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June 6, 2012

Mark asks…

Relocation in Montrose, New York?

My mom is moving to Montrose, New York and is searching for safe reasonably priced local place to rent. Studios apts. are welcome. and she is not sure were to begin and which area to consider to look for a place. If anyone knows anything or anyone place tell me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I am not homophobic (at least I hope I’m not, you tell me), but I want to be able to go to a wide variety of bars and clubs that aren’t dominated by gays. I want meet nice, interesting and single women that are straight. I want a lot of my friends to be straight, thought I certainly wouldn’t mind having gay friends too. I also want to live in a part of Montrose that has a substantial number of straights. I realize there is a very sizable population of gays in Montrose and that they helped to make Montrose the aesthically pleasing and culturally vibrant place it is today. But I guess I want to be in a community where gays are part of the tapestry rather than a community where gay culture pretty much dominates.

Steven asks…

Does anybody know any good rent apartment listing that is free of charge.?

I live in LA and i need to move by the end of the month, my budget is a bit short, Im looking for a studio, single or bachelor, I already know about so I need something else where i can check some apts. thanx.

Administrator answers:

Charles asks…

Does anyone know of cheap apts. that range from $350 a month?

Me and my fiancee are looking for a lil studio or something like that to rent but its seems like the places I have found are all filled up. I get about 350 a month and he sometimes is able to do the investigation studies where we get a lil $ each month or one large lump sum $$. If there is any ideas or advice what to do??? Im open! I need a lil help. Please and Thank you!!

Administrator answers:

Hi T.M. Did you know that realtor can help you! They just might be able to help,don’t give up Im sure a realtor would have a list of place’s for both of you! Call around,look in phone book for different realtor’s and give them a call,and have fun,and God Bless you both! Louann.

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