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August 11, 2013

Mandy asks…

My son and family want to stay in Sydney for 4/5 days can you suggest hotel chains/apartments to try?

They will start in Syndey then not sure where would be best to visit – they are there for 2 weeks in all. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Administrator answers:

I stayed at the Travelodge on Wentworth Ave. Its a pretty good hotel, breakfast is served every morning in the restaurant and has meal service to order up. Internet cafe is 2 AUD for 20 minutes which is better than most places. Rooms have a TV, microwave, coffee maker, sink and all that good stuff. The only thing I don’t know is pricing. Anyway, you may want to look into it. Good luck and enjoy your time in Sydney!

Chris asks…

Affordable Apartments In Sydney?

Hi, I’m currently emmigrating to Sydney (I was born there) and I’m looking for affordable apartments to live in. I am looking for the Randwick area in Sydney, where I was born – close to beaches and nice suburbs.

So is there any website for apartments in Sydney – for long term. I am open to having a roomate since it will work out cheaper.

Thanks (:

Administrator answers:

Randwick area is VERY expensive, I earn about $50K per year and I cant afford to rent anywhere near that area of Sydney, expect to pay a minimum of $350 per week for 1 bedroom or $500 per week for 2 bedrooms, good luck to you.

Sharon asks…

Is there a website listing lower cost apartments in sydney, australia?

Administrator answers:

Also try



Good luck!

Charles asks…

Apartments in Sydney?

My boyfriend an I are going to relocate to Australia. I want to live somwhere in Sydney. All the sites I’ve visited list the rentals priced per week. Is this how all apartments are there. We want to live there for 2 years, so are there any long term apartments priced per month.

Administrator answers:

Most rental properties, regardless of size or furnishings, are based on a weekly amount that is paid weekly. You can always pay in advance if you wish to pay monthly instead.

You can get a tenancy lease for 6 to 12 months and a continuing lease after that.

Get some info from the ‘Rental Bond Board’ or a real estate site on terms of leases. They will differ according to the properties owners.

You will also need to pay a ‘bond’ which is usually 4 weeks worth of rent – up front, in case of damages or non-payment.

Linda asks…

PLEASE HELP!! How can I find an apartment in Sydney near UTS?

I am an MBA student moving from the US to Sydney the first of February. There is no longer housing avaliable through the University of Technology and I’m having a hard time finding apartments and rooms to rent online. Can you please recommend how to go about this search. I’ve been told the best suburbs for me to live in that are near UTS (I won’t have a car there) are Glebe, Chippendale, and Ultimo. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Sydney University is very close to UTS and offers a pretty handy list of accommodation options:

Unilodge is really really close to the city campuses of UTS and has a huge student population. However, it can be relatively expensive. Of the suburbs listed only Forest Lodge and Glebe are within walking distance, the others you will need to catch a bus or train but are mostly only a short trip. and are good for general rentals.

Protections for tenants varies widely depending on whether you’re characterised as a tenant, subtenant, co-tenant, boarder, or lodger. Lodgers tend to live with the house owner, boarders tend to have a room in a building with shared facilities and you have a contract with the owner directly (ie. Not a sub-tenant). Boarders and lodgers have virtually no protections and any ‘rights’ are under a contract. Tenants, co-tenants, and sub-tenants are better off and can usually get some protection from unfair practices and can access free advice services.

If you decide to try sharing rental of a house or apartment check out the Redfern Legal Centre’s sharehousing survival guide for some helpful hints and basic information:

Good luck.

Donald asks…

Which suburbs are the “Studio/Bachelor/Efficiency” Apartments usually found in Sydney?

Hello everybody. Recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne. Where in Sydney can I find high-rise apartments units for about $300 per week? Or is this an unrealistic price?

I don’t work Downtown, in fact, my workplace on the SW fringes of the Metropolitan area.

I know about and but I need to narrow down what suburbs to look in.

Administrator answers:

I would try Camperdown, Petersham, St Peters, Erskineville, Glebe, Chippendale (places around the inner west).

I think you would struggle to find anything decent in the eastern suburbs in your price range… But maybe I’m wrong, so you could try Potts Point (this is where I’m from), Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo – the east is where it’s at in my opinion.

I’ve done a quick search for you, there are lots of places:

Robert asks…

Hotels apartments in sydney oxford street ? sydney?

is there any building hotels in sydney australia to stay for the next years gay and lesbian mardi grass parade which starts in MARCH 2011 ?

I used to stay at a location in OXFORD street call kuala hotel. it was a tall hotel with balcony views at the gay street of oxford street sydney.

That building has change and now its a private residential apartments..

then just cross the road was the saville park suites apartments… now its a private residential apartment only.

Issnt there any building hotel with balcony with views of oxford street in oxford street to stay?

Its a shame now the both hotels are private residentials……

I want to stay close to oxford street and no where too far… i like balcony with views..

need some assitants here and guide me which ones are there now days.

Apartment hotel.. since ill be staying 3 nights only. with balcony seaprate kichen a big must and a seaprate bedroom of course.

Administrator answers:

Just behind Oxford Street, at 212 Riley Street, is Quality Inn Cambridge, but you won’t be able to see the parade from the balcony, if that’s what you’re looking for, all you’ll be able to see is other high rise buildings. There’s also Hyde Park Plaza at 38 College Street, but I have a feeling that might just be residential too. Otherwise, there’s a branch of Flight Centre in the building where Saville apartments was (18-32 Oxford Street), their phone number is +61 2 9331 0993 and I’m sure if you gave them a ring, they’d be more than happy to help you.

Sandra asks…

world square in sydney? are there apartments on top???

just wondering if on top of the shops at world square on george st sydney, are there apartments that people can live in? thanks

Administrator answers:

Acutally the tallest building on the World Square site is the appartment building. The hotel only occupies 10 floors of a different building in the same complex. World Tower is 73 floors of appartments.

Donna asks…

Are there any nice apartments in Sydney that I can rent for only 1 or 2 months?

I’m a business man from China. Last month I got a visa which allows me working in Australia for a while. I’m going to live in Sydney for 1 or 2 months, but someone told me that most of the apartments there are allowed to be rented only if you plan to rent them for at least 6 months. If this is really like what he have said , I’ll have to find a hotel to live for such a long time and I can’t afford to the high price! So i am wondering if there are some nice apartments without 6 months restrict that I can rent or if there are some cheap and nice hotel apartments?

I am looking forward to everyone’s answers!

Administrator answers:

Yes there are but there arnt very many.

You can ask or apply for places for a 3 month contract so if you stay for 2 months its ok.

My suggestion is theres this real estate website with listings. They dont tell you how many months contract etc but i suggest using their real estate finder. I did a search for real estates in sydney city cbd area. U can do another search for other areas of sydney if you want. The link is

jot down their email adresses and write an email and send them an email about your situation ad if they have any properties available for rent without a 6 month lease. They will email you back and get back to you if they have have any properties that are available without a lease. Lease means contract.

If they dont get back to you within a few days my suggestion is to send another email after 3 working day of no reply and wait if they reply after another 3 days. If they dont i guess mayb you have to pick up the phone and give them a call even though its an overseas call.

My suggestions is ljhooker. Raine and horne and century 21. They are the biggest real estate chains in australia.

On i just saw there is a holiday rental seach where people like yourself thats on holidays can rent properties instead of staying at hotels.


raine and horne real estate agents

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