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April 22, 2012

Thomas asks…

Studio Apt or Roommates? ?

Is it more ideal to rent a studio apartment or find a place to rent with 1+ roommates? A studio apartment sounds more appealing, I just worry that I would feel cramped, being that I’d be living in such a small capacity. Not only that, how do I arrange my stuff, and so it’s not so cluttered? As for a roommate, I don’t know how I would feel about living with one again. Been there, done that. I’m stuck. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Well, how do you get along with other people? You can afford a larger apartment if you share, but you’re also sharing the space with the other. It can be wonderful; it can be weird and horrible. Sometimes it’s comforting knowing there is some one else in your apartment, some one who will notice if you don’t come home. . . .

To succeed in studio you need to be very organized and a minimalist. Some studios have a large walk-in closet/dressingroom, which is great. I’m too disorganized to succeed in a studio. . . .I’m great at creating order, but poor at maintaining it.. . . .KNOW thyself. . . .

Susan asks…

How is life in Hawaii? Cost of living? Apt. Rent?

I live in Los Angeles now and I’m planning on moving somewhere – possibly Hawaii. I’m wondering how life is in Hawaii. How does it compare to LA? How does the cost of living compared to LA? Is it fun? Boring? How much do single bedrooms or studios go for?

Administrator answers:

Here’s an excellent (but lengthy) report

This one shows a good comparison of costs with other areas:

A furnished studio starts at $1000.

Paul asks…

I am looking for a studio apt near Etisalat Sharjah office, can pls advice on the location and rent, procedure

I am a married person, but my family will not join me, they will only come over for vacations hence I need a studio apt with facilities – Can you please advice on the location, rent and things that I need to be careful of while dealing for such a rented location

Administrator answers:

I think the best way is to contact a real estate agent and get them to quickly provide u with quotes. Doing it on your own will be tough especially if u r not in town.

Mark asks…

How much on avg. is the monthly total you pay living in a studio apt.?

Meaning, after rent, electricity, water, cable, groceries, and the avg. other living necesities, how much do you pay on avg. per month? I’m 17 and looking to move out, for reasons I’m not going to go into but it’s pretty necessary that I do and start my own life. I’ve been looking into monthly rent at studio apts., and I’ve been able to find some around the $375-$500 range, and I’m just wondering for all of you out there if you’re pretty money concious, and only am paying for yourselves and your living needs, how much on avg. do you spend?
I’m a female, still in high school, if that helps the ball park. Just doing my research at this point. Thank you so incredibly much for any advice you can give me; although, I’m not interested in hearing how I shouldn’t be moving out, I’m aware it’s incredibly difficult but you’re not aware of my reasons which I really don’t want to go into detail of. Thank you so, so much!

Administrator answers:

You can’t sign a lease until you are 18. I signed a lease the day I turned 18 and moved out to stay with a relative until I could move into my apartment (2 months). I understand your issue.

For the rest, depends on your area. Be careful about cheap areas – there tends to be a drug crowd increasing the chances of break-ins and assault. Rents in my area include all utilities except electricity and phone. Electricity, even with a/c in the summer, was never more than $25 in any one month. You can get on a monthly plan and you pay the same every month. Make sure there is good bus or taxi service – it’s really hard to come up with the immediate cash to fix your car when it breaks down.

Tips on leases. You may have to add this to the lease, but make sure that the manager has initialed both your copy and his/hers.
1. If utilities are cut off for any reason unrelated to the tenant, the apartment will be considered unliveable and rent may be prorated.
2. If you get a job more than 25 miles miles away, you will give 1 months notice and not be obligated for the remainder of the lease.

Lots of people get stuck for rent despite the fact that the utilities (such as water and heat) have not been paid by the owners. In addition, if your neighbor causes a fire, requiring you to move out even temporarily, you don’t want to be stuck for rent during a period of time you can’t live there. I’ve seen a LOT of people burned (pun intended) because of this situation including at a place I had just moved out of. They lost heat during the middle of winter and it was 2 weeks before it was repaired. The cops MADE people leave and yet, at the end of it all, they were still required to pay the rent for the period that they were not in their apartments. Fortunately, I had moved out of that place only the month before.

The second is due to the economy. You could lose your job and find one 50 miles away. With today’s gas prices, it may not be in your best interests to stay where you are.

Rental insurance is important once you’ve acquired stuff. In addition to replacing lost clothing and furniture, they will pay for hotel or motel in the event of a calamity.

Sharon asks…

LONG TERM RENTAL: what is the average rent for a room or 1 bedroom apt for long term?

Please contact, if 1 bed room apt or studio is available. What is the average rent of 1 room, long term?

Administrator answers:

Sunny, we don’t know where you are… The rent depends on location.

Check for apartments in your area.

Sandy asks…

How to rent a studio/apt for one month in August, near UCLA campus?

Hello! I’d like to attend UCLA in summer, and need to rent a studio/apt. for August, near (walking distance) UCLA campus.

My wife would not attend UCLA, so probably using UCLA housing is not an option. Where can we rent for a reasonable ($900 — $1500) amount?

THANK YOU for the answers provided so far! I would rather deal with an agency, and avoid sublets on Craiglist. Because in that case I do not know with whom I am dealing with, until I meet them…

Thanks for UCLA housing link! Do you know if my wife can stay with me in the studio, even if she is not studying there?

I asked the question “Do you know if my wife can stay with me in the studio, even if she is not studying there?” in the UCLA knowledge bank, let’s see what is the answer.

Administrator answers:

Look at UCLA Housing
Community Housing Office
Summer Housing

Be very careful about sublets etc found on craigslist.

Good luck!

Sandra asks…


California Real Estate Management Companies, have a ‘industry standard’ policy that is invoked state wide that descriminates on the low income like myself who is on Supplemental Security Income (ssi) by requiring prospective tenants who wish to rent property, to have a minimum income that is 2.5 – 3 times that of the rent for a unit in question. For instance, a unit that is $595.00 in Vallejo, CA required my income to be between $1487.50 – $1785.00 a month to qualify to rent a less than $600 unit. Yet, I only get $938.40 so Im denied a housing opportunity. Is all this LEGAL OR ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA ?? PLEASE SHOW SUPPORTING LAWS OR CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT DECISIONS TO SUPPORT YOU CLAIMS IN THIS SITUATION.

Administrator answers:

Nothing illegal about it. They want people who can afford to pay the rent. It’s as simple as that. Considering your income you shouldn’t even be looking at anything costing $595 a month because you can’t afford it. Time to get yourself some roommates or start looking in the paper for someone asking for a roommate.

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