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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

February 24, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Couple of issues with new apartment?

I am currently a college student. I am renting a 3 bedroom apartment with two other guys. Last year when we signed the lease the landlord showed us the place and it appeared to be in good condition.

Out lease started in June but because all three of us were home for the summer we are just moving in now for the semester. I stopped by the apartment this past Saturday to drop some things off and I’m planning on moving in permanently on 8/29. When I got there the floors were all covered in grim, dust and garbage from the previous tenants. The floor in the bathroom was so bad no one would go in there without shoes on. The shower was coated in grim.

Our kitchen sink isn’t hooked up either. It’s like its not attached to the plumbing. Also our landlord gave one set of keys to one of my roomates and when I asked for a set he gave me his and told me I had to return them and I would need to make a copy of my roommates for my own use. Is he responsible for providing us all with keys to the apartment?

I told the landlord and he said a cleaning crew was supposed to clean it and he will call them again. Its already been over 2 months since we have had the lease and he hasn;t bothered basic maintenance on the place. I’m wondering what the right course of action is to make sure the apartment is clean and working properly and that it will not be my responsibility to do so?


Administrator answers:

All i can say is keep calling until the cleaning crew cleans. Take pictures if you have to. Record all correspondence. It is the landlords responsiblity to maintain the place..

William asks…

For you apartment experts…?

does this sound pretty reasonable (price-wise)? This is an apartment I’m really interested in, but I’m not sure if this is a good find or too much.
The price is 840.00 but with two pets it will come out to 875.00 monthly. It includes…
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1000 sq feet
Heated underground parking
24 hr. on-site maintenance
Pet friendly
All appliances
Private balcony
Here is a link to the floor plan…

Please let me know what you think! I’m pretty clueless when it comes to apartments and prices. Thanks for all your help!

Administrator answers:

From what you are saying and from looking at the layout, I’d say your getting a pretty good deal. In fact depending on where your at I’d say it’s a very good deal. If it’s where you want, close to your work, shopping etc, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Ruth asks…

BABY NAME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You and your newly-wedded husband move to Manhatten, NYC a few months after the honeymoon. You settle down in a 2 bedroom apartment and are job hunting when you find out you are expecting a boy!

You have your beautiful baby boy and want to name him something that starts with a C (two-syllables) and have a middle name that is one-syllable. You name him: 1.C_______ ______

Your baby boy soon turns into a toddler and is running around and playing all of the time. You want him to have a playmate but you aren’t ready to have more kids yet. So you adopt a puppy! She is an Australian Shepard named: 2.____________ . Her and your son play together all of the time. He loves to help you take the dog for walks and loves to play with him.

About 6 months later you decide you are ready for more. You are expecting twins! Both girls!

You have the twins and have been thinking that you want their middle names to be each of their grandmothers. Your mother’s name is Renee and your husbands is Quinn. So your two beautiful young daughters names are: 3. _________ Renee & 4. ________ Quinn .

Your son loves playing with the girls and the girls are fascinated with the dog. But you, on the other hand, are getting a little bit cramped. It’s time to move.

Moving day comes. You pack up your stuff and haul it to a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath loft! It’s gorgeous with the open floor plan and ceiling to floor windows. You, your husband and the kids love it.

Shortly after the girls turn one, you are expecting again. Twins again! Wow! One boy, one girl. You want their names to be special, they should both start with the letter ‘ T ‘. When the due date comes you decide on: 5. T______ _______ & 6.T_______ ________ .

The kids are getting along great, most of the time, and you and your husband are enjoying your loft and your life in Manhatten. You decide not to have any more kids, but the dog is needing someone to keep her company when the kids go back to school and you are back working, so you get one more puppy. She’s a Laberdoodle. Her name is: __________

Thats it. I promise. And you lived happily ever after(:

My answers are: 1. Caleb Joe 2. Luna 3. Ashlee Renee 4. Heidi Quinn 5. Tyler Neil 6. Trisha Belle & 7. Chloe

Hope you enjoy(: These are always fun to do(:

Administrator answers:

1. Caleb Rhys
2. Winnie
3. Alexis Renee and Maia Quinn
4. Teagan Amity and Tyler Brody
5. Pippy

~Cale, Lex, Maia, Teag, Tye~
~Win and Pip~

Fun! Thanks

Sandy asks…

Apartment Move In Question (For Reporting Problems)?

