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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

August 13, 2013

Donald asks…

I’m in need of some legal advice.?

I’m a minor, 16 years old, and my parents are not married.

My mother tries very hard and is a very hard worker, but all of the money she makes goes to our expenses and we’ve lived a very hand-to-mouth life for these past sixteen years. We live in a small two-bedroom apartment. The spare room is rented to our roommate so I have to share the other room with my mom and my baby brother.

My father is a very wealthy man who owns a construction firm and makes a good living. He lives in a five-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-floor house in Calabasas with his wife and two sons.

He didn’t begin to pay child-support until I was 12 and my mother confronted him about the issue, but because her status as a citizen in the country was not official at the time, she didn’t take him to court.

She ended up settling for an amount that was well below what would have been agreed upon in court.
We never argued the case because it was just too much trouble to do so and we didn’t have money for a lawyer.

I graduated high-school early last November and I am going to begin my college education and Santa Monica College in less than two weeks. At least, that’s the plan.

The college fees and the money I’m going to have to spend on textbooks and supplies is just well above my mother’s means. We’ve already downsized a lot of the things in out house to save enough money for it, but we just can’t make it.

I’ve already applied for financial aid, but I can’t get much because they count my father’s income into the money available for me, so they can’t help much.

I want to know if my father is legally obligated, under the law of the state of California, to aid me in paying for my college education as long as I am still a minor?

My father is not the kind of man who will give me money simply because I ask him.
My mother’s citizenship is no longer an issue, she is a legal resident of this country.
And at this point in my life, it isn’t even the child support that has me bothered, it’s the matter of helping me pay my college fees.
(Which are not above his means as I will be attending a community college for now.)
My mom and my father were never married so there were never any divorce proceedings.
All of the agreements over my child support were done over the phone.
My father didn’t ask for visitation right in exchange for the low child support.
He doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and denies me as his daughter to his sons.
So, essentially my mother is the only person taking care of me.

Administrator answers:

From the facts you gave, probably not.
Have you tried simply asking him for help with your education?

Helen asks…

What are some things to look for when choosing an apartment?

Moving out, looking for one or two bedroom for under $1300– In California (hard)

We have a couple options available, but what are some things to look for when choosing an apartment??

Administrator answers:

Think about what is most important to you…Check the bathroom to be sure that there is ample storage space, or room to put in your own storage items. Be sure that the shower, toilet, and sink are easy to access. This is really important if you are physically disabled or know someone who is. I would also check the kitchen to be sure that the appliances in there are easy to access, and that the cabinets are roomy enough for you. Make sure you will have plenty of counter space if you plan to cook a lot or have many small kitchen appliances. Check the closets to be sure you will have enough space to store your clothing and other items you don’t need easy access to. (Christmas decor, vacuum cleaner, etc.) Also, check the size of the bedroom. A really small bedroom may get you a better deal on the apartment, but your king size bed may not fit in it. Look for things like water damage on the floors and ceilings, or patched holes in the walls. This will give you an idea about the owners willingness to make repairs. Ask the landlord to turn on the water and air conditioning, if they can. This will give you an idea of how well the ac and water heater work. Talk to the neighbors closest to the apartment you want to rent. Ask them about the landlord and utility costs. This will give you an idea of how much more you may be spending a month, and lets you meet the people you will be living next to for the next year.

James asks…

What is the best apartment place to live in Hampton Va?

I have a cousin who is moving to hampton due to his job. He wants to know what is the best apartments place to live in Hampton Virginaia. He needs a two bedroom or one bedroom with a den. Price range 0-711.

Hes gunna be moving in about a month or two so w.e seems best to you let us know!!

Administrator answers:

Hi there,heres a few links for you to browse..

Hampton Center -
6001 Terrell Ln, Hampton, VA »
(757) 827-5770 –

Category: Apartments
Hampton Harbor Apartments -
8 Hampton Harbor Ave # A, Hampton, VA
(757) 723-0559 -

Spinnaker Cove -
102 Misty Cv # K, Hampton, VA
(757) 865-8350 –

Category: Apartments
Township In Hampton Woods -
260 Marcella Rd, Hampton, VA
(757) 838-0192 -

Category: Apartments
Kensington Square Apt Homes -
59 Stapleford Way, Hampton, VA
(757) 851-3116 -
More from »

Category: Apartments
Addison At Hampton -
2 Wyndham Dr, Hampton, VA
(757) 838-8231 -
More from »

Category: Apartments
Cambridge Townhouse Apartments -
5109 Goldsboro Dr # 2C, Hampton, VA
(757) 838-6401 -

Tradewinds Apartments -
2 Tradewinds Quay, Hampton, VA
(757) 865-7802 –

Harbor Square Apartments -
101 W Pembroke Ave # I1, Hampton, VA
(757) 722-8859 – 4 reviews

Heather Lake Apartments -
99 Tide Mill Ln # 189, Hampton, VA
(757) 826-1234 -

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there you go,hope this helps good luck…

Mary asks…

What are the year round rentals like in orlando florida?Looking for something afforable .?

