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September 12, 2012

Sandy asks…

Hey people, need some advice!?

Hi I just moved to the city from the country, for my work. My landlord is a friend of mine, but hes also a control freak. He wants this studio I live in to be perfect at all times, so when I leave later he can sell it again with no work being put into it.He just put in 2 grand fixing it up from a prior bad tenant, I do my best to keep it clean and he’s always complaining about how dirty it is. His wife also complains to him about me constantly. Recently I just found out she wants her brother to move in to my apt that I been living for two months from her mother country, in Europe. I pay my rent to him, but hes disgruntled because he wants everything perfect at all times, and im neat and organized but not the bald Mr clean guy, that he wants me to be. Should I find another apartment or keep dealing with this harassment? They were in the middle of renovating the place when I moved in, and still working on it, and its coming to be nice. I’m starting to feel that the good deal I thought I was getting is turning to be sour. Also hes upset and so is she cause I run a buisness that hasn’t been for a month and a half cause it is geared around the college season selling to college kids. They been hounding me to get a job, but I am an entrepreneur and they don’t see that, just me relaxing every day till the students come back! So they think im lazy it seems, should I find another place or what? Thanks Note if you seen my apt you would go wow its so neat and organized, all my family thats come by says the same, but hes a spick and span freak and very controlling. What should I do thanks?

Administrator answers:

Get out. They have decided they want someone else to live there, and they want you out, so they’re harassing you. It sounds like the wife is a real nag and the landlord is compulsively neat. So, they’re both crazy.

Ruth asks…

What are the rules in me getting back my security deposit?

Hi, my fiance and I currently live in a basement studio and we do not have a lease. We have been here for almost two years and now we are looking to move to a bigger place because we are expecting our first child. Before we moved in we paid $775 for security deposit. At no time were we told what the procedure is in getting back our deposit. I know it’s good business to keep the place like we left and to give at least two weeks notice. We are looking into this apt. that we have a good chance of getting so I was hoping I could give her half of the month’s rent even though we shouldn’t be there for that long. We spoke to the landlord and she is saying that it was agreed that we would pay 1 month’s rent at the beginning of the month…..

Does she have a right not to give us our security deposit if we give her two weeks rent or do we have the right to get our deposit if we leave in a couple days? We didn’t tell her b4 cause we didn’t have everything needed to move.
I am in a rush now because apt. are soo hard to find in NY so I can’t let this one go. Also, I am due in two months and I want to get things ready for the baby once she gets here and that’s going to take time with my job and all. Thanks for all your responses.

Administrator answers:

Your first error was giving a security deposit without a contract specifying how that money would be returned. Still I wonder if that money you paid was even a security deposit because rent is paid upfront and if your monthly rent was for the same amount that money wasn’t a security deposit but merely your first months rent.

On a month to month agreement you still are required to give 30 days notice to leave. Thus you are supposed yo pay the full months rent for April if you failed to give written notice before. Your issue of knowing whether or not you will get this other apartment is of no consequence to your present landlord and she shouldn’t suffer as a result of it. But if she does, she will likely sue you and a judge will read you the law as he awards your landlord with a judgment. Sorry!

Mark asks…

eviction notice.. help..?

Me and my boyfriend got a studio apartment in July of 2008.. We were paying 750.00 monthly.. I lived there for 3 months. I had my son in august and i didnt like being alone while he was at work so i called the landlady and explained if i get someone to take over my lease that was for a year can i move out.. she said someone can move in but the lease is going to stay in your name and you pay in your name.. me and my son and my boyfriend moved back into my mothers house. everything was going good my brother had a job.. she called me over her house so she can make a lease for my brother. i filled it out for him and everything she went to the apartment where he lived and he signed it and everything.when may 1st came [thats when the new lease started she refused tot ake the money order for rent from my brother] one day my brother wasnt home but his friend was at his apartment.. the land lady came and rang the bell no one answers so she took her own keys and went into the apartment.. my brothers friend called me and told me the land lady seen the new lease she made for my brother on the table and put it in her purse… so we go there and she is changing the lock on the door. we had to call the police and the police came and said you cant do that thats trespassing you have to take it to court.. my brothers friend told me she took the lease and she said no she didnt. she told the police she never knew that my brother was living there. and the police just said well he should had the lease away shame on him.. no one knew she was going to come in the apt with her own keys..

so anyways my brother got a letter on the door today.. she is taking me and my boyfriend to court for NON-payment. she REFUSED to take the rent money. She wants all of our stuff out and to leave the premises. Ok so she wants 750.00 for non payment she wants 40.00 late fee 250.00 for her attorney and 30 court fee.. ?

can someone please help me and tell me what is going to happen or what i can do in court? and why do i have to pay for her attorney?

thanks a bunch!! enjoy your summer.

Administrator answers:

In court, you will not likely need an attorney…as far as her attorney fees, this is common practice for landlords. In court, a judge will rarely grant the landlord attorney fees in a judgment, so the landlord says “If you want me to stop the eviction, you pay the attorney bill”. This is the legal way they can recover some of that cost…once they evict, they are out that money for good.

