a month for rent in the Upper East Side and Greenwich Village?

like the average cost?
also, do you know any good websites that have a listing of apartments for rent?
I’ve looked at, but some of them seem like fake listings

Administrator answers:

One bedroom in Greenwich Village around Jane Street $2500. If you’re lucky maybe as low as $2000. Upper East Side is rich, at least $3000 for that upscale neighborhood. By the way the upper East Side goes up to 96th Street. After that it’s called Spanish Harlem.

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know what rent if for a studio apartment at the Parkview in Memphis, TN?

The Parkview in Memphis is on Poplar Ave. and is a highrise independent living apartment building. Anyone familiar with the average cost of a studio apt…or a 1 BR?

Administrator answers:

Google has the addy for Parkview as 1914 Poplar Ave. I don’t know if all units would be this address or not, but this website gives all the rental market data for that area. You can look through the list & see which ones may be in that same complex:,0,3,0,0,0,35.1429,-89.9969,0,0

Chris asks…

looking for a studio apt?

i am looking for a small or a very small studio to rent out i ask for small because i do not like having extra space, its got to be under 400 a month and in the zip area of 85033

Administrator answers:

Here you go. Looks like there are around 50 listings to choose from for 85033 that are less than $400.


Good luck

Mary asks…

I would like to find a another Fem. Massage Therapist to rent with me a Studio or Apt.for a home business.?

Administrator answers:

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