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Your Questions About Studios For Rent In San Francisco

July 23, 2013

Sandra asks…

Which San Francisco neighborhood(s) would you recommend living in?

Considering a move to San Francisco soon and am trying to secure a job and a place to live before I move there.
I don’t have a car, so looking for a place thats not too far from markets, shops, bars, cafes, etc, and is close to public transportation as well.
Im 22, female, and am a music artist and work as a vintage clothing sales associate, so am hoping to live in a diverse, lively and cultural neighborhood with much to offer in the arts scene.
ALSO please specify which of these neighborhoods have lower rents or are more affordable. Probably going to look for a room to rent in a house or find a small 1 bdr studio for myself.
Any suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Every neighborhood has cafes, shops, bars, bookstores. For a less expensive area I suggest Inner Sunset around 9th Ave and Irving. A room in a house will cost around $600. A small studio will be about $1000 there. If you have only a retail job and your music art is hit and miss, you cant spend too much unless you share.

Other neighborhoods that are less expensive might be Bernal Heights, Upper Market, Western Addition, Fillmore, Panhandle, Potrero Hill, but not necessarily.

You should avoid San Bruno Ave, Geneva, Mission, Bayview, Hunters Point, Sunnydale, Tenderloin, Civic Center.

James asks…

Using my 401k for a real estate investment.?

I have about $200,000 in a 401k and thinking about buying a low-maintenance studio condo in San Francisco where rents are about the highest in the country. Rent on such a property would be about $1,500 – $1,750 a month. I could never make my $200,000 yield this much any other way and I would retain my principle (the property). Does this make sense to anyone? My wife is against it.

Administrator answers:

After they took the 10% Penalty,..and you paid regular tax on the rest..
Actually the Housing Bubble hasn’t finished correcting..
200K,..Is not enough.

Mary asks…

what is hud’s fair market rent/payment standard for section 8?

what is hud’s fair market rent/payment standard for section 8? Is it the max that a housing authority can pay for someone toward a unit, is that the max rent they allow the landlord to charge for the unit? What is the payment stand? I’m having trouble understanding it.
For instance, I’m looking on the San francisco housing authority site and they have a chart that has in the first columb studio under unit size, in the second columb it says hud fair market ren; next to studio it says 1,078 (still second columb), the third columb says SFHA payment stand 110% of FMR; 1,185, in the third and last columb it says 120% exception FMR disabled; 1,293.

What does all this mean, I’m not sure what the payment standard is or what I’m looking at. Please help.

Administrator answers:

You need the map. The 1078, and 1185 are the amount the landlord can charge, in total, based on where the property falls on the map. All neighborhoods are not created equal. The map, which you should have been given is shaded, one low rent, the second high.

The 1293 is not related, it is for permanently disabled, they can move anywhere that will rent for 1293.

HUD does not set these numbers, they are County of San Fransisco.

None of this indicates how much HUD pays, that is simply how much rent can be, voucher and tenant contribution combined. Most people pay 30% of their gross income, but some pay 50%, but I honestly do not know who the 50% people are, I have never come across any. It might be multiple adults, no children, but I am not certain.

Sandy asks…

Bay Area, California CO-OP Housing?

I am looking to RENT a room/tiny amount of space in a housing co-operative in the (preferably) East Bay area of California. Most cost even more than living in a studio by myself. (Why?) Does anyone know of some places to stay that are really cheap for rent. I’m not so concerned about the living conditions as I don’t plan to be “home” much. But I would most certainly donate my time and efforts towards cultivating a garden or contributing to some project or another (which I expect for a co-op to request of me). Basically, I’m concerned about the money. Any recommendations?
**Following specific spiritual paths or a restricted diet is not a problem!
**Lastly, I know I said I prefer the East Bay area, but ANYWHERE from San Francisco to Richmond to Fremont and all that’s in between, is okay by me.

Administrator answers:

I think you mean co-housing. A co-op is an apartment you purchase like they have in New York.


Betty asks…

Route design for CA and NYC on this upcoming May!!?

Hi everyone
I have a question and really need your guys help.
My parents are going to visit me from our home country on this May. So I have just made a rough plan for our trip. Our trip will be mainly taken place in California, Washington D.C and New York City. I list them as table below:
Day1-2 Land in San Francisco and stay for two days ( Golden Gate, lombard street, Janpantown,???)
Day 3-4 Yosemite National Park, Bodie(Ghost town)
Day5-8 LA ( Universal Studio, Hollywood, beverly hill, Santa Monica, ???)
Day9 Dead Valley National Park
Day10-11 Las Vegas (Casino, helicopter tour in Grand Caynne, ???)
Day 12-13 Fly from Las Vegas to Chicago ( Michigan Ave. Sky deck. ???)
Day 14-15 Lansing, Michigan. This is the MUST see place because my college is located in there.
Day16-17 Fly from Detroit, MI to Washington D.C. (???)
Day 18-20 New York City (the Statue of Liberty, Time Square.Shopping, ???)
Then, they will leave from NYC

In the table, ??? means have no idea for further activities.
We will rent cars while traveling from city to city in CA and D.C and NYC.

I know this might be a really disorder plan, but I do not want to make any BIG change on it, such as quit the whole routes in CA. But add or drop some activities will be fine.

So, any suggestions and ideas, just let me know soon because I do not have enough time to have this done already.

I appreciate ALL your help!!!!!

Administrator answers:

I know you dont want to make any cuts to the schedule but you really need to consider travels time. Some of the spots you have listed are pretty far away that you really wont have time to see everything you want to see. You will be driving everyday anywhere from 2-9 hours and then flying a considerable amount as well. Also I have been to LA, TRUST ME YOU DONT WANT TO SPEND 3 DAYS THERE. San francisco is so much prettier. Maybe cut a few days from LA (you really only need one) to budget in some more travel time.

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