You won’t have to worry about that, in all likelihood.

You will go to court, and the judge or magistrate will ask you to tell your side of the story. Be more brief there than you were in this question; state only the relevant facts, and do so clearly and calmly, and without accusation. Do not assume anything about the law, what is fair, or what is right…just the facts..

The judge/magistrate will walk you through it. They will ask the questions of you, you won’t be “put on the stand” and you won’t have to cross examine anyone or pull out any of those great lawyer tricks you see on tv. It’s all much easier than you’re expecting.

Your problem will be with you over-telling the story. I THINK you are being unlawfully evicted, but I can’t honestly see left from right in your post. If you talk in court like you write on Yahoo Answers, you might irritate a judge who’s already a bit cross.

If you can, try to speak with an attorney. The advice you get here is always conjecture at best. Even if you have to give him a hundred bucks to sit down with you for an hour and go over your options, having a lawyer give you REAL advice will pay off.

Paul asks…

Moving back in with a parent or both..?

I’m sure it’s more likely if it’s just one parent, like I have, (after living in somewhere way too noisy a couple yrs. back, since my mom lives aline and it was within the same town as the studio I was in. I saved for abt a year, and that was great, (the house is big enough for both of us, she’s in a 3 bedroom, i’d help out a little bit w/ the electric bill, and i gave her company, obviously.. ) a few mths. ago, i found a place just under 10 min. away, and now again, kinda wish i was saving at home plus getting to be near my mom..(life is short and i actually like hanging at hm. w/ her!) instead of being by myself in the apt. it’s sad since my town is not as nice, and my place is tiny. It does feel pathetic to think this way, since society makes you feel like u shld be out in your own place once u’re over 20 and never go back or u’re a loser(?). In other cultures it’s the opposite. I knw ultimately she doesn’t care if i’d stay at home, but am not sure..I knw that once she’s a bunch older i’ll likely go and live w/ her again, to care for her if she needs/safety reasons..but for now it sux thinking i’m draining money when i cld be saving. I found this place w/ pretty cheap rent so glad i found it for that, but otherwise don’t love it. Do all the people who got laid off move back home also? what have they done? (just curious, I’m still employed..)Any nice advice wld be sweet…btw am 29 and female..thx. Sorry so long.

Administrator answers:

If I were in your position i’d live with my mom there isn’t anything wrong with it who cares what anyone says stay with your mother

Jenny asks…

Can I add my BF to the lease?

My BF has been “secretly” living with me for almost 2 years now. We are both living in a studio apartment. My lease will expire in the end of August. Can I add him to my lease so he doesn’t have to continue “hilding” when the Landlord is around?

The Landlord caught him entering the apt. with his copy of the key and didn’t approach me about it. This was about a year ago.

Will my rent go up if I add him?
* “hiding”
Dorothy – Thanks for putting it in a nice way. Seriously, I didn’t think about that. :)

Administrator answers:

As a landlord I see this all the time. One of the main reasons to have him on the lease is if the is a fire, the fire dept. Comes and find out that only you are living there according to your lease and your working so they don’t search the place for anyone else, ah but BF is home and is over come by smoke but nobody knows and he dies. Now what? Who’s problem is it, the big bad landlord? Wrongful death? Who knows, just put him on the lease, it’s good to know how many people are living in the same house or apartment, it’s so much easier and safer for everybody.

Steven asks…

Should I move in or not?

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 9 months. She lives in a 2 bedroom apt all by herself, and affords it easily with extra money put aside. For the last couple of months she has been asking me to move in telling me I don’t need to pay bills or rent, or anything for that matter, that I don’t need to be on the lease if I don’t feel comfortable, and that I could even set up the recording studio I’m currently saving for in the second room. We’ve discussed the situation, and I think I’m ready to move in, although I told her if I do, that I would give her some money to help out (I don’t make all that much, so it’s really all I can offer).

My question is more…. What do you guys think? Should I move in, or should I wait for a little while? I’ve never lived with anyone other than my parents, is there anything I should think about before making a decision?

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

We live in an era where people move in together strictly out of convenience without realizing the difficulties later on.
Let’s say you move in and sign the lease. Hypothetically, in 7 months the relationship ends. You are stuck on that lease until it expires. (If that is the case here) If you don’t sign a lease, the landlord will find you out and make you sign a lease anyway.
Moving in with a gf/bf takes the fun out of what it would be like when you are married.
You get the comments about people wanting to move in to see if this is the person they really want to marry or what not. Please…..
You don’t go in a relationship to ‘test the waters’ or take advantage of a ‘trial period.” You go into a relationship because you love and respect them regardless.
I moved in with a boyfriend once in my 39 years and found out it complicated so much things.
I suggest you wait on this or don’t move in at all.
It sounds like a good idea but in reality it’s not.

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