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May 27, 2013

Helen asks…

what is the average rent for a decent one bedroom apartment in sydney nova scotia?

Administrator answers:

Nova scotia has nothing to do with Sydney, post your question in canada again.

Donna asks…

I want to rent an apartment in Australia next January for 6 weeks,where can I get a bqargain?

My husband and I would like to spend some time in Australia next winter,and would prefer to stay in rental accommodation,possibly on the gold coast ,but that might be too hot at this time of the year.I have family and friends in Sydney Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane,but don’t want to stay with any .

Administrator answers:

Look for rentals somewhere in Gold Coast, North of Brisbane. By th Glasshouse mountains. Theres lots of rentals around Coolum Beach, Maroochidore but most tourist stay in Noosa. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!

Richard asks…

What’s the best neighborhood to stay for a month in Sydney?

My husband and I live in the U.S. and would like to spend a month in Sydney. We’ve heard such great things about the city but have never been there. We’d like to rent an apartment somewhere that’s not too expensive but still close to the city, beaches and things to see and do. Also, we don’t want to rent a car, so somewhere close to public transportation. We have no idea where to start looking. Can anyone lend us some advice and/or neighborhood suggestions.


Administrator answers:

Ok first you should know syd is wonderful secondly the following are good
maroubra close to beach shopping centre. Parks and public transp
kensington great place safe close to city but not very to beach but its close to the beautiful centennial park and public transp
bondi probably one of sydneys best got everything but not too cheap

Sharon asks…

how much should I pay rent in Sydney?

I am going to move to Sydney Australia for school, I am looking for somewhere to stay, I need a fully furnished apartment close to Broadway. I found an apartment for 600$AU to 800$AU a week.
Is this normal?

Administrator answers:

It’s fairly cheap for furnished in that area. If you are staying long enough it might be cheaper, and easier, to get an unfurnished apartment and some cheap furniture. There is a place called Fantastic Furniture that sells furniture on the cheap. If quality is not a huge issue for you, as in you are only staying for a couple of years as a student, you can easily furnish a 1 bedroom for between $1000 and $2000. Also look in the local papers and ads around campus, if a student, for cheap furniture.

To get some other ideas:

David asks…

Budget apartment rentals in Sydney?

My husband, 14mth old daughter and I are arriving in Sydney the 28th of January, and are looking for an apartment/townhouse to rent during our vacation. We’re interested in short term rentals, anywhere ranging from a few weeks to a few mths. Suggestions on a place to stay would be great. We dont need much space, but are interested in something clean! Of course, we’re on a budget so are looking for something under $600 AUD a wk (which I see plenty of online when I search). We dont need to be downtown, as we’re planning on buying a car once we’re there. I’ve found boarding houses that are much less, around $350 a wk, but I’m not sure if that would be suitable for a couple with a child. I’m hoping someone out there can help us!!

Administrator answers:

Check out

As it is mainly for travellers you can search for short term rentals and these are mostly in touristy spots so would be good for you and family.

Donald asks…

what is the overall cost of living in australia?

A couple with one kid – what would be a decent apartment on rent, utilities (electricity, internet, water, gas, civil taxes) etc, transport and other expenses. Place could be Sydney/Melbourne.

Administrator answers:

3,000 AUD a month.

Ruth asks…

How can I find a good and affordable 1 bedroom apartment a bit out of Sydney before I’ll move there?

Only through real estate agencies? How much do they charge? Plus how much is: the rent, electricity/water etc, private health insurance per month?

Aren’t companies there forced by the law to pay for the employee’s health insurance and pension?

Administrator answers:

Easier if you check online at for details about what you can rent and how much.

If you rent the landlord pays water and rates. You pay everything else – electricity, gas (if connected). Gas is very cheap, electricity about $250 per quarter a bit higher if you have air conditioning.

Pension (ie superannuation) yes companies pay this which is taken out of your salary. I think it’s still at 9%.

Private health insurance usually is paid by yourself. In some circumstances your company may pay for it eg. Benefit from company for it’s employees, work for US company, on expatriate; however these are not the norm.

Paul asks…

Can anyone reccommend a suitable place to stay in Sydney for Honeymoon?

We are getting married in Sydney in about 2 years and are looking for accommodation for ourselves and family for around 2 to 3 weeks. We would prefer somewhere in the city as the ceremony is in the Opera house. Pricerange from about $750 TO $1200 per week. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

$1200 per week is not a great deal for a short term rental if you also require ‘honeymoon’-style accommodation. Perhaps you could rent an apartment fairly cheaply and then splurge on a decent hotel room (?Park Hyatt) for a few nights for just the couple? For an idea of prices, try and select the number of bedrooms you need. There is often a discount for multiple rooms and longer stays. Meriton apartments are fairly well priced and you can get 3 bedrooms. There are a few in the City and they would be easily accessible from the opera house.

Lisa asks…

what are some good websites for cheap apartment listing in Sydney?

I’m looking at moving out of home and living in Sydney. Are there any websites with good cheap listings anyone knows of?

Administrator answers:


I can’t promise anything cheap though.
Also look in newspapers

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