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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In Los Angeles

August 10, 2012

Charles asks…

Where can I find artist studio space for rent in Los Angeles?

I live on the west side of Los Angeles, and I am looking for some studio space for painting. I have tried craigslist and random google searching, but I haven’t found anything in my area! A share situation would be ok as well as a private space. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Kate, I’ve lived and painted in LA for years and had your same problem for awhile when I first moved out here. And I’ve known other artists who really needed or wanted more working space.

Here are a few suggestions: Forget looking in the LA Times. Their listings are usually for higher end rentals and are too expensive for the average working for a living artist. Your best bet for finding cheaper listings is in the free LA Weekly.

There are also always alternatives to having the stereotypical high-ceiling loft (which an artist doesn’t really need unless they are working with huge canvases.

I have a sculptor friend who rents out an empty two-car garage for $150 a month in the Fairfax area. I have another friend who shares a downtown warehouse with two other artists. (The downside to this being you may not feel safe traveling in or living in that area after dark). I have another artist friend who moved forty miles north to Frazier Part because the rent up there is one forth what it is in LA. He’s living in a less expensive area but still living close enough to LA to drive into town when he wants to.

What I ended up doing was moving into the valley (White Oak area) and renting an old. Large house. The master bedroom was converted into a bright, large studio. A second bedroom is used as a store room for the canvases, unused and finished and other materials. The third bedroom I sleep in. You have a studio with all the conveniences of a real house. I personally like the idea of having a yard with trees surrounding my are studio.

The point I’m making is, unless you feel you have to live in a more ‘up-scale’ neighborhood there are always cheaper alternatives to getting more space to work in. If you want less expensive in LA and you are serious enough about your art you may have to consider moving to a less expensive area of town.

Donald asks…

what is a good website to find lots or empty land for rent in los angeles?

I determined it would be cheaper to rent space and build a small recording studio rather than try to rent an adequate building. What’s a good website to find this? Craigslist ain’t cuttin’ it.

Administrator answers:

If you find empty lots in LA city, I would be amazed. NOW regarding having a small recording
studio–why not find one that is limping along and ask to rent the entire thing x hours a day.

I used to be a sound engineer in a TV studio, I bet I can help you find other creative

Sharon asks…

how much does it cost to rent commercial space in los angeles for a martial arts studio in LA county?

Can someone give me an idea.
for 1000 sq feet? it’s in the san gabriel area of los angeles county

Administrator answers:

Probably El Monte because is close to wealthy area like Arcadia, San Marino.

William asks…

How much is it to rent a studio in park la brea in los angeles, ca?

They dont say it on their website they say to call but when i do they dont answer. i just would like to know an estimate of rent per month for a studio

Administrator answers:

It says a studio is going for approx. $ 1443.

If you go to their website click on the tab that says availability at the top, then pick what size you are looking for. Good Luck!

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