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June 28, 2013

Ken asks…

searching for an apartment, condo, or townhouse for rent (Charlotte, nc) with no credit check?

My friend is looking for an apartment, condo or townhouse in charlotte nc for rent, but has bad credit so he needs a place where they do not check credit. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Almost every potential landlord will do a credit check. There are ways around that. You have to be up-front about it. Tell the potential landlord that you know you have bad credit, but you’ve taken X Y and Z steps to deal with it (such as finding a government-supported consumer credit counseling center and working with them). Also say you can give excellent references from past landlords / employers, exc. You might also consider saying it was due to a hospitalization. Since HIPPA laws prohibit releasing medical records, the landlord can’t check that, and will probably understand that medical bills are a huge cause of credit problems.

Lastly, you might be able to find someone to co-sign the lease. My parents did that for me when my husband and I moved into our first place, his credit was bad because of medical bills due to his epilepsy.

Charles asks…

Where can I find Private Landlords in Baltimore City and move in with little or no Security Deposit?

2 Bedroom Apartments and Townhouses for rent

Administrator answers:

I cannot imagine the landlord that is going to let you move in without putting any of your money into it.

I guess if you look the in the areas of town where the landlord doesn’t care what happens to his property you might find such a place…but…realistically, if the landlord doesn’t care what happens to the property can you envision what it looks like?

Sandra asks…

How can we make an informed and educated decision?

Here is the scenario:

Let me first say that we are not ready to buy nor do we want to buy right now. Please Continue


We are renting an apartment for $1350 right now. They have just converted the apartments to condos and we have the option to do a rent-to-own contract for another year in May. At the end of the contract(May 2008), we can either buy the condo or terminate the lease. We would just terminate the lease.


We can move in two weeks and rent a townhouse for $1550 (talked down from $1750) for the first year and $1600 for the second year. We have the option after the first year to move out with a 60 day notice if we wanted to. It will also cost approx $100 more for utilities.

OTHER FACTORS: If we move into the townhouse we are getting tight on cash


Do we stay where we are and save some money? IF we stay we have less of a chance of a good negotiation next May in looking for an apartment or townhouse.


Do we move into the townhouse now and take advantage of the security in knowing we got a good price for a townhouse and it is more space?

So…here are the facts and thoughts….how can we make an educated and wise decision?

Administrator answers:

Weigh the pro’s and con’s, but in the end whatever you think will suit your life style and will work out in the long term.

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