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February 14, 2013

Charles asks…

Can the Condo association tell us to leave ?

Hi, I am very confused right now.My hubby and I are staying in my sister in laws Chicago condo without paying rent.She lives in Texas and is never here.Now we found out that she received a letter from the condo association telling her, she has someone (us) renting the place from her.But we are not renting and we are her family. Someone told me that the association can’t do nothing about us staying here because we are family.Is that right?
It can be occupied by family as long there is no rent involved.
We are not there illegally.How could we if the condo is owned by her and we have her permission to be her.and there is nothing that say’s family can’t stay here.the only thing it say’s is that we can not rent the place which we don’t.but I thank you all for your input on this matter.
We are not there illegally.How could we if the condo is owned by her and we have her permission to be her.and there is nothing that say’s family can’t stay here.the only thing it say’s is that we can not rent the place which we don’t.but I thank you all for your input on this matter.

Administrator answers:

If the condo association has a requirement for the unit to be owner occupied then it does not matter if you are family or not. Nobody but the owner can live there. Many condos & townhouses have that kind fo rule.

EDIT: I think you are wrong on the family part. Owner occupied MEANS owner occupied. It does NOT mean any family of the owner occupied. It does not really matter if you actually pay rent or not. The bottom line is that you are not the owner & are not supposed to be living there.

Sharon asks…

MIL is driving me crazy- 2 year lease… please help.?

So my soon to be MIL is living with us since she is divorced and her daughter moved to chicago- so she has no place to go. It’s me, her, and her son (my fiance) right now- and im 35 weeks pregnant. Me and my fiance have a two year lease on a townhouse right now and we agreed that she could stay until the lease ends. We are letting her have the finished basement- which has a bedroom and a nice size living room and bathroom. She pays half the rent and the electric, and we pay half the rent and pay for food and supplies (like toilet paper and stuff). She works for the state so she makes pretty good money, but she is always complaining that she doesnt have money for bills- yet she has money to go to the casino.

Two days ago she started yelling at my fiance because my fiance asked her to pay her cell phone bill (Her credit sucks so the cell phone is under his name). he pays for his cell phone bill but If she doesnt pay for her cell phone she will start to ruin his credit. She started yelling and saying that she paid for rent already and doesnt have money (even though we both pay the bills equally not to mention we have a baby on the way and have been buying things for the baby as well). She wanted my fiance to pay for HER cellphone bill, and she got mad that we went out to eat with my family (for my parents anniversary) when he said he didnt have money to pay for HER bill. Then she said she didnt want to pay her bill because “her phone isn’t that good anyways”.

me and my fiance go grocery shopping every month and we get meals for dinner for the three of us to share. But she takes all of our food/soda to work and eats it there- when we specifcally get it for all three of us for dinner. im pregnant so i buy expensive sweets that im craving for myself with my money, and she will come and take half of it work without asking.

Her dog likes to chew on carpet and i told her i wanted to put her in the cage when we leave (because me and my fiance put our dog in the cage so she doesnt ruin anything) and she complains because “her dog gets sad in the cage”. and when i yell at both the dogs if they have an accident on the floor she says “dont yell at them, it makes them upset”.

If you dont yell at a dog they will think its okay just to poop all over and i dont want to live in a messy place. Me and my fiance have OUR names on the lease and WE are responsible for whatever happens to the townhouse. She REFUSES to put her name on the lease or tell them that she is staying with us- which is probably illegal but she obviously doesnt care.

I don’t want her to watch the baby when she is born because obviously if she can’t even disipline a dog for being bad, she will let my child do whatever she wants and i dont want her raised that way.

Whenever we go places (to look at furniture, shopping, etc) she makes us use our car because she doesnt want to use her gas- but she wants to drive OUR car. She is the worse driver and takes the longest route on purpose and blasts our air conditioner and leaves our car on even if its not hot outside.

a couple days ago she asked us to go to breakfast- my fiance was like “we dont really have money to go, but we will go anyways to say bye to Kim(his sister who was visiting from chicago and was leaving later on). So we had to take OUR car to the place. His sister ordered and paid for her food, then i ordered and my fiance ordered and we were about to pay when my MIL butted in and added her order onto our order (Without asking!). So we were forced to pay for her even though it was HER idea to go to breakfast and we had told her we didnt have money.

