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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In New York City

May 1, 2012

Nancy asks…

Is there a dance studio I can rent near New York City?

I’m on vacation right now and I come back August 12th. I’m a dancer so I’m looking for a place I can practice because my house is too small. I live about 25 from New York City, in Northern New Jersey. I’m leaning toward a YMCA, but I want it to be a private dance studio that I would use about 3-4 times a week.
Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Here check this out.


Sandy asks…

How much is rent in New York City?

I am considering applying to Bank Street College for grad school and am trying to figure out how much rent would be while attending. I believe Bank Street is located in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan. I would prefer somewhere very close to public transportation and somewhere that is no more than a half hour commute from the school. A small studio is fine as long as it is not too dangerous or dirty. I am not familiar with the neighborhoods of New York so I wasn’t even sure where to start looking. Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Try craigslist for a good deal, if you really want to save money check out the shared apts section if you don’t mind being someones roommate you can really save money, otherwise if you want your own place a studio will start at around $600 a month a bills included, but don’t expect much in terms of a pleasant place. Morningside Heights is a fairly save neighborhood, just be care full and don’t go down shady looking streets alone at night.

Chris asks…

How much does a meager apartment cost to rent in New York City?

Just curious how much an “ok” studio runs for in NYC? Without living in the ghetto, but nothing elaborate. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Your average little apartment runs about 2k a month.

Jenny asks…

How much is the rent in Washington Heights in new york city?

For like a one bedroom or a studio?

Administrator answers:


But u can also check on craigslist…


hopefully this helps :)

Ruth asks…

i am a private massage therapists in new york city, where can i rent out a studio by the hour for appointments?

Administrator answers:

Some motels rent out on the hourly basis so you can try those.

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