When we went to see the place the specific floor plan we would move into wasn’t available for showing so we saw a model room all furnished and nice. We were told that our apartment would come with 2 parking spaces.

Yesterday we came to the place with our stuff but the floor plan is different from the brochure (like missing a closet space and the bathroom isn’t attached to two bedrooms and it looks less than perfect)… Also now we were told that we only get one parking space.

We stayed the evening because we had nowhere to go and were beat. We also have to ‘wait’ until Monday to talk to someone who can answer our questions.

Who should we call and what kind of action can we take, who do we report this to?

Because isn’t this like false advertising?
Nobody is available to talk because it is Sunday. We had nowhere to go so my roommate got the keys and gave rent and deposit which I think is the only act of ‘acceptance’ we have shown so far. What kind of attorney will I need? There is a form listing numbers I can call but I guess there’s nothing I can do until tomorrow morning.

Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s misrepresentation, which is covered in either a commercial code or a Sale of Goods Act. Also, if you don’t want to stay (for reduced terms only, of course), you’ve suffered an economic loss. It’s important NOT to act in any way that might be perceived as acceptance. And keep everything pertaining to original terms to bring to atty’s office first thing Monday.

David asks…

How big is a 774 sq ft apartment?

So I’m looking for my first apartment for the big take off from the nest. I’ve got my roommate, some savings, and I’m ready to look into apartments. I’ve found one that is looking very nice, but I’m not sure how it is sizewise.

It’s Two bedrooms, one bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen and all that (doesn’t have any washing machines, unfortunately) but it says it’s 774 ft. Would that be enough for two people to live comfortably? I just got out of college, and the rooms were probably about 10×10, which was a bit too small for my comfort.

If you could give me a size reference, that’d be great. The floor plan is here;
So, how big would you estimate the rooms are?

Thanks in advanced. ^.^ I can’t go visit in person because it’s half a country away (right now) and I’d like to be able to move into a place as soon as I get there, so I’m not homeless for a few days/weeks. My roomie is in that state, though, so she’d be able to visit at some point in time. I just want to get a good reference before I tell her.
EDIT: Yes, I know that it’s 774 Sq feet. v___v I’m asking for a size reference so I can picture exactly HOW big it is and how big the rooms are. I have a very bad distance judgement so I can’t tell how big that is. Is it the size of a two car garage, is is bigger, smaller, cramped for two people, large for an apartment, ect. ect. The number doesn’t mean anything to me. 774 sq feet could mean an apartment thats only a 13.5 x 13.5 square if you took everything out. And 13.5 feet has no visual reference for me. My spacial judgment is horrible at best. (I can’t even measure an inch accurately. )

My dorm was 10 by 10 which was 100 feet squared. This apartment is 7 times that, yes, but would the rooms be smaller or larger then that in estimate, according to the room plan?
Also, I’m horrible at math. ^^; My strong points are in reading and comprehension, with a dash of writing skill in there.

Administrator answers:

Ever hear of a measuring tape? Use one to measure a bedroom near you. How does it feel to you? If it’s big enough, multiply the width by the length. Example: your 10 by 10 dorm has 100 square feet. Then subtract that from the 774… Two bedrooms? Do that twice. Then do the same with a kitchen you feel good in…. Do with all the rooms. If you have space left from the 774? You will probably find it spacious. More important though is “are your lifestyles compatible?” Because if not even a football stadium won’t do.

Linda asks…

How should I handle this bed bug situation?


I live in a three bedroom apartment with two of my friends, and in april, we had bed bugs in our house, but only in my room. I found out I had bed bugs because I am allergic to them, and was getting these enormous swollen bug bites, that were literally 6 inches in diameter. My roommates, friends and parents all thought I was nuts until i insisted on having a bed bug dog come in, at my expense, and the dog found the bugs in my room. I called the building’s management, and they sent in the exterminator that they have on retainer.

This exterminator seemed really incompetent compared with the other two exterminators I had spoken with. Both of the exterminators I spoke too described an extermination process that would require a very extensive cleaning and 4-6 hours of work on their part. The building refused to pay for either of their services though, and sent their exterminator in. He literally told me to “wash my sheets” and then spent about half an hour spritzing some chemicals around the house.

The problem seemed to be taken care of though, because it was caught early. Then, about two weeks ago, I was entering my apartment, and one of the girls who just moved in across the hall stopped me. She asked if we had ever had bed bugs, and i told her we had. She informed me that her apartment, as well as the other apartment on our floor (there are only three apartments per floor) had bed bugs. So do all the apartments below us, and all the apartments above us. She said the building knew of the problem, yet had not exterminated at all.

