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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In Los Angeles

February 3, 2013

John asks…

What is the average rent in West Los angeles?

For a one bedroom or a studio apartment?
Around Culver city area?
Any good sites to find apartments on also?
Or even Fairfax District

Administrator answers:

Low end studio starts at about $1000+, low end 1 bedroom about $1500+, in actual Culver City, not rough area. Palms (LA) is usually slightly less. Sometimes you can find a less expensive apartment in an ok area of Culver City, but it might take time, and sometimes the good deals are for those with excellent credit and rental history. Same for parts of West LA, but nicer apartments in the more desirable areas will cost more.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Living in Santa Monica – Los Angeles, rent?

How much would someone expect to pay for a small studio apartment in Santa Monica, LA?

Administrator answers:

I just moved from Santa Monica and paid $975 a month for a small (~300 sq. Ft) studio. It was considered a bachelor because it only had a hot plate and half size refrigerator. It was cheaper than you’d think because Santa Monica has rent control. I thought it would be hard to find a place but it wasn’t, Craigslist helped a lot.

Expect to pay between $1000-1100 minimum for a small studio in Santa Monica, depending on location and how good the kitchen is.

Oh btw if you do use Craigslist to look for a place please do not fall for the scam of sending 3 months rent up front to the out-of-state “owner”. They will ask you to do this if you respond to ads for fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments for $800 a month. This has been a problem for Westside apartment listings. Remember if it’s too good to be true, than it’s a scam.

Richard asks…

Aloud to Live in Artist Studios? (Los Angeles)?

My friend wants me to move to West LA soon. I really would like to do it for awhile and I’m ready for something new. I’m a musician and was also looking for places to rent to store equipment/rehearse in. Not having too much luck on that one, don’t really know where to look. She’s looking for apartments and I asked her if people were aloud to live in artist work spaces. I was thinking probably not, or a lot more people would do so. If there was a place with at least half a bathroom you could have an on demand hot water heater. I don’t know though, it seems unlikely. Just wondering if anyone knew anyone who was doing something like this.

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you’re looking for a New York style live/work loft. There are a lot of them around, quite a few in the gentrified sections of downtown. Just type “live/work lofts” into your search engine.

Here’s a typical example:

George asks…

Los Angeles rent – what you think of those prices?

Apartment number 1:
In Sherman Oaks, in the Valley:
Cost $850 -
The apartment is a small studio apartment + a room with a kitchen + a room with a shower & toilet.
There is a swimming pool in the building, Laundry Facilities and Paid Utilities.
The apartment is fully furnished with a freezer, air conditioning, small room with two chairs, a bed and a closet… no TV.
This building has lots of apartments, a company rents it for people for monthly rent which is paid every month.The apartment rent is $800-$900 a month and it includes all the bills (water, electricity, taxes). There is no contract that requires me to stay more then a month so its very flexible, what do you guys think?

There is the same thing in Glendale- also with a pool ^^…

It seems like a good deal…
It basicly an Extended stay apartment hotel..
Whats better? Sherman Oaks or Glendale?

Administrator answers:

To be honest that is a good deal I wouldn’t think you would get it any cheaper in the valley…and if you want you should drive around both areas and see which one you like better and how conveniently placed the surroundings are…ya know grocery store, gas station…etc.

Ken asks…

Moving to Los Angeles: would like to rent a one-bedroom/studio in Old Hollywood.?

Hi there. I’m moving to Los Angeles after I receive my B.S.N. and would like to live in the Old Hollywood area (not West, not North!). My ideal area would be in the vicinity of/within walking distance to Hollywood High School, right off the strip. Could anyone familiar with that area recommend individual apartment complexes (something “old” or “classic” with relatively affordable rents, well, for Hollywood, is fine)? Also, if you know anywhere online I could apartment hunt in that specific neighborhood. The closer to Hollywood High School, the better! Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Try Craig’s List Los Angeles. It usually has some good places. Also you might try West Side Rentals, it’s not free site but you can look for free. WSR gives you the chance to really pinpoint the area you want. Good Luck , it’s not a cheap area to live in and rent is going up like crazy here.

Joseph asks…

Is rent higher in Los Angeles?

I live in Honolulu, HI and everyone complains that rent is so expensive. According to my research the average rent for a 1 bedroom in the city would cost around 1355 a month although you can find ones that are around 1200-1250 in an old runned down building. Studios range from 900-1000 in the city which is below the average rent to bigger American cities such as San Francisco, Boston, San Jose and Manhattan. The only things that are cheap are consumer goods and food since everything is imported here. How much is rent in L.A. I know L.A. is a really desirable place to live in America but how much is rent estimated to be around? and what about Irvine? is it cheap there?

Administrator answers:

There are specifics that play into how much rent is, it’s hard to go by average rent and get a clear picture. Honolulu and LA are similar for rental costs, but generally there are more apartments closer to the ocean in Honolulu at less cost than in LA, but the units tend to be smaller.

If you want to live someplace like Glendale, Pasadena, or Burbank in the LA area, you can find a nice one bedroom for $1500, and likely something decent at $1200. A nice one bedroom in Santa Monica will cost $2500+, a decent one bedroom at $2000. Luxury costs more. Sometimes you can find something ok for less, but you have to check out the neighborhood, etc.

Boston is very similar to LA for comparable apartments in comparable neighborhoods. So is San Jose, if you really look at comps, plus salaries are slightly higher so it mitigates the slight difference. Housing in SF is a bit more expensive than in LA, but salaries tend to be higher. Manhattan is more expensive, to rent a comparable apartment in a comparable neighborhood, for me, it’s about 50% to 100% more than LA’s cost. From what I’ve seen, Irvine is similar to LA, but you get a little more bang for your buck.

Good luck!

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