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March 8, 2012

Paul asks…

Apt/Studio for rent, walkable to UCLA?

Those that have lived in a WALKABLE distance to UCLA as a student there, how did you find your apartment or studio? I will be a senior next year and need to find one soon!
Which apartments would you recommend to contact?


Administrator answers:


I’d go with the list at the housing department because Westwood is a pretty expensive area.

Sandra asks…

rent a studio apt. in or around nyc for $500 or less?

don’t want a slum area.

Administrator answers:

LOL exterminat the cockroaches! Or you will live in a closet with 5 other people.

Donald asks…

Where can I find a studio or apt in Paris to rent for 1 month?

Trying to find a place to rent in Paris for June28-August5. Any websights or places to look for that?

Administrator answers:

Any of the following sites is reliable:

This site is a guy who rents just one apartment. Its rather an interesting place, centrally located yet not really in tourist territory:

Sandy asks…

Rent studio or 1 bed apt in N.Y.C?

i really need to know about how much i should expect to pay per month for a simple apt,does not need to be much more than liveable!
Locations:Parkslope/surrounding area in Brooklyn
or anywhere in Manhattan…
What is the best kind of deal i could realistically expect??

Administrator answers:

If your lucky Brooklyn as for manhatten i seriously doubt you would find a livable apt for anything under $1,200+ a month for a dumpy place my father use to work for a company that rented out apt’s heres some places to help

good luck

George asks…

what are the cheapest cities to rent a studio apartment for a month?

I want to live in UK especially to practice and improve my english .

what are the cheapest cities in UK , to rent a studio apartment for a month?
where can I find the studio apt. in these cities ?
about how much it cost?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Its expensive everywhere – try smaller towns and the north is generally cheaper than the south and wales is generally cheaper than england

Lizzie asks…

What is the average rent/mth for a studio apt in Astoria?

also studio apt.’s in: Kew Gardens

Forest Hills

Administrator answers:

Well, they range from about $800 to $1200.

Good luck

James asks…

Are you an apt. manager w/ a studio to rent in hollywood? I’m looking for studio for 750 let me know.?

Administrator answers:

they have an LA listing
you decide ..where you want to be.
Lost have the location and pictures.
Good luck

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