I’m just so fed up. I cant really kick her out because we agreed she could stay for two years but i dont know how to handle this. I mean it’s my fiance’s MOM, she is responsible for him not the other way around. Does this sound normal? maybe its the way i was raised but this behavior is just not normal !! how do i deal with this? am i just blowing this out of proportion?
sorry this is so long, i would also like to mention we are going to be young parents, im only 19 and my fiance is 21- and even though we make a lot of money we are still going to be young parents and having a child is a lot of work and yet she thinks that we can pay for the new baby AND pay for her as well when she is a grown adult and should be responsible for her own bills.

Administrator answers:

Give her a set amount of time to find another place to stay. In the meantime don’t give her a choice about the dog being in the cage. Tell her when she puts her name on the lease she can make decisions but until then what you say goes. Ppl like that will run over you for as long as you let them. Buy her a mini fridge for the basement and put a lock on yours. Designate one cabinet for her food and lock the rest of the cabinets. DO NOT let her use your car and DO NOT give on to the guilt trips.
The sooner you stand your ground the better life will be for you, fiance, and baby!

Steven asks…

How many kids can sleep in one room and can one be a girl and one a boy?

I live in Illinois, and I am wondering if anyone could tell me what the law is or where I could find out, how many children I can sleep in one room in different beds.

The situation is my long time b/f and I recently got laid-off from our 6 figure bank jobs. I can’t say we didn’t see it coming. We have a good amount of money in our savings, but have not been able to find jobs that are remotely close to the amount of money were both making. While taking the large pay cut, we decided that we do not want to go into debt by staying in the city, since the rent would be more than we could afford monthly. In this instance, we have started looking for jobs outside of the Chicago area.

He has 1 boy-(10), I have 1 girl-(10), and we have 1 boy and girl (twins-7). We currently rent a 5 bedroom townhouse, which our one year lease is up at the end of January and we chose not to renew last month luckily. We have discussed with the kids that we are not going to be able to live the way we used to and that everyone has to make sacrifices. That took this news pretty well.

Over the weekend we went downstate and looked at apartments by a couple of nice schools and also had interviews for (non-management) full-time positions at a bank. We had a family meeting to discuss what we were going to do. We have started packing and going through our stuff and either taking it to the Salvation Army or putting it on ebay, craigslist, or the newspaper. I told the kids that they could keep wha

Administrator answers:

I think you may be able to find a nice 3 bedroom apartment… One for you and your boyfriend, one for the boys, and one for the girls. That sounds like your best option.

Susan asks…

My wife told me something yesterday that realy upset me, kind of hurt?

My wife and I have been together for 10 years married for 6. My wife grew up on a dairy farm that originated from her great grand parents. They dairy business is shot with the rest of this economy. Her brother was suppose to take over the farm however meet a welfare mommy ‘two kids with different fathers not his” she did not want my brother in law to have anything to farming. As dairy prices crumbled, my in laws dairy business looses them 20k a month and they are deciding to exit out of that business. They will be fine with the land as they rent far a income. My wife is down that they are selling this almost like a pride thing. She told me that she has had thoughts as if she meet a country boy to run the farm with her. I was like wtf. The live in rural iowa and that is where we meet in iowa and 8 years ago she wanted to move out of Iowa to chicago area. this is where we live now. We own a really nice town home, nice care nice furniture, go on nice vacations every 6 months and all of this is on our own. No one gave us a dime as we worked hard. Three months ago my company shut down our division and therefore my job was lost. But we are fine! as i assure her. I don’t know I never had any regrets or thoughts about being with someone besides her and I made it clear to her.

Administrator answers:

You already lost your job. Now with this economy it’s not easy to find another. Competition is high. VERY HIGH. There is a business proposition in Iowa. Your in-laws dairy farm. So what it’s a farm. You can be running the office while you have people do the hard labor. There is alot of money to be made there. I say go and give it a shot. After all, what do u have to loose? Your furniture will go with you. And as far as your townhouse, you can rent it and collect every month while you work. Now, I understand that you guys came from Iowa and that’s where you both met and then she wanted to move to Chicago. However, you have to understand that maybe back then (8 years ago) it was a good move to head out to Chicago. Maybe now, with this econoy, it is a good move to go to Iowa. And if you try it and don’t like it, you still have your home in Chicago where you can fall back on. There really is nothing to loose and can be a rewarding and different experience.

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