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July 15, 2012

Mary asks…

What city is the opposite of NYC?

I feel like it’s time for me to leave the nest. I’m open to moving anywhere in the continental US or Canada as soon as next week. I don’t know where, but I know I hate NYC. I’d like to live somewhere within an hour or so of a major city or airport, but not in the city itself. I have a car and would like to go somewhere with plentiful parking. I only have $5000 saved up, so I’ll need to find a job or two–unskilled jobs like waiting tables because I don’t have a completed college degree, but I can also supplement my income by tutoring or performing at the occasional wedding. I’m hoping to find a studio or 1 br apt for no more than $500. I want to live somewhere relatively clean, safe, and sunny (this one is important to me), with happy, friendly residents. I am a minority, and I don’t want to be somewhere where that will give me problems. Proximity to a beach is a plus, but not necessary.

Administrator answers:

Santa Monica,CA or there abouts. You’d need to make a decent salary though…

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