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April 9, 2012

James asks…

New neighbor can see right into my apartment. What do I do?

I live in an apt at ground level. With all the light coming from side double sliding glass doors that are about 5 feet away from the next door house. There is a 5ft wall between us but the kitchen window above his sink is above this wall and looks directly into my studio apt. The house has been empty and for sale since I moved in. Now some guy moved in. Since I have a studio you can see all my apt except the bathroom through my only windows, those glass doors. I sleep naked and occasion walk around in just panties and with the blinds closed it is dark as night in here. I hate the idea of having to live in the dark so I can be comfortable. I am not a shy or modest person.

Should I keep the blinds closed and just live with the lights on?
or not bother and just act as I have been for months and not care if he sees me or not and enjoy the nice sun that comes in?

Administrator answers:

Pull the shades or put mirror tint on the windows

Robert asks…

I have a large sliding door that is visible to a lot of people I need ideas on how to keep it private.?

I live in an apartment and the sliding door faces the street where a lot of people walk by. I have mini-blinds covering it, but they are always breaking and I have a dog door installed on it so, the dogs knock the blinds when they go in and out. I also use it as my main entrance, which contibutes to the blind breakage. I always keep the blinds closed in order to maintain the privacy I need. It’s a studio so my whole apt. is visible through the sliding door. I need something to completly cover all view from the outside, that lets in some sunlight diffusing through, that will not break. I can remove the individual blinds, but not the part that holds them up on the wall because that was by the apt owners. What I think would work best is something that sticks onto the door itself, but it needs to be removable when I leave, easy to install, and cover like I need it to. I have no idea where to get such product. Any ideas very much appreciated. I am sick of buying replacement blinds.

Administrator answers:

Here are some options. Good luck!

Susan asks…

Good place to live inside of Dallas, or slightly outside?

I’m looking for a place to live inside of the Dallas area, or just outside of Dallas. Preferrably close to Downtown (10-15 minutes or less)

Can anyone give me a general idea of what some good areas are?

As far as a budget goes, I’m looking at $700 or less for rent for a 1 bedroom apt/or studio too.

Administrator answers:

Try Irving, Garland, Richardson areas … These are your best bet. Another possibility is to have a room mate…. North Dallas locations such as Plano, Frisco are good as well … But there is no way your commute will be anything under 45 mins.

George asks…

Need advice on how to deal with anxiety from argument?

- BF & I together 6 mos
- Moved back w/ Mo til Oct when new place ready
- Now 1hr away fr BF
- Been spending wkends together at his place cuz of commute, his idea
- BF lives in studio apt
- Feeling crowded, need my space but dont have ANY right now
- Knew BF must be feeling same if not worse since always had own space, 1st relationship hes been serious about & hes been wonderful (not sugarcoating) but also respect hes not used to sharing his space so much (hes also hearing impaired)
- Both been irritable; I was afraid to speak up, he was afraid to, but we both blew up so finally talked about it
I proposed we cut back “our” weekend one night so we each have our own time. He thought it was also healthy idea. Reassured me he loves me & wants future/marriage when we’re financially ready– we’ll get a house together that has enough room.
BUT– I still feel ANXIETY. I feel stupid & insecure now, like fight has ruined it & if we were meant to be, space wouldnt matter. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Space is really important but distance is to. Have you ever heard someone say “distance makes the heart grow fonder” well it is true to much time can spoil a relationship and too little can strain the relationship.

If you are trying to start a life together time together should be more then time apart. I felt like me and my boyfriend needed space too. But he said that it was kind of contradictory If we are trying to move in together. We need to spend time to get used to spending time together because we will have to so it’s better to prepare so when we do move together we will know how it feels to constantly be around each other.

I think you to are both experiencing anxiety because you are both a little nervous. Two people joining as one and living together can make things difficult. Example :anxieties people experience before getting married. You should make sure you two are truly ready to share lives or this would not be a problem. GL

David asks…

Best place to live in Atlanta for vegetarian single?

I might be moving to the Atlanta metro to take up a job, specifically in Alpharetta. Moving from California and have never been to Atlanta. Have no idea on where to live. I’m a vegetarian single in my 30′s and would prefer being near places that might have some vegetarian restaurants or natural food stores nearby. Not too much into the night-life scene, and like being very active (running, hiking, etc) but it would be nice to be around young single people. Willing to spend around $800 on a studio/one-bed apt, preferably including utilities.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

Alpharetta’s probably not a bad spot for you, based on the info you’ve provided. I don’t know about vegetarian restaurants, but I think there is a Whole Foods store in the Roswell area (Upper Hembree, if memory serves), which is neighbor to Alpharetta.

$800 should get you a better-than-decent 1-br/ba in Alpharetta. You might even go a little further north and try Cumming (yes, that’s really the name of the town).

Mary asks…

Does anyone know about the Shaolin kung fu studio in Chatsworth, CA, on Topanga Canyon Blvd.?

About 20 years ago, I took classes at a kung fu studio in Chatsworth, CA. It was on Topanga Canyon Blvd., on the east side of the street. I think it was just a bit south of Devonshire, but I could be a little off. They billed themselves as “Shaolin” kung fu, and took periodic class trips back to Asia (I want to say Thailand), where they supposedly had a sister school (or maybe parent school would be more apt). I have no idea if this was hype, to play into the popularity of the TV show “Kung Fu” as I never went on any of these field trips. I recall they claimed other schools called themselves “Shaolin” but were not legitimate, but for all I know this school was doing the same thing. Regardless whether it was hype or not, I enjoyed the classes quite a lot. Anyway, I have moved back to the area and was hoping to pick up at the school, but cannot find any listing for it. If it closed down, I guess I’m out of luck, but if it has relocated, or the teacher has opened a new school in the area, I’d like to find out and go there. In case it helps, I recall the insructor was white, had long hair (pony tail) and lived in Simi Valley. As a back up question, does anyone know of any other good Kung Fu or Judo school in the West San Fernando Valley (I’m in West Hills). I specify Kung Fu or Judo because my impression is they are more spiritual, holistic practices, less about fighting, but I guess I might be open to other practices if they have that same kind of Eastern spiritual vibe (I’m Taoist).

Administrator answers:

Do you remember the teacher’s name. It might be easier to track him. I take Shaolin Kung Fu and compete too but I am not familiar with the school name. A person name might be easier.
If you can’t find him, have you considered Taiji?

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