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August 6, 2013

Paul asks…

What local transportation do Los Angeles has?

I’m planning to go to Los Angeles for a few days. I have never been there. I’m not going to rent a car, and my budget is too low for taking cabs. Can you tell me what local transportation can I take to go to the most visited area for tourist, such as Rodeo Dr. Universal Studios, Hollywood etc.

I live in New York and I used to take subway and sometimes the bus to visit place around the city.

Can you give me a website where I can see a bus or subway Map & Schedule for LA.

Thanks a lot.
Happy New Year!

Administrator answers:

The Metro which what the public transit here in Los Angeles
has a pretty good system for the area it covers.
You can get a all day pass for $3.00 good on any service operated
by the Metro including Red Line
if you are starting from downtown and wanted to to Universal
studios, you can board the red line at Union station, first go to the Ticket Vending machine and get a day pass. For = $3.00
then you board the RedLine make sure it says No Hollywood on the head sign -its about 20 minute trip through Hollywood to
the Universal City station,then follow the crowds out to
Lakershierm cross the street and you will see shuttle
stop for the Universal city tram that will take up the hill to the studios/city walk
if you wanted to go Rodeo drive again I assume you are near Union station)
take the Red Line to Santa Monica blvd then board
a Local Metro bus Line 4 that will take to Rodeo drive and Santa Monica.
And if you wanted Hollywood again the Red Line to say Hollywood/Vine.

Mandy asks…

Nice and safe place in Los Angeles area to live?

Hi, I’m a 23 year old gay girl from Belgium moving to LA in November.. I’m going to rent a studio or share a 1bedroom apartment somewhere but have no idea what areas are nice. Wich neighborhoods are good places to live in? By good I mean safe for single women to live on their own, not too much crime, friendly(-ish) people and close to either lots of shops/stores and/or nightlife.

Administrator answers:

Burbank or glendale, definitely. Lived there all my life, and its quite safe compared to the rest of LA county.

James asks…

In Los Angeles, what can I do about Air Conditioning issues?

I have made my landlord aware that my Air Conditioning Unit is very ineffective and at times does not blow any cool air. His reply is that the Air Conditioning Unit is actually too small for my studio thus its inefficiently. I find this concerning since I pay a higher rent for this feature. Any suggestions on what actions I can take besides moving out? All answers are appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Being too small doesn’t mean it’ll not blow cold, it just won’t blow enough cold air, if anything it would be blowing cold all the time. Since the unit some times does not blow any cool air, then it’s defective not too small. Measure the temperature at the cold air vent and the temperature at the return air vent, the temperature difference should be about 18 degrees fahrenheit when the compressor is running (they say 14 to 22 degrees). If it’s low then either the air flow is restricted (filters, closed vents…) or there isn’t enough freon. Check to see if the evaporator is freezing up (the radiator like thing inside that inside air gets blown through and is usually behind the airfilter).

When I was in an apartment, if I simply reported the AC unit as not blowing cold, they would just replace the air filter saying that it was restricted airflow. If I reported the temperature difference and stated that there was no air flow restriction and that a low freon charge is the most likely cause, they would actually check the freon level, add a bit and look for a cause if the freon level was ok (it was the contactor once). That would get it blowing cold for a while till the freon leaked out again.

Offer in writing to have a qualified repairman repair the system and deduct the cost from your rent if he does not wish to address the issue. Keep a copy of your letter (mailing a copy to yourself is a good way to get an official timestamp on it). Ask for him to reply in writing as to whether or not that would be acceptable, if not and he doesn’t address the situation then you can file a complaint with the BBB or even file a claim in small claims.

People tend to be more responsive if it sounds like you’re going to take the issue very seriously.

William asks…

Is New York cheaper to live in, overall, or Los Angeles/Long Beach?

Me and a friend are in NY, but her rent, for a studio, is over 2k. We are taking into account her having to buy a car, insurance, and pretty much everything. I know NY is INCREDIBLY expensive with groceries and eating out. Plus, one taxi ride can rape you. She is in show biz, would L.A. be better for her? (I’m not worried, i’ll be a cal state resident soon)

Administrator answers:

YES it should. LA area is expensive compared to most of the country, but NY is insane. Paying 2k for a studio??? That’s insane! Here you could easily rent a 2 bed apartment in westwood or beverly hills for that price, 2 very nice areas of LA. Also LA is obviously good if she is in show biz. Long beach is even cheaper than LA. You could rent a very nice 2 bed house for 2 grand in a good area. So yes i definitely think you should give it a shot.

