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December 30, 2012

Carol asks…

We’ll be going to Sydney this month; I’ve already searched through a couple of hotels. Which is best?

We’ll be going to Sydney this month; I’ve already searched through a couple of hotels. Which one do you think would be the best place to stay in?

Administrator answers:

Hi. I’ve browsed through your list of hotels, ( ) I think all of them are great. I also noticed that the prices are cheap and you can reserve online. These are the things you should consider in looking for a place to stay.

However, there’s one hotel in Sydney that I’d also like you to recommend. It’s Mountains to the Sea Hotel: . It may not be that luxurious but practicality wise, It’s one of the best choices you could have.

William asks…

What’s the best luxury accommodation in Sydney for my wedding night?

Im looking for a hotel suite or serviced apartment in Sydney for my wedding night accommodation.

Must have:
- Spa bath
- great view
- plenty of room eg no small rooms
- within 25km of the city but the closer the better

Im looking for suggestions for extreme luxury- anything under $900 per night as we want the best of the best

Give me you wildest dream suggestions too eg executive suites or presidential suites or penthouses

Administrator answers:

You have to look into ‘The Observatory Hotel’ at the Rocks in Sydney. I believe it’s one of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ and it is total luxury and class.

My husband and I spent our wedding anniversary there. The views from our spacious room were breathtaking and looked out directly onto Sydney Harbour. We had a good sized spa bath in our bathroom with man-sized soft towels. There is also a health spa downstairs and as I understand, one of the finest health spas in the world.

Nothing was too good for the staff either. They were pleasant and friendly and helpful, but also respected our privacy during our romantic getaway.

This comes with a price tag as it is truly one of the finest hotels in the world.

By the way, when we did venture outside we took a horse drawn carriage ride around The Rocks – that was a very romantic way to see this quaint part of Sydney.

Susan asks…

any cheap accommodation in Sydney during January?

I and my friends (5 person) want to visit Sydney and we will travel from Melbourne. How can I find a cheap hotel, apartment, villa, whatever to stay in during our visit for 3 days in January. I am afraid of the unavailability.

Administrator answers:

This is about as cheap as you will find in Sydney
Sydney Backpackers is a purpose Built Botique Hostel located right in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business district. 30 Meters to the Entrance of Townhall Railway Station. Specialising in group bookings.

Sandra asks…

Finding an apartment in sydney?

Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I are moving from Chicago to Sydney
in January and I am having a lot of trouble getting an apartment
rented before we go.

We don’t have jobs yet so were on a tight budget and are trying to
avoid staying in a hotel or “serviced apartment“. I have been
searching the for rent adds on and I
have found a few places that do short term stays but I am continually
told that I would have to come see a place before renting it. We are
willing to pay rent a few months in advance but I haven’t found anyone
that has been very helpful.

If anyone has any suggestions on a website, a service, ect that could
help us get a place to stay lined up it would be greatly appreciated.


Administrator answers:

My best advice, would be to go back to (or the domain website) and find a property/properties you like. Instead of emailing the real estate agent with a question about the property, mail them and tell them your situation. Tell them how you’re willing to pay rent in advance, and you can’t view the place beforehand etc etc. Ask them whether they can help you in any way.

Also, you can search for holiday rentals on those sites. If you want something short term, so you can go and look at places to rent once you get there, this might be a good thing to look into (although these are usually expensive)

The last thing i can suggest is to rent out a motel room if you aren’t don’t have a lot with you. These are actually pretty cheap, especially if you request a discount for a long term stay.

If you need help with the last one, email me and i’ll help the best i can! I’ve lived in Sydney almost my whole life (except the last year, and i only recently had to do this myself while visiting home), so i could suggest some good places, depending on what part of Sydney you’re thinking of staying in :)

Good luck! I hope you love Sydney when you get there! :) I miss it :(

Laura asks…

where is a good hotel or apartment to stay in Australia?

we are going to Sydney and Melbourne.. and we are looking for hotel or apartment which is in the city or downtown or which is a walking in distance to a shopping mall or some attractions..
fares: from $150 to $400 a day..
so any suggestions????
and what shouldn’t we miss while we are there?

Administrator answers:

Crowne Plazas are in most of Australia’s major cities and I’ve always had really good service there with a comfortable and pleasant room. They’re around $160 to $240 a night on average when I’ve stayed. will have deals and if you look up the hotel it should tell you were they are. Swanston St is the main street in Melbourne, Pitt St Mall is like the main shopping section in the city of Sydney (but you’r better off looking at Oxford St or Bondi Junction for proper shopping. If you want to stay closer to the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, you’ll want to stay at/ near the Rocks but it’s more expensive so you’re better off just walking or getting public transport as Circular Quay is the main terminus for buses and ferries and it’s just next to both.
Public transport is pretty good in both cities – Melbourne has trams, trains and buses; Sydney has Ferries, trains and buses.

Have fun!

Sandy asks…

Apartment in Sydney for a Working Holiday Visa?

Hello everybody. I’m Aj, 19, from Florence (Italy).
I’m planning on doing a 6 months working holiday in Sydney from next February.
I would like to find an apartment, of course not expensive but at the same time, not bad too, and I would’nt like to share it with somebody.
How can i do? Where do I have to look?
I’ve found some sites like Meriton, Pyrmont, Run, which are like Apartment-seller and rent, but I don’t have any idea if they’re good or not.
Friends say that I could possibly spend the first 15 days in a Hotel and to find there an apartment by offices and stuff, but i don’t really have any idea.
What would you guys suggest?
Thank you…

Administrator answers:

Aj, when I first had to go over, I was given a good tip, look in the classifieds of the Sydney Morning Herald or the Daily Telegraph under Share accommodation.

Richard asks…

Serviced Apartment or Hotel with kitchen Near 120 longstreet, Smithfeild, NSW, AU?

I am travelling to Sydney for software developement. I will stay about a month. I need to know about any Hotel with kitchen facility or serviced apartment at reasonable rate. The place should be nearest to 120 longstreet, Smithfeild, NSW, AU. Please help in this regard. It urgent as well.

Administrator answers:

Lansvale Hotel & Resort

Address: 161 Hume Hwy,
Lansvale NSW
82 rooms 84 apartments 3 suites

Phone: (02) 9727 5255 Fax: (02) 9724 6304

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