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December 1, 2012

George asks…

I need help finding an apartment or townhouse or a home for rent in the Killeen, Tx area. Any ideas?

It can be small it is just me and my husband whose in the military. Here’s the catcher our rent range is between $1 up to $400 a month. If anyone can please help me. I am running out of time and am having no luck what so ever. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

this is all i could find for you and you get 6 weeks of free (the rent is below $400 )rent if you patch up the walls and fix it up checkout the link

Mary asks…

where can i rent a townhouse?

i live in portage indiana and was wondering where are townhouses for rent?

Administrator answers:

The best bet is looking at the newspaper or going to a rental agency they will help you …

Good luck

Maria asks…

Is it really good idea to buy house or to rent aparmtent?

I moved out of my parent house and im trying to decide whether i want to get a house or rent a apartment. I have good job, nice car and no debts ( except for the car) is it good idea to rent apartment to build your history just so you can get better interest rate?

Administrator answers:

In addition to the question of how long you plan on staying, another important one is the climate of the market for buying versus the market for renting. Yes, renting means that you are not building equity, but at this point in the market you can get a lot more living space by renting. Compare the rent for a property with what it would cost you to pay a mortgage on a similar property. I just looked into buying a few months ago and decided against it after I realized that I can rent my townhouse ($1600) for way less than the mortgage would be if I bought it ($430,000, probably about $2800 a month).

Chris asks…

Can townhouse complexes charge different rent for same units?

I signed a lease earlier than a lot of people who are renting from my townhouse complex, and my roommates and I are being charged $60 a month more EACH. That’s $720 extra a year that we are paying compared to our neighbors who are sharing the same “building” as us. The town homes are split into 2 units each. If you think about it, (we share a deck), we are paying more for our half of the deck than their other identical portion of the deck. How can they get away with this and is there anything we can do? We live in Indiana.

Administrator answers:

Nothing you can do. There is nothing illegal about charging different rental rates to different tenants, even if the units are identical. Were the situation reversed, and the neighbors were paying more, I’d venture you would be as ‘happy as a clam’.

Paul asks…

What does EOG mean in an apartment or townhouse listing?

I have seen several townhouses/apartments for rent in the Baltimore area w/ the acronym EOG. I searched around and can’t find an answer…

Administrator answers:

End of Group. An end unit townhome.

James asks…

Am I responsible for the cleaning fee if I move out early from the townhouse I rent?

I rented a townhouse for almost three years. I moved out two month early because we bought the house. I understand that we broke the contract, and we are not getting deposit back and one more month rent. But, they charged me for cleaning the property and painting. I will pay one more month rent, but i don’t want to pay for the cleaning because the townhouse is 90% clean. I didn’t even cook there at all for the past three years. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

Your state and local laws govern this situation. Google tenant landlord law + your state.

In some states the landlord must give you a list of the costs to clean the place.

In some states, the life of the paint must be taken into consideration. Paint has a life of maybe 10 years, so you would pay 3/10ths of the cost of repainting.

What should you do? Hit google, learn your rights. Maybe you’ll have a case, or maybe you’ll find you have to stew in your own juices.

Laura asks…

How much should a college student have to pay for rent?

I’m entering my second year of college this year and plan on transferring next year to a good college in either the Long Beach or LA area. I’ll be living by myself, because I just think it’s better that way so I won’t have to rely on people I don’t really know for the rent money. If I live on my own, what’s a nice price range for a clean, safe apartment within the community?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what you are trying to rent; such as bedroom size, whether its an apartment, house, trailer, duplex, or townhouse, what amenities they may have etc. If its a student community, you may pay something like $300-400 for a one bedroom with all the amenities such as high speed internet, cable, wsher and dryer. You may even be able to find a one price pays all type community. Look around and don’t settle. Shop first. Good luck.

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