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July 13, 2013

Jenny asks…

Sydney hotel apartments ?

Hello people im searching for highrise hotel apartments that are fully equipt with separate kichen separate bedroom and bathroom and includeing palcony. Im mainly looking only for Oxford street sydney and not els where els.

Its a shame because not long ago there was the saville park suites apartment hotel located right at oxford st sydney and now the building is sold as a rent apartment for people to live in and not a hotel stay for a weekend.

Then there was one call Koala hotel and it was just across the road from saville park suite yet in oxford st and now that building has been dismental and has built a new apartment for people to live .. So dont think its a hotel anymore… What does oxford st sydney ahs to offer then? these 2 hotels where very high level and it was an ideal for location stay…

I need your help because i cant seem to fine any apartment hotel in oxford st anymore on these travel hotel brouchers that you get from local travel agencies..

Not looking fo
–Not looking for small hotels or these that are quite small buildings.. Just giving you an example what there was in oxford st very close to the hydepark…Im going for an event and wish to see oxford st by respective point of view looking down from the hotel palcony.

I dont no what are these buildings are for now the ones that used to be a hotel and now days its a place to live in for residentials.. So dont think the rent a apartment is going to be good for just 3 nights stay because thats just not a apartment hotel to deal with otherwise.

Not looking for these that are just large studio room that contaisn the kichen right net to the bed.. I am looking for a apartment self contain kichen.. separate bedroom/
I need to see the website with images what is all.. Not really into tthese websites telling you whats cheap per min deals… Im just looking for hotels mainly in oxford st and close to the city area but in oxford st sydney.

Close to the Hydepark

Administrator answers:
quest apartments is your solution they are well located in several parts of Sydney

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