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June 2, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What is life like in Denmark?


I am thinking of studying abroad in Copenhagen? It this a good idea? Please also answer the following questions:

- What is the cost of living/rent in Copenhagen? – for a studio apt.
- How much does a house cost in Copenhagen?
- Can a vegetarian survive here?
- Is it safe?
- What is the average family size?
- What % of people are educated? Is University education a norm?
- How hard is it to find a job? How much do architects make?
- Can I get around only speaking English?
- Are the people in Copenhagen friendly and accepting of Canadian?
- Will it be easy or hard to make danish friends?

Administrator answers:

Copenhagen is a great place to study, and a great place to live. It is rather expensive though (according to a recent study, the most expensive country in the European Community is Denmark)

A studio apartment (1 bedroom) will cost you from DKR 6.000 – 10.000,- Depends on the condition, and the location.

A house will be from DKR. 10.000 – and up. Again it depends on the condition and location.

We have not had any reported deaths due to being vegetarian, so yes, a vegetarian can survive in Denmark. Financially, it will be easier for a vegetarian to manage, than for a non vegetarian.

Denmark is pretty safe. In Copenhagen i would choose not to live in the Nørrebro neighborhood.

Average family size is 3,8 persons (not a joke)

Denmark is the country in the world, where you will find more educated people, than in any other country (according to several studies and polls).
The percentage of Danish people with an education (age group 22-60) is 80%. University is often a part of an education, but it is a matter of choice / interest.

Finding a job in Denmark at the moment, is very difficult (as all over the world) – us who have jobs, stick to them like glue.

You can get around by only speaking English, but you will be accepted / respected a bit more, if you make an effort to learn the Danish language. It will also make it easier to make friends, because you try to integrate.

It does not matter where you are from – the Danish people a more into personality.

Chris asks…

OUTRAGEOUS..have any of you ever heard of such a ”ridiculous LAW”??

my blood is boiling at the idea of this..

i was told that in the state of massachusetts it is ILLEGAL for a single mother to live in a studio apt with her baby..
they said its a law,theres not enough square footage

i have seen families crammed into apartments,houses,etc
what about after the hurricanes in new orleans..there are so many examples of ”emergencies” and not everyone can afford the outrageous fees they charge for apts these days

what is wrong with this government..if they want to make it illegal for me to rent a place i can afford,then maybe they should pay the differnce..
this is just sick on sooooo many levels

have any of you ever heard of this?
PLEASE EXPLAIN=protect the children from what???
glinda=happily i will tell you
and thanks for asking

it was the ”carlyle house” apts in revere massachusetts,
the leasing woman who is very nasty

i then spoke with her supervisor who confirmed that it IS (he said) a ma law?

the irony of this,is that later i found out that those apts are infested with mice,roaches,and high criminal activity in the community

im happy they didnt ant me,
a mom and baby is illegal according to the ”health dept” according to them,but mice and crazy criminals are fine??
what a world

but also,just so you know,after this,i decided to look in maine for an apt
and a woman named kay at the trelawny bldg also told me it would be illegal for her to rent me a studio with my 1 yr old

it’s all i can afford
glinda=if you are genuinly interested
i would be more than happy to provide you with their contact info..let me know
GLINDA=also,the apt in maine was a 1 bdrm not even a studio
and kay said it’s illegal,

if the baby needs her OWN room
i’ll sleep in the living room..(not good enough)..this is really barbaric

usa may just be the sickest country yet!!

Administrator answers:

I imagine that those laws are in place for health and safety reasons. As for these apartments being infested with mice that is a helath issue that you may want to contact the health department about.

As for high criminal activity then you should call the police when you see illegal acts occuring and you can always remain anynomous.

If you can’t afford the high rents, then perhaps you should go to the Human Services Department and find out what type of assistance if any you qualify for, or if there are programs for you. Another alternative may be to live in city housing. It’s not the greatest, but it is probably affordable. Best of luck.

Helen asks…

I love the idea of Yahoo Answers Point System….?

genius. it’s like budgeting money.
you start off with x amount of points ( dollars ).
you’re rewarded for your investments ( answering questions/earning points ).
penalized for asking questions/spending more than you earn ( costing points ).
if you can manage your money wisely, you’ll be rewarded with a level upgrade ( new house in a better community? level 1 is a studio apt. in a lousy part of town ).
the suckers never level up because they’re too busy asking questions and not answering enough ( see spending more than you earn ).
“thumbs up” and “best answers” increase your level of influence in said communities.

pretty neat, huh?

Administrator answers:


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