Mark asks…

Is this what Los Angeles is really like?

Ok, this is the story, i want to become an actor, i’ve been asking around, im 15

Los Angeles is a very dark and evil place to be if you move there because you want to be a working actor. Many leave after a year, commit suicide, become escorts, or become junkies. The vultures who run the industry are vicious. They lie as easily as they breathe. Rent for a studio apartment starts at $1,000 a month and most likely you’ll only find one in the high crime areas surrounding downtown LA. Nobody will want to befriend you if you have nothing they can profit from.
At your age, no one will want you with no experience. The people trying to work in the industry are disgusting, and you will have to become disgusting to survive among them
If you want to act, take anything you can in community theater in your own area even if you think you are above it or start going to open mike night at your local comedy club and be happy with your life the way it is.
If you still think you need to go to LA and get famous despite not knowing anyone and having no experience, I’ll donate 10 bucks for either rehab, bus ticket back home, or your tombstone.
That, my friend, is the truth about Hollywood.”

Administrator answers:

I grew up in Hollywood, know lots of people in the industry and I work in it. It is a very competitive business, especially acting. Only 5% of SAG (actors union you must belong to) members make $75,000+ a year, and 2/3 of members make less than $1000 a year from acting. So you can’t expect to make money as an actor — it has to be your passion that you need to do, even if it means being poor. Many young actors become waiters and that’s how they make a living. Many wonderful actors make a living teaching acting. (I think poster Carl must be referring to John Ennis teaching at Strasberg, an amazing actor. He is one of those actors who you see once, and you remember him. He has done lots of small stuff, and a cable show with David Cross over 10 years ago, he’s extremely talented, respected in the industry, and has a good look, but still hasn’t had his big break, and he’s your parent’s age.)

Not everyone in the industry is disgusting or vultures, but there are plenty who aren’t so nice. Many people who say they’re in the industry, or are barely in it, lie to take advantage of young people who don’t know any better. You need someone looking out for you, a parent or *maybe* a legit agent. It’s all about the money, so you can’t expect to be treated fairly, you need someone who knows the game watching over you. Living in LA is very expensive, $1000 for a studio apt in a not so great area is about right.

My 14 yr old son is in an acting class with kids who have been studying acting since they were 5. Those are the professionals you’d be in competition with, so you have to know what you’re doing. Casting directors won’t hire anyone without experience. Most sets are not nice environments for kids. I won’t let my son act professionally, even in a relative’s movie. Many of the kids in his acting class are home schooled so they can go to auditions, so the parent must be very involved — sometimes driving to 3 – 5 auditions a day. (Some of these parents are the scariest part of the industry.) It is very tough to go to school and audition, many talented young actors take a break from working in middle through high school. My son attended school with some well known actors and they pretty much put their acting career on hold, a couple are now in college and don’t regret working very little during their teen years. Another is on a very popular tv show and she decided to go back to home schooling because school and acting was just too much — and she really wanted to stay in school.

The best thing to do is to go to college and take theater where you live so you (hopefully) can live at home and save money for your move to LA. There are great drama programs in colleges all over. If your family is willing to support you, or you can get financial aid, apply to colleges in LA with drama programs, like USC, UCLA or Chapman, etc. LACC, a 2 yr community college, has a wonderful theatre academy:

You’ve got plenty of time, use it wisely. Get into drama class/club at school. See about classes in your area, maybe at community centers. Look into colleges nearby with good theatre programs.

Break a leg! = )

Sandy asks…

How much do you have to make to be able to pay rent in Southern California?

Around the Los Angeles area, particularly around Long Beach, Newport, Redondo, Hermosa or maybe even in North Hollywood. What’s the minimum you have to make to be able to pay rent for a 1 bedroom, or a studio?
How much do you have to make a month to be able to pay for your own apartment?

