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November 1, 2012

Donald asks…

What is the average price to rent an apartment in Sydney?

Thinking of moving to the inner city or north shore.

Looking at either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.

I know renting is really expensive but what would be the average for something livable? Not too poor and not crazy expensive?
Could I get something reasonable for $500 a week?

Administrator answers:

This site should give you an idea.

Charles asks…

Sydney rent approval problem? 10 points?

could someone please let me know how long it takes for an apartment rent approval to be made in Sydney?

any tips on how to deal with cases where rent deposits are not refunded after approval is denied? does this happen quite often in Sydney?

thank you and 10 points for best answer.

Administrator answers:

You seriuosly need to contact the ACCC if you have paid any money for rental deposit prior to the application approval. It is not legal for an agent or landlord to take deposits without you having an approval to move in. Anyone tells you different is wrong so like I say ring ACCC and have that confirmed. As to length of time to get approval, 2-3 days should be plenty. If you paid an upfront deposit for an approval, you got well and truly ripped off.

Sandra asks…

Is $400pw to rent an apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (Alexandria, Pagewood, Kensington) too little?

Am actually looking for accomodation to Sydney with the office being in Eastgardens. Anyone can advise if I should be upping the amount or will I be able to find a nice modern security building with 2 bedrooms for that price. No need for pool, gym etc. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

A few good websites to have a look at to get an idea are:

All these sites offer properties for rent but as I live out in the western suburbs and $400 would only likely get you a moderatly nice 3-4bedroom house, $400 in the eastern suburbs might be pushing it.

Good Luck :o )

Donna asks…

Which areas in SYDNEY are CHEAP, DECENT and close to the CBD to rent?

A friend and I are moving to Sydney, and looking for an apartment to rent. The maximum we can spend is $300.00 per week. I don’t want to live as far out as Cronulla, I would love to live as close as Randwick.

As we don’t know the area so well could you please give us ideas on where to look.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

If you like Randwick also try Kensington, The Spot, Maroubra, Coogee,
Clovelyis great but may be alittle expensive,Waverley, Bondi Junction,.Anything with a view or close to the beach is probebly out of your price range. Good Luck

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