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November 14, 2012

Carol asks…

Anyone know of apts. in Utica,NY with util. under 350?

I’m moving to Utica by May 1st and haven’t found a place to stay yet. If anyone knows of something under $350 I’d forever be grateful. Either studio or 1 Br. I really don’t even care anymore, I just need a place to call home. Preferably with Util included because I won’t be able to pay high util. bills.


Edit- Yeah, I know craigslist has listings for it, I check every hour. lol Thanks

And I was just hoping to see, the best I’ve seen so far with util. is 429.

Thanks for the answers

Administrator answers:

You won’t find anything for that price unless you plan on a share/roomate situation. $350 is very low considering that a landlord will spend just about that much each month on utilities for an apartment.

Thomas asks…

good, fun, SAFE places to live in atlanta?

i ve lived in atlanta for 4 months now, in vinings, i want to move more in the city. Im thinking either buckhead, midtown, or v highlands (near piedmont park). Again since im new to the area, any ideas on some good 1 bed or studios apts or condos in any of those areas? All input is greatly appreciated

Administrator answers:

There are many cool places in Atlanta as you know. I think your budget will also determine where you’ll end up. There are lots if places on the market in midtown. You could have your pick AND be in the center of it all with easy access to B’head- Highlands. If you need an agent I’m happy to help!
Good luck!

Mary asks…

where are the best places to live in hoboken, nj?

looking for studio to 1 bd room apartments. Want a good social life w/ many singles in their late 20s to 30s in the area. What areas in Hoboken is good and how much do these apts go for

Administrator answers:

If you want a short walk to the bars, then stay close to washington st, below 10th st. But the the town is only 1 square mile, so you are never far away. The close you get to the west side, the less desirable it is (generally speaking).

There are places that are on the west side that are ok, but mostly the new buildings. Not sure on the current prices, but you can get an ok 2br for around $2K now.

It also depends on where you work. If you are in NYC, look for something close to the bus (washington or willow/clinton) or close to the path. Some of the newer buildings have shuttles to the path, so you can look into that too

Sandra asks…

what apt in LA require no credit check?

my lease is about to end and I wanna find a apt for less a month, like a studio-1bed for under 700 a month is there any apts in downtown LA or in LA general that doesnt require a credit check or accepts poor to bad credit? (has to be near a metro subway ‘any line” cause I dont have a car) and isnt in a ghetto type area, cause Im a white girl not originally from LA

Administrator answers:

You will not find a place as you describe for under $700 in LA. Doesn’t matter what color you are, or where you are from, it just isn’t going to happen.

Also, only place that might let you slip by without a credit check are private landlords, or subletting a place from another person who has to move.

James asks…

What is a 1BR-flex?

I’m looking for apts in the city and keep seeing 1BR flex ads. Is this a studio that is larger than usual and can be used as a 1BR? Or is it a large 1BR that can be used as a 2BR? I also see apts listed as 1BR+Den, which sounds great for me…is that the same as a 1BR flex? thanks

Administrator answers:

1+den means a room with windows that you can use as a bedroom and a room with no windows that you can use as a bedroom (legally a bedroom has to have a window, so some kind of direct light)

Sandy asks…

Where to move in So-Cal?

Hi, Im moving to So-Cal soon ..near Norwalk. IDK where i should look, what areas are good? bad? cheap? over-priced? I just need a little help on where I should move. Im looking for a 1 bedroom or a nice studio. I know its not cheap in So-Cal but I’d only be able to pay 1000 or less. So what apts do you suggest????

Administrator answers:

Move close to work. Near Norwalk you should be able to find a decent one bedroom apartment for $1000. That would get you a soso studio in Hollywood, etc. Other nearby areas that are on the safer side are Downey, La Mirada, and Lakewood.

Check here for a general idea of area safety. Things can change block to block, and be safer, or less safe, then the rating.

Good luck!

Donald asks…


looking for apts locater services for NYC apts, that are reliable and don’t charge fees. looking for studio or one bedroom between 500-900 dollars.

Administrator answers:

YOu might try Craigslist. I found some apartment locators, but they were sketchy and hard to just look through. I found very few inexpensive ones. RDNY was the best and their cheapest was just under $900. They didn’t show any pictures of the cheaper ones, either. You could try looking for roommates wanted type situations in local newsletters. You usually find these in coffeeshops.

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