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February 3, 2013

Chris asks…

Are there any Hotel apartments in SYDNEY WITHOUT the “NO PARTY POLICY”?

Administrator answers:

If your willing to pay a massive insurance fee which holds you reliable to all damage caused – then good luck finding one.

Cities are the places to have parties, not in hotel rooms. If you a desperate for a private function, then book a venue!!

Richard asks…

whats the cheapest luxury accommodation in sydney?

í want to book a serviced apartment or hotel room or suite for Friday 15th October just for 1 night and want to know what my cheapest option is for luxury eg 4.5-5 star accommodation within sydney city area is

Administrator answers:

Last and has fanatstic rates for random 5* hotels. Is a bit nerve racking but try one with a title centre of the shops and more – we got the Swissotel on Market Street (above Myer) in Sydney and a block from Town Hall station for really cheap – awesome place to stay too.

Betty asks…

Recommend a cheap/relaxing hotel for one night in Sydney?

I’m traveling to Sydney on an exchange and can’t check into my apartment until the day after I get there so I need a cheap hotel to stay in. I am traveling from the United States (my first time on a plane) and while I’m excited to meet new people on my exchange I’m guessing I will be very jet lagged on this first day and am mostly only concerned with being able to rest up. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Google “budget hotels sydney” and check out the some of the links. There are plenty of cheaper hotels around without going to backpacker hostels. People who live in Sydney don’t often stay in hotels in Sydney so personal recommendations from Sydney people will be few but some of the links give references for various hotels so you can check their reputation with travellers.

Jenny asks…

Honeymoon hotel in Sydney – Menzies, Grace, Rydges or Meriton?

We’re visiting Sydney in April for our honeymoon.
We can’t decide between these hotels:
The Menzies
The Grace
The Rydges
or maybe a studio apartment at the Meriton World Tower.
Any thoughts???

Administrator answers:

They are all so-so hotels. My recommendation is the one-bedroom spa suite at Radisson Plaza Hotel (goes for about $395/night) with plaza club upgrade ($85/night for 2 people including breakfast, evening drinks and canapes)
Radisson plaza has an award-winning VERY good restaurant called Bilsons – you have to book in advance otherwise the concierge will get you a reservation.

The WORST place you can possibly stay is the Stamford… Never ever stay there! (The Airport one and the North Ryde one are pretty bad but to be honest I have never been to the circular quay one but wouldn’t trust it)

Mandy asks…

My family will be vacationing in Sydney in Sept for the marathon and we need local advice on accomodations.?

We are running the Blackmore’s Marathon and are interested in Bed and Breakfasts, Hotel-Apartments, and vacation homes. We will be in town for ten days and would like to work within a $1500 USD budget. We are also traveling with a 22 month old child and would prefer a child-friendly property.

Administrator answers:

Go to

Linda asks…

Accommodation in Sydney CBD?

I’m planning a 4 night getaway visiting Sydney in early June 07, and just wanted to know if anyone can recommend an affordable central hotel/apartment we can stay at. It’ll be for a twin share.

Administrator answers:

There’s some great offers here which you can sort by price and location:

[ use the Sort by Name | Type | Location | Price tool ]

Sydney Accomodation :

Some of the best locations are in Darling Harbour :

Here’s some examples of apartments that i saw, which you can access from the links above:

Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments Sydney LAST MINUTE Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 150

Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments Sydney ALL YEAR Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 154

Clarion Suites Southern Cross Darling Harbour LAST MINUTE Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 195

Star City Hotel & Apartments Sydney LAST MINUTE Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 195

Star City Hotel & Apartments Sydney ALL YEAR Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 250

Grand Mercure Apartments Darling Harbour LAST MINUTE Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 299

Grand Mercure Apartments Darling Harbour ALL YEAR Sydney, Darling Harbour AUD 309

Robert asks…

What is the Hilton Hotel in Sydney like?

Have you stayed there?
I’m planning this thing for my eighteenth birthday and trying to decide what hotel I should go to, the Hilton seems like the obvious choice for luxury..

Administrator answers:

Yes i have.
I would not reccomend it unless you get one of the top suites and just not a standard room there.

It would be too small for a party. I stayed in a standard room there and i also had a friend who had her 21st there last year who regretted choosing it there because it was too small.

The standard room only has one small tiny desk with 1 chair and a king bed and a plasma tv all very cramped in the room. The bathroom was also extremely small. When my friend had her 21st she only had 8 people and it was that small everyone had to sit on the bed because there is nowhere on the floor or chairs to sit. So we had about 5 ppl all of us sitting on the bed cramped up and one person on the desk chair and the other ppl had to stand right on the front door of the room. The bathroom would only fit max 2 ppl in it for it to be comfortable. If there was 3 ppl in the bathroom. U would have to make 1 person leave to go out the door. That is how small/tiny the rooms are and bathrooms are of the hilton for a standard room. We wernt able to move around at all. It would be great if u are only staying there with 1 other person but i think more than 2 ppl in that room is too small.

I do not suggest it at all if u are just getting the standard room/cheapest room there. If u really want it to be hilton. Try to get a bigger suite. They would cost more but the bigger suites would be bigger obviously and can accommodate what u want.
It is smaller than my own bedroom and my own bathroom that i have and i live in a very small 2 bedroom apartment in sydney.

I have stayed in many hotel rooms in sydney.. I love trying out hotels cos it feels like a mini retreat. I will answer the rest in your other question.

Maria asks…

Where are the best places to stay in Manly and Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia?

We are traveling to NSW in a few weeks and we would like to stay at, or on, a good surf beach near Sydney. I have heard good things about Manly but I am unsure about the accomodations. We are low-key visitors who prefer to stay away from the tourist traps and just enjoy the local lifestyle. Any suggestions or advice about places to stay in Manly would be greatly appreciated. [And, if you've any input on fave places to stay in Sydney, I'd love to read it]. Thanks for your Answers!

Administrator answers:

Hi, Manly is beautiful, here are some sites for you :-

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