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February 20, 2013

Robert asks…

Do you know of any short-term lets for flats/apartments in Sydney, Australia that you’ve booked through?

Hoping to go to Sydney next year to see my sister who’s travelling out there at the moment and I plan on staying for 3/4 weeks. I’m looking for a reputable short-term letting company who you have used (and would recommend) to help me look for places to rent.

Administrator answers:

In Sydney the minimum lease is usually 6 months with the usual bond. You may possibly find some for shorter periods, i suggest you try here:- and go to NSW, rentals.

If you rent within an hours drive of the city centre it is pretty expensive.

Helen asks…

Sydney Australia Apartments

How do you find an apartment in Australia. I will be moving to Sydney from the U.S. and have been searching online for apartments. All I seem to be able to find are hotels and vacation rentals. Any suggestions for websites that have apartments for rent?

Administrator answers:

You might want to try this website it list agents that handle apartments (flats) in Sydney.

Thomas asks…

Where is the best place to stay in Sydney (and who is best for serviced apartments, 5 people arriving in Aug?

Is north or south of the harbour best?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can go Sydney. Its such a lovely place, We go every year. I personally would go no later than early June, after that there is more of a chance of getting a rainy day. Also the humidity is higher. For a good time we usually go late April, but if your into the crazy party spring breakers than you want to go mid march to early april. I would go no later than july as you would be heading into hurricane season.

Also you can check out some of the good hotels via online hotels booking portal to make your stay comfortable. These websites provide apt information about the hotel facilities, rooms available and the surrounding attractions as well as other information that might be required by tourist.

For more information visit at :

Donna asks…

are apartments in sydney freehold?

are all apartments in sydney freehold?

Administrator answers:

No there are different types of legal ownership

Freehold(fee simple, absolute ownership)
Life estate – Where the owner/occupant cant sell the property but have exclusive use of the property
Lease hold
Vested interest
Future interest

So to answer your question, no not all apartments in Sydney are free hold

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