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July 11, 2013

Jenny asks…

How much money would i need?

This is for rent, its a townhouse and a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom the rent is like 750 and like 640 feet. How much money would I need to cover everything?

Administrator answers:

Landlords won’t usually approve you for a lease if the rent exceeds more than 25% of your gross income. So you would need to be making $3000/month to be living there. Unless you’re carrying a lot of debt most people can afford the rest of the things in their lives if they keep their housing costs to just 25%.

David asks…

Can anyone give me some information on neighborhoods in Oahu?

will be moving there this summer with the us army. I saw a lot of house for rent in Ewa beach. I will be stationed at Trippler. Thanks for any information. I will be moving with my wife 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Administrator answers:

If you want a really nice place for you and your family try waipio.
Mililani is great too. Ive never seen any ghetto areas in mililani and a lot of people that are in the military live in mililani and waipio.

Some places in salt lake, aiea and pearl city (if I were you id just look at the apt’s first before renting it)
schofield does have a motel you can stay at while you house hunt. Just make appointments to look at the apartments.

My sister lives in aiea she lives in a townhouse complex called “crosspointe” ITS GREAT very secure! Dogs are allowed!

If you find places that allow dogs I say take it cause its so so so hard to find places that allow animals! I have a dog and planning on getting a cat and it was hard enough finding this apartment.

Traffic from ewa beach is gonna be rough but if you can beat the traffic in the will be fine. Traffic does run smoothly unless there is a traffic and people will start to slow down and be nosey! You will get frustrated with the traffic here though.
And after work traffic usually starts around 4-5pm..and ends around 6-6:30-7pm. Unless there doing traffic which right now on H1 they have this stupid lane closing cause there doing construction from like 6am til 8pm..

Depends where you will be stationed at too..if you are stationed at schofield mililani/waipio would be great. Or even kunia. (but kunia can be really ghetto too) depends where you go.

If you will be stationed at like pearl harbor/trippler/hickam than aiea/salt lake would be best.

and (its a military site for housing off post you just gotta sign up for it) its really great!! Thats how I found my place!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

George asks…

Wanting to rent a townhouse for the first time,any advice?

We’ve been renting apartment since,now we have a little boy and are considering going for a townhouse.We would love to have some advice,give us some idea of what to expect,please!
Thanks so much.
We live in Atlanta,GA.

Administrator answers:

Try reading this it’s somehow similar to your question read the best answer mostly:

Good luck!

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