Looking for an affordable place for a possible permanent move.What is the lowest range up?Does anyone know??For a two bedroom house/or apartment?

Administrator answers:

Why stay in a hotel room? You can have an entire house for the same price!

Enjoy a relaxing vacation in our peaceful vacation home providing you with easy access to Disney and Florida’s many other attractions.

The 3 bedroom 2 bathroom villa, with game room and access to a gated community pool, is situated in the peaceful community of Davenport just off Highway 27, only ten minutes from Disney World.

Below are just some of the facilities that are offered:

Community Pool/Playground access just down the street
Home sleeps 8
Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios minutes away
Surrounded by golf courses like Champions Gate & Highlands
Game Room with Pool table, Air Hockey and Foosball
Master Bedroom, 1 Double Bedroom, and 1 Twin Bedroom
Sleeper Futon (Double)
Wireless internet service
Free national and international phone calls to Europe
42″ HDTV in family room with DVD player, TiVo Box, and X-Box console
DVDs, books, X-Box games, toys, and board games
Cable TVs in all bedrooms
Fully Equipped Kitchen & Laundry
High Chair and Port-a-Crib
Wide open floor plan
Within five minutes of major restaurants and grocery stores
Spread out and enjoy yourselves in the comfortable home away from home.

Villa Details
Wireless internet service is available throughout the house.
Master Bedroom
This features a queen size bed, Cable TV, DVD Player, dresser, telephone and radio alarm clock. The en-suite bathroom has large walk-in shower as well as a large tub, toilet, and double wash basin.
Double Bedroom
This features a double bed, Cable TV, radio alarm clock, closet, and dresser.
Twin Bedroom
This features a bunkbed, Cable TV, radio alarm clock, dresser, and closet.
Family Bathroom
This is shared by the Double Bedroom and the Twin Bedroom and features a bathtub with shower, toilet, and wash basin.
Family Room
The Family Room area is part of a large open floor plan, and features an entertainment center with 42″ HDTV, DVR box, DVD player (and DVD selection), X-Box (and games), gumball machine, large L-couch, coffee table and double bed futon-couch.
Sitting Room
The Sitting Room area is also part of a large open floor plan, and is a comfortable area with a double recliner couch, a love seat, coffee table, desk, and glass table with stools.
Dining Area
A formal dining area with large table and six chairs on a stone tile floor adjacent to the kitchen.
The kitchen comes equipped with all the necessary equipment to cook yourselves gourmet meals or simply enjoy a take-out meal from numerous local restaurants. The kitchen includes a microwave oven, range, dishwasher with garbage disposal, CD player, and cordless phone.
Laundry Room
This room features a washing Machine and Tumble dryer, making it possible to travel light. You will also find an ironing board and iron.
Game Room
The Game Room is equipped with an air hockey table, a pool table, and a beautiful foosball table. It’s all set for family tournaments!
Community Pool
The community pool is just a short walk down the street from the home, and also features a playground for children, and basketball courts.
Throughout the home you will find little extras such as board games, children’s toys, books, DVDs and X-Box games.

Robert asks…

Do you rather stay at a motel or sleep on the floor if you come visit for a month?

My brother from overseas and we haven’t seen each other more than 12 years. Now he’s coming to pay a visit for a month, but I live in a one bedroom apartment. Should I send him to a motel, or ask him to sleep on the floor? Both have pros and cons, can’t decide. Please help.

Administrator answers:

That’s a tough call. How much does your brother plan on being around, do you know? If he’s going to be visiting friends and taking other shorter trips while he’s there, then maybe he’d only actually be on the floor for a week or two.

First, I’d nail down his plans. Where’s he going to be and for how long. Whether he plans on going and visiting anyone else and using your apartment as “home base” while he’s back in the States.

Then, if it turns out that he’s literally going to be at your place for an entire month, I’d have a long chat with him about how that’s going to work. For instance, if he’s expecting to be out partying late into the night and you have to work early, that’s a recipe for disaster. Better to get the expectations out now and let him know what’s going to be expected if he wants to stay with you – that way he can decide if it’s better to crash at your place for part of the time and head to a motel for the rest.

Finally, on a personal level, I think I’d have a really hard time with this choice. I love my brother and sister and love having them visit, but I don’t know about staying for a whole month (and we have a 3 bedroom house!). That’s just plain a long time and you might want some privacy at some point – ie, bring a date home or whatever.

No matter what you decide, make sure that you and your brother get on the same page now to avoid problems later.

Richard asks…

What is a good apartment complex in the Washington DC area?

I’ll be moving to the DC area soon and my finace and I are looking for something that is in an area that is safe, that is a mile or less from a metro stop, and that costs around 1200 for a one bedroom. Also, it should be a decent place that’s relatively clean and quiet but I’m used to living in a college town now so it doesn’t need to be a luxury apartment or anything. Thanks! I hope someone can help me.

Administrator answers:

Most of the places in the ballpark of your price range & criteria are in suburbs of DC, but close to pub transportation that access DC within reasonable timeframes. There have been some decent renovations and upgrades. Each property is different, but I have seen some of the better deals for the money at properties managed by Avalon, Gables & Bozzutto.