I woke up yesterday with the exact same bites that I got the first time around. I know they are not mosquito bites because I only ever have had bug bites that were this large when we had bed bugs the first time around.

But our building never contacted us about the bed bugs, and my roommate called to ask what the plan of action was. They said they would be exterminating all the apartments sometime last week. they never exterminated or followed up with us.

At this point, I want to move out of my apartment. My dad has offered to let me and my cat move in with him for a few months, and I would like to do that. I am planning to ditch all my furniture, including the brand new bed I bought after the last round of bed bug exterminations. Please advise me on whether or not it is possible to break my lease, especially given how negligent the land lords have been.

Administrator answers:

It seems like you may have to move to get rid of the bed bugs after reading material on the web about them. Just be sure to thoroughly clean anything you take so you don’t take hitchhikers!

Friends that brought bed bugs into the house in a piece of used furniture said that the exterminator they had sprayed all of their wood furniture in all cracks and crevices, all of the wood flooring because of the slight cracks between the boards, and especially the floorboards. It needs to be very thorough or of no benefit.

I suggest you contact the city in which you reside and ask if they have a housing or rental ombudsman. Because bed bugs have become a huge problem in some areas they may have a policy regarding their extermination or at least be able to inform you of your rights as a renter. They may be interested to learn that your building seems to be bed bug central.

Listed below is a webpage with .pdf file for bed bug infestation and suggestions for removal.

Paul asks…

Me and my girlfriend broke up but we had plans, what do I do?

We live in a small town 2 hours from the city we plan to move to in two months.. We have so many plans that require the other that we cant not go through with them. She just broke up with me though, We are really all the other has so we have agreed to stay friends and still move into an apartment together. My first question is that since we currently stay in one room at my grandparents house should I still sleep in the same bed? She just bought a queen so that we would have more room because we have 3 aniimals. But we are going to be here a bit longer and there is no room for a second bed here so what should I do? Sleep on the floor? The next question is when we move we can only really afford a one bedroom place and we already have the apartment picked out so should I get my own bed and sleep in the same room or like have a dresser and stuff in the bedroom but sleep in the living room? Its sorta of clear that I am all by myself in this situation. My friends here wouldnt answer their phone to be supportive and my other friends live too far away so I dont really know what to do. I know that especially when we move I dont want to be sleeping in the same bed as her. I dont plan to be dating anyone so that wont be a problem fyi. She was kind of my one and only so now all I have is my family. And what do I do about my family. They treat her like family. I dont want them to be mad at her its not her fault that she doesnt love me in that way. I’m not even sure if I would tell them but I dont know….I’m really sad right now, lost, and have no where to run away from this.

Administrator answers:

Try to patch up with her

George asks…

Where I can hide if a tornado strikes and I’m in my apt(3rd and last floor)?

I live in oklahoma City. I live in an apartment complex at the 3rd floor. I’m always terrified about tornadoes and tomorrow we wait strong thunderstorms in this area. My apt complex has a plan that is not one of the best since you have to walk outside for 3 minutes to reach a church. I was wondering what should I do if I CAN’T LEAVE MY APT and I don’t find anybody else in the building(always think to the worse to be prepared). I have two internal bathrooms with bathtubs and a walk-in closet between the master bedroom and a bathroom. I really appreciate your help.
I know I should reach the lowest level of the building or basement. But we don’t have any basement. I’d really appreciate an advise in case I need or have to remain in my apt.

Administrator answers:

Without knowing more about your building’s construction it’s not easy to say. The biggest risk being in a building hit by a tornado is not getting sucked out but structural collapse or being hit by flying debris.

Having said that though there are a few general rules:

Get to the strongest part of your building. Ideally at least one wall in the room you’re in should be a load bearing structural wall. If your building has internal stairs (ie one’s without windows towards the middle of the building) they may be a good choice. Bathrooms tend to be the best room in a house due to the piping in the walls adding extra strength. One of your bathrooms may also be a good choice.

Get away from windows. Ideally the room that you’re in shouldn’t have any. You should also take further steps to protect yourself from flying or falling debris. If you shelter in your bathroom you should shelter in your bath and cover yourself with a mattress or something similar.

With any luck though, you’ll never find out, but it’s great to always be prepared.

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