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October 1, 2012

Ken asks…

Where is the best place to stay in sydney for new years eve? im thinking a penthouse suite/apartment/hotel?

Me and my g.f are travelling and we will be in Sydney for New years eve and NYE day so were looking to spend about 2 nights in one really really nice apartment, now im not Brad Pitt so not looking for like 10 grand places, but more like 2000 MAX! so anyone know anywhere good and had a personal experience in staying anywhere?

Administrator answers:

If you want the best for New Years Eve choose a hotel with a great view of the Harbour Bridge and the harbour so you get a first class view of the fireworks. The Intercontinental would have such rooms but there will be other hotels with similar views. Book early as such views are booked quickly. When you book, tell them you want a room with a great view of the bridge and the fireworks and they will make sure you get one if one is available.

Robert asks…

I will be traveling to Sydney and would like to stay in a hotel apartment.?

I’m staying for four weeks so I can’t have one that it going to cost me a bomb. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

These links may help finding suitable accommodation.


Betty asks…

best hotel/apartment in SYDNEY? reasonably priced of course?

will be travelling with my partner and 9 month old baby in april next year, would like a place with a good view of harbour or city skyline. Prefer to be close to darling harbour

Administrator answers:

My hubby and I stay at the Meriton in Kent Street all the time and we are travelling with a 12 month old. I find a serviced apartment much handier with a baby , they have a little kitchen and a big fridge for baby food and bottles. Make sure you ask for an apartment on a higher floor so you get a great view.


(Click on this link and then find the Kent Street thingy to click on )

Nancy asks…

What’s the best luxury hotel in Sydney for my wedding night?

Im looking for a hotel or serviced apartment in Sydney for my wedding night accommodation.

Must have:
- Spa bath
- great views
- within 25km of the city but the closer the better

Im looking for suggestions for extreme luxury- anything under $900 per night as we want the best of the best

Administrator answers:

Westin Hotel Sydney/ Martin place 0 meters
Carrington Aparments Sydney 57York street 0.1 meters
The Menzies Hotel Sydney 14 Carrington street 0.1meters

find review of this hotels at

Helen asks…

Which Sydney CBD hotels dont have the ‘no party policy’?

Im trying to find a place in the city where all guests can meet up for a few drinks and to get ready before we venture out into clubbing etc and i want it to be a hotel room or apartment but cant find anywhere that allows it.


Administrator answers:

For the comfort of all guests, all Sydney hotels have a no party no smoking policy, smoking is allowed on balconies only. In reputable hotels there is an added clause on the registry stating that if this policy is broken, there will be a desensitization fee deducted from your credit card, if you don’t pay by credit card a $500 deposit will be required and the desensitization fee will be deducted from your deposit. The fee is about $200

Lizzie asks…

Renting a hotel room / serviced apartment in SYDNEY for party?

I’m planning on organizing formal afters, and was wondering if anyone (with partying experience in Sydney) had any advice regarding hiring a venue (which we still don’t have).
I was thinking of hiring a 3-bedroom serviced apartment in World Tower Meriton (in the city) for $500, with all 30-40 people chipping in. However, the Meriton website claims to have “a strict no party policy”, and the last thing I want is any trouble.

Surely there must be a legit venue we could hire for a party, as I know many people do this (I’ve never done it before.)
I’d prefer somewhere big enough to comfortably fit 30-40 people, as opposed to a tiny room, which is why the serviced apartment option appealed so much to me.

So please, anyone with any experience hiring party venues, help me out. Local knowledge of Sydney will be an added help.

Administrator answers:

I dont reccommend serviced apartments for that purpose (due to the plenty of restrictions on noises & other stuff). It would be wise, if you go for professional venue hire agencies such as :-

Jenny asks…

How will the weather be in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in July/August?

Me and my family are planning to travel to Australia during July/August this year. Whilst I know that its too early to ask any question, however, I would like to know what kind of weather we should be expecting during these months in Sydney and Melbourne. I heard from someone in Dubai that we have to be prepared for an extreme cold and wet weather there. I really do not want to travel especially in wet conditions, as we cannot do much when its raining.

Also, I would like to know what places we should visit in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as we will have 4 days for each place. I would also like to know the cheaper options to stay in an apartment of hotel for 4 days in Sydney and Brisbane.

Thank you all in advance for any help that you could give me. I would be grateful to receive your responses.

Administrator answers:

In July/August in Sydney and Melbourne it is fairly cool though mostly it isn’t all that wet. (I definately wouldn’t call these extremely wet or cold weather conditions though… :S) Though I think that time of year could be a little drizzly in Melbourne. The wet season in Australia is in summer (Dec-Feb). Depending on where you are coming from you may not think Sydney and Melbourne to be very cold at all. Mostly it’ll be mid to low teens (in degrees C).

I am not fully sure on the exact temperatures because I live in Brisbane which is usually quite a bit warmer and sunnier than both Sydney and Melbourne.

I’m afraid I can’t help you with accomodation options, I’d have to do the research myself. I suggest you have a look at some websites of places you find on google :)

Places to visit… The obvious ones are the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge (very nice, can’t miss them). In Brisbane I suggest perhaps visiting a zoo (can’t go to Australia without cuddling a koala and hugging a kangaroo) and going into the city and having a look around South Bank (I like South Bank it is really pretty). The Botanical Gardens are also very nice.

I hope you have a great holiday. I personally love Australia though I may be a tad biased :P

John asks…

Which hotel in the Western suburbs of Sydney would you recommend?

I will be going to this area on a 5-wk business trip. Am considering the Crowne Plaza Norwest in Baulkham Hills or the Hills Lodge Boutique Hotel in Castle Hill or the Waldorf Apartment Hotel in Pennant Hills. I am having trouble finding any reviews from people who have been there, so any help I can get would be appreciated! Thanks much!

Administrator answers:

I live in the middle of all the hotels you mentioned and the hills lodge definately has the best reputation of all. The crowne plaza has very small rooms and isn’t somewhere i’d reccomend for an extended stay!

The waldorf is very close to pennant hills station if you need public transport access and is a pretty nice/safe area – not sure about the room quality though!

Hills lodge i think has ok public transport – bus to castle towers or parramatta station (don’t hold me to that)
But it would without a doubt be my first choice.

Good Luck

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