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April 29, 2012

Thomas asks…

is it considered high maintenence to like to have nice things?

ok so my whol elife i was a lil more on the poor side but made the best of what i had and am a very happy appreciative person. i just recently found out i was pregnant (about 3-4 weeks ago) and the baby daddy has his own studio apartment and makes decent money. he wants me to move in and us try to make it work for the baby sake( i agree we should try) but hes the typical guy who doesnt care what his place looks like. well hes a very clean person. but when it comes to furniture and stuff the apartment looks ghetto. now that i am goin to bring a baby into this world i want the apartment to look more like a home. i want my baby to have nice things. i dont mean expensive i just mean nice. like at least matching furniture and a one bedroom apt. a studio is just too small for 2 adults and a newborn. but to him he doesnt care about that kind of stuff. i do. does that make me high maintenence?

Administrator answers:

I dont think thats high maintenance at all, u want things to look nice not expensive.
I think u shuld talk to him mayb u guys can sell the old furniture nd with that money buy new better looking furniture.

Susan asks…

Craig’s list- how do I find the right place to live?

I am a senior lady with a small dog who needs an affordable apt. to rent. I am the perfect tenant. I live in Ventura, Ca. right now but am able to live in Oxnard also. I must live close to the coast for the cool weather..I need a ground floor apt because I use a wheelchair. I would love to find a senior community that I could afford because I am alone and need someone besides my canine friend to talk to.Can anyone out there help me please? I would like a one bedroom apt but if all I can afford is a studio it is ok. I will have to have a hugh yard sale because I have a lot of furniture.I wish to stay in Ventura,Oxnard or near by.If there is a bungalow in back of a large house available, I would love to see it.

Administrator answers:

Don’t know about criags list but I do know that has listings of low income apts..u can also go to, key in the amount u want to pay for rent, etc and see what pop’s up.. The dog will be the problem.. I have a dog too but most landlords will not allow pets. Have u checked on getting on sect. 8 or HUD.. If u are on sect. 8, ur voucher transfers.

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