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August 22, 2013

Betty asks…

Furnished Apartments in Sydney?

I’m moving from the US to Australia for grad school. I’m having a hard time searching online for apartments. Any advice? And where should I live? Can I live on Bondi and still get into downtown easily?? I’ve never been to Australia and won’t get to travel there prior to my move.

Administrator answers:

There is transport to the city from Bondi but I think anything furnished is rare. Try this site
For other Sydney areas go to
use to find distances from different suburbs to Sydney.

Steven asks…

When living in an apartment in downtown Sydney, do you own a car? Where do you park?

I was just wondering…I am thinking of moving to Sydney and I was wondering if most people just take the taxi, or what? I have always owned a car and would like to go on road trips outside of Sydney….so where do you park? Do all apartments have a parking garage or what?

Administrator answers:

Modern apartment buildings have secure parking usually underground,. Older type buildings are called unit blocks and generally have carports for parking at the back of the buildings.
Have a look at this real estate site to give you an idea…if renting prices are per week.

Lisa asks…

can unemployed person rent an apartment in sydney? what documents are required to rent an apartment?

I have recently received permanent residency and planning to move to Sydney. But as I heard, it is required to show pay slip n other documents to rent an apartment. it is sure that I will be unemployed when I first visit Sydney. taking this into consideration (me being unable to show payslip), how can I rent apartment? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Not likely. The real estate agent needs to have proof that you have enough money to cover the lease (either an income or you will need to pay the entire leave up front – 6 month rent). The agent is working on behalf of the owner (who gets the final say on the tenant). No owner will rent to someone who doesnt have a job yet. If you are in one of the professions (not trade) it will likely take 4+ months to find a job (jobs are advertised with a 4 week application window, 2 weeks later there is a decision on who to short list (this could take a month), then interviews are organised (another 2 weeks) then second interviews (another 2 weeks) then a decision with a start date around 4 weeks later. It is a longer process to find a job if in one of the professions than if you are in the trades.

Start looking at long term holiday apartments (usually much more than a rental) ($500+ per week) to start with and then move to a rental once you have a couple of months work behind you.

Mary asks…

How often do you come across with a Funnel Web in Sydney?

Ok, I am planning of studying in Sydney next year, but I am freaking out with all these things that I read about spiders in Australia. I know that the most “common” are, Red backs, Daddy Long legs, and Sydney Funnel Web. My question now is how often do you come across with all these spiders? Funnel Web are really everywhere in Sydney?

Administrator answers:

Milena, well stop freaking out and take a chill pill. I worked and lived there for a couple of years, and had to be shown what one was at the reptile park. I didn’t see any around my apartment, in the gardens or the gardens near the beach where I lived.

George asks…

How much would a painter charge to paint a standard size room in Sydney?

We are looking at decorating a few rooms of our apartment in Sydney

Does anyone know how much a painter would charge to paint a room 4 x 5 m ?

Administrator answers:

A simple solution – ask a professional painter who actually lives in Sydney.

Donna asks…

How much is the living cost for a overseas couple that want to live in Sydney?

We are a overseas couple who are planning to to to study english for 6 months in Sydney, and we would to know how much AUS Dollars do we need for living cost per week while living in Sydney… Any comments or suggestions are welcome… Thank You…

Administrator answers:

It really depends on which part of Sydney you are planning on living in and how you plan to get around.

Food costs are pretty much close to standard among supermarkets, in that the variation between supermarkets and suburbs can be about $10 for basket. For example my wife and I, no children, spend about $100/week (average) on groceries which is mainly fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh meat from a butcher. In saying that we buy very little processed foods. This is in the south western suburb of Campbelltown which is about 40km from the city. Though in saying that the further you live from the centre of Sydney the more you pay for public transport fares.

Housing is wildly is different between the suburbs with people paying over $300 or $400/week for an apartment in the city to around $200/week for a 3 bedroom house on the outskirts fo Sydney.

Some very good websites to help you obtain a better idea before coming here are:

For housing prices:

Public transport (trains):

For food (roughly as the internet ordering services can be higher than physical stores purchased products): (physcial stores only but generally cheaper than Woolworths and Coles, my wife and I use Aldi quite a lot and have saved quite a bit of money using them).

Ruth asks…

Where can you meet Chinese women in Sydney on the weekend?

My friend just moved to Sydney from Shanghai and was wondering where he can go to meet Chinese women in Sydney during the weekend.
Please say areas and if you can specifically say bars, clubs and restaurants which would be great.

Administrator answers:

Hey David, when I was last in Aussie, I was astounded by the amount of Asian people in a suburb called Cabramatta and Fairfield. I went to a night club and a few restaurants there, and met up with people. Chinatown is another great place to go to.

Every time I go overseas I try something different in cuisine basically, and meeting people just come with it.Coming from Canada I was invited into a couple of homes, or apartments.

Susan asks…

What is the average weekly utility cost for a 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney?

My partner and i are considering moving out of our parents home and renting a place of our own, but first we are just trying to figure out whether or not we are going to be able to afford it!
Is anyone renting a 2 bedroom apartment in sydney? What is the average weekly utility bill (water, electricity, gas).


Administrator answers:

Depending on where you live in sydeny

5 mins to the city $250 + up to $2500 per week

or further out

$175 per week up to $500 in western Sydney

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