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November 28, 2012

Sandy asks…

How about the Budget apartments of Sydney ?

My best advice, would be to go back to (or the domain website) and find a property/properties you like. Instead of emailing the real estate agent with a question about the property, mail them and tell them your situation. Tell them how you’re willing to pay rent in advance, and you can’t view the place beforehand etc etc. Ask them whether they can help you in any way.

Also, you can search for holiday rentals on those sites. If you want something short term, so you can go and look at places to rent once you get there, this might be a good thing to look into (although these are usually expensive)

The last thing i can suggest is to rent out a motel room if you aren’t don’t have a lot with you. These are actually pretty cheap, especially if you request a discount for a long term stay.

If you need help with the last one, email me and i’ll help the best i can! I’ve lived in Sydney almost my whole life (except the last year, and i only recently had to do this myself while visiting home), so i could suggest some good places, depending on what part of Sydney you’re thinking of staying in :)

Good luck! I hope you love Sydney when you get there! :) I miss it :

Administrator answers:

In the hills area there is a one bedroom apartment available for $280 a week and you may be able to talk him down to a lower price. It’s pretty big and nice. It’s on Sydney Gum Tree website and his name is Wayne

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