They’re reputable, large enough to be able to offer good rent specials or amenities such as in-unit washer/dryers. At least 2 if not all 3 also have programs that enable moving to their properties in other parts of the country and rent-to-own deals. See links in the source section below, but I note a few are in decent areas but I can’t vouch for the specific properties.

Also, note that the apartment rental business in DC is quite a “game.” Sometimes, the same model apartment will be rented within the same period of time, for significantly different rates. Other tricks – they’ll offer “a month free rent” as an incentive for you to rent. But along the way you are told that that deal comes with the requirement that you sign a 13- month lease. They’ll try to convince you to split up that one free month’s worth of rent evenly over the 13 month lease as a way of lowering your monthly rent. However, when your lease expires, technically your rent will be listed at an amount higher than you paid during the 13 month lease, so even going month-to-month, you’ll find yourself instantly facing $100 per month rent increase – your “actual” rent amount before the “special” deal. Even worse, an annual rent increase will kick in, a percentage of your “actual” rent, and that percentage will be added to your “actual” rent. On top of that, higher than your “actual” rent. Oh, the games… One of my favorite is when leasing agents, trying to convince you to secure an apt right away, will tell you that they’re rental rates change daily or frequently, suggesting that you might lose out on a deal if you let time pass. My favorite response to that one is to say that in that case, I think I’ll call each day for a few weeks to get the rate for the day, to see how low I can catch it. Good Luck.

-Yuma – listed at ($1,300)

-Metro Place at Town Center – Camp Springs, MD ($1,140)

-Spring Garden is a newly renovated, affordable apartment community between downtown Silver Spring, MD & Washington, DC – within blocks of Metro, grocery stores and other shopping, restaurants, Rock Creek Park and more. ($1,050 – $1,250)

-Waverly Village – Arlington, VA ($1,265)
well-designed, spacious floor plans, patios or balconies and expansive windows. Apartments also feature parquet flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting, fully equipped kitchens, mini blinds and vertical louver blinds for the patio/balcony doors. The one and two bedroom apartments are available with an optional den.

Joseph asks…

What is the best way to introduce my cat to a new home and a new cat?

My cat Tonks is 1 years old and in 2 weeks we’re moving to a new apartment and my new roommate also has a 1 year old cat. Our apartment will be a new home for both cats. What are some tips to not only introducing the girls to a new home, but also to each other?

Both cats are female and very well-behaved and friendly. Lucy hasn’t spent time with other animals, but Tonks gets along very well with dogs. In fact, her best friend is a 1 year old Maltipoo. :)


Administrator answers:

Yes, cats are generally nervous when they at least try to settle in their new homes. Whatever you do, don’t add any stress or pressure.

When I first bought my cat and brought her into the house, she kept hiding under the sofas and behind tables and into small spaces. It is because she isn’t used to her. You need to give her time and patience. Let her get used to you and her new surroundings.

Give her toys to play with. You don’t have to waste your money at the pet store to buy all those toy rubber balls and everything. You can just simply make your own toys! Drag a string across the floor, my cat loves that and she always pounces when it comes by.

Take her all over your place. Take her to the gardens, backyards, garages, bedrooms, study rooms, everywhere so she can get used to the surroundings of your house and no longer be nervous.

Also, to lighten up her mood, you can get her another cat so they can be friends. But don’t let your cat eat the other one. (I know you probably won’t, but I’m just telling you just in case something slips in your mind).

And don’t let her stay in one surrounding for too long. For example, spend at least fifteen minutes in the kitchen with your cat, so she can get used to it and then move on to another room!

Buy catnip, cats love to eat catnip plants as well. She’ll feel more like home..

Oh, yeah, and introduce your family members who are living with you to your cat! She’ll need to get used to the people and surroundings.

Now, about introducing the two cats, just take it easy. Lots of patience. It’s takes time. A carefully planned introduction is everything. Most cats do not readily accept a new member of the family; they need time to get used to the idea. A certain amount of hissing, posturing and chasing is to be expected. It is important to have patience and not rush things along. Don’t chance an all out fight; when in doubt, wait a few more days before proceeding to the next step. Preventing a problem is easier than solving one.

Just get them to slowly know each other. Don’t take things too fast. They’ll soon get used to it.

Also, here is a video you might like to watch:

Lisa asks…

Is a living room without windows considered living space and/or a living room?

I am drawing plans for a townhouse in Manhattan that is 15 feet wide and 60 feet deep and I wanted to include two bedrooms on each floor. there are only windows on the front and the back of the townhouse and for a bedroom room to be legal, there must be a window and a closet, does the same rule apply for a living room, must it have a window.

Administrator answers:

No, I don’t believe it has to be a living room…. But you still have to follow all the fire codes. Some places do not allow rooms without windows because of fire safety. We were made to remove a door off a small room because it’s considered a hallway and not a room. I use it for an office space but it’s legally not a living space. Check with your local office.

I was in an apartment where the living room was the center room and had no windows- but the stair case lead to that room which was the only reason it was allowed. You have to be able to get out of each room without going into another room in the state of NJ.

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