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June 2, 2013

Betty asks…

Moving to San Diego?

Hi everyone,

I will be attending UC San Diego in fall of next year, but I am looking to move to San Diego a little sooner than that.

I recently took a trip down there, and I liked the Ocean Beach area a lot, but only really spent time near the beach and Sunset Cliffs, so maybe I didn’t get a full impression of the area. I am not a party girl by any means, so I prefer a more quiet place to call home. My budget is around $1,000/mo. for a studio or a 1 BR (but I am flexible in rent prices, just nothing outrageously expensive). I am willing to live in a tiny space, that is no matter to me. I also have a cat. Does anyone have any suggestions of good neighbourhoods, areas or even apartment complexes I should check out? I live in Sacramento so physically coming to look at a place is going to be difficult for a while, until I am getting closer to moving.

Thanks to everyone in advance! :]

Administrator answers:

I’ve worked in OB for 10 years, and I’ll be perfectly honest with you, the place is like a bowl of granola…full of nuts & flakes! The homeless population is a bit out of control, and there’s a “youth hostel” on Newport Avenue (about 3 blocks from my office) and the people that occasionally inhabit there are…ahh….unsavory sometimes.

Rents in any beach area are going to be higher end than if you lived a bit inland, because the beach community is a bit more laid back but also has more of a party atmosphere — especially during the summer & holidays.

I’d recommend that you check at:

Good luck…

Helen asks…

Extended stay hotels near Disneyland or LA area?

Me, my husband, and 2 kids are going to California for a week this summer. We are planning to visit San Diego Zoo, the Disney parks, Universal Studios, and Hollywood. My thought is to fly into San Diego, rent a car, go to the zoo, then drive to the Anaheim/LA area for the week, and fly home from LA. I would like to find a hotel room with a kitchen for a good rate (so we don’t have to eat out every meal for a week). I usually use priceline or when I book hotel rooms, but they don’t give you the option to choose a room with a kitchen. Anyone have any ideas… or other tips for our trip.

This is our first trip to CA (from TX). The girls are 12 and 3. Thanks in advance for any info/tips you can offer.

Administrator answers:

The Hotel Pepper Tree Kitchen Suites ( )might be your best bet (I went to and searched for “Disneyland kitchen” and found several results).

Have fun!

Richard asks…

Help! I’m relocating to Chicago from San Diego and need some advice!?

I just graduated college and am looking to gain work experience in the city.

Do you have any suggestions on places to live where it’s safe/affordable? I’m looking to spend no more than about $900 for rent.
I was thinking about Lincoln Park or a studio in Gold Coast/Loop…. is it a difficult commute from Lincoln Park to the city?
Should I bring my car? How hard is it to commute during the winter in chicago?

I’m flying solo to the city and I’D APPRECIATE ANY TIPS! Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

It can get pretty cold so buy winter clothes they have the metro and trains that you can take to get to just about every place they go all around the city though some times the buses can be late and stop running after a certain hour late at night so it might help to take your car the only you’d have to worry about is beign careful with the icy roads and the frost that forms around the windows if you live on the outskirts of the city you could probably find better apartments when I lived there my parents payed around 750 dollars for a 4 bedroom apartment one bedroom spacey living room and kitchen but I’d look into. It first seeing as how that was 5 years ago lol well I hope that helps and good luck Chicago is a really awesome city

William asks…

if a rental lease was not given/signed does the landlord have to wait 30 days to evict tenant, san diego, ca?

rented a one bedroom studio but didn’t make a lease to the tenant. do i have to give a 30 or 60 eviction notice or can i terminate right away? the tenant has been living in the space for 13 months or so and has excuse after excuse to being late on the rent, several people in and out of the space at all hours of the day and night.
what if she said she’d be out in 60 days, which is in 15 more days, should i formally send her a letter and let it go until then?

Administrator answers:

If they owe rent it is 3 days only.

If rent is paid, 60 days.

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