Administrator answers:

Alot!!!! The first 4 locations you mentioned are super expensive. N. Hollywood is a bit cheaper. You can probably get a 1 bedroom for about 1,000 x month. I dont know what your other expenses will be so i cant say how much you need to make. But thats what they typically go for around here

Laura asks…

is $35,000 enough for a good start to move to Studio City?

Like just the start to rent a house/condo get a car, get furniture and food? Studio City, Los Angeles.
Got offered a job there for 100.000 Year? Not gonna take it if I won’t survive there. Here in Ottawa that’s more then enough to live comfortable but I know it’s different there.

Administrator answers:

With a $100k income you will be fine in the LA area. You should be able to find a reasonably nice apartment or condo for $1800-$2200 p/month. Food and furniture is about the same as anywhere else,gasoline is expensive as is insurance. Good Luck and welcome to Southern California.

Donna asks…

looking to move to Los Angeles, but is there a lower pricing on the apartmens?

Im a college student and just looking for a place to stay in LA. I’m not picky, no pets, just me no one eles, im able to pay up to 600 for rent. dont even have to b in LA downtown I dont mind to drive 10-15miles into LA. It dont really matter if is a studio/ or efficiency. please provide me with any websites, thanks

Administrator answers:

$600 might get you a studio in some bad neighborhoods or faraway places. It might also get you a room in a shared apartment or house. Look on craigslist.

Sharon asks…

What areas in Los Angeles should I focus my search for an apartment?

Sometime around April of next year I will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Film Production. I’ve been doing some very basic research, but I figured it would be useful to ask my question here.

Here are the criteria that are important to me for an area to live (If I’m missing something important, please feel free to reply with it):
- Proximity to potential jobs (I’ll much more than likely be moving out there without a job secured, so whether this be movie studios, production companies, etc. to gain experience/work my way up to becoming a movie producer.)
- Price (I’m looking to spend no more than $1125 a month on rent, hopefully for a 1 bedroom apartment.)
- Not a high crime area (Nothing with extreme gang activity, frequent gunshots a night, you know what I mean.)

So, based on the above, what are some areas I should look at?
I plan to move to LA with $25,000 in savings (that’s why I am waiting to April, I’m saving money), putting six months down on an apartment to give me breathing room. I don’t know where my job will be, as I said I will be moving out there without a job, more than likely.
I don’t need anything amazing in terms of apartments. I’ve been living in dorms, college apartments and with my parents over the past 6 years, so a basic apartment will exceed my previous accommodations. I’m not looking to step foot into a glamorous lifestyle my first day in California. I’m not looking to party. I don’t need to live near the beach. I just want to show someone that I am extremely hardworking and worthwhile.
Maybe I am giving the wrong impression. When I say ” Not a high crime area (Nothing with extreme gang activity, frequent gunshots a night, you know what I mean.)” That is exactly what I mean. I understand at the price range I am affording myself, I can’t expect some idyllic burb where jaywalking is the harshest crime in town. I’m not expecting to arrive in California and have it be some paradise where all the apartments are on the beach and rent controlled. I do expect things to be much more expensive than where I currently live in Ohio. I understand LA is a huge city, with a population more than three times the size of the city I currently live in (Columbus). I was just looking for some answers to my question, as most of the questions similar to mine are much more vague (Where should I live in LA? with no other real details.) I had read posts by Obviousman before, but I thought if I offered greater specificity, he could do that same.

Administrator answers:

First of all, I congratulate you on coming out here with some money.
Understand the unemployment rate is the highest in the country.
Understand if you don’t have the education or experience, the odds are stacked against you.
That understood, consider the following:
Try to live as close to where you work as possible.
As you don’t know where you’re going to be working, consider Burbank/No Ho/Sherman Oaks area. It’s where a lot of the industry jobs are.
Do NOT put 6 months rent down on an apartment. It’s not required here, nor is a lease. There are plenty of apts going begging, so don’t lock yourself into anything. Consider a roommate situation until your settled.
Register with the Spherion agency, as they recruit for Warner Bros. Also troll for job listings.
$1125 a month is doable, but a little low. You may have to consider a single temporarily.
Good luck.

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