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Your Questions About Townhouses For Rent In Dekalb Il

August 9, 2013

Lisa asks…

Rental Properties in Dekalb, IL?

I’m looking for any places open to rent in Dekalb. Two or Three Bedrooms would be perfect, under $1000 monthly. I’m going to be going to school in the fall, and really want something within 15 minutes of campus. Sycamore would also do. Does anyone know of any places, or would you maybe give me an idea on how better to look? I’ve tried online, but nothing is really showing up for the area.

Administrator answers:

Maybe you’re a little anxious.

There are plenty of 3 bdrm places from apartments, townhouses, & houses. Most of these are temporary type housing units that have been in the short-term rental market for a while…less of that in Sycamore, but worth a good look.

I would check DeKalb County realtors in 3 months. That may seem like a long time to wait but until grades are posted do many students know if they will be returning in Fall.

You don’t mention what type of place you’re looking for. What about a farm house?

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