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July 28, 2013

Donna asks…

Two grown up kids just back from college?

Parents are divorced. The father has other kids and no ‘room’ for either in his house, and the mother lives alone in a one bedroom apartment.
The younger one has been living with his mom for the last three months and counting. He just landed himself a job and will buy a car.
The older one will be back for a while (up to 6-9 months according to him) as he plans to continue his education. He says he has ‘some’ money.
How much ‘should’ each one participate toward expenses?
The mother is not in a position to move to a more spacious apartment, as it might mean that she would have to pay the entire ‘rent’ by herself at one point.
Any suggestions would really be helpful.

Administrator answers:

They are grown adults, not children and it’s not your responsibility to change your life to suit them. I would leave it up to the kids where they want to pursue staying. A pull out sofa or a sleeping bag on mom’s floor since it seems that she’s the only one willing to have them. But I’d say that they both have to pay rent to her. No freeloading allowed or they’ll never leave.
Or they can pressure the dad to “find” the room for at least one of them. Those other kids are their siblings too since they share the same dad. Maybe it’d be nice arrangement. Unless the dad just thinks that the kids want to be freeloaders.
I wouldn’t move to a bigger apartment but have the kids paying a fair amount (don’t know what the rent and utilities are) and if mom doesn’t need the money she can just save it for them when they move out, but sounds like she could use a little financial break.

John asks…

For those of you who know a thing or two about Naval housing.?

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment ( with apartment I mean one of the old houses on base). Me and my husband are planning on have a second child. Can we apply and get into the house before I get pregnant….just wondering cause my husband is never around and I really dont want to be doing all the work while Im pregnant. Thanks!
mrsjvb – none of what you said is close to true. I have several friends have done it. None of them currently have a child….some might be pregnant but there is no second child. Also if you even read the lease, its ONE CHILD PER BEDROOM. That is the rule!

Administrator answers:

It really depends on the wait list. I would just contact housing and ask them how long its taking for people to get into housing. As I am sure you know it can take months and months.

Linda asks…

Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie) or Miniature Schnauzer?

I am planning in getting a small dog but i do not know which one to pick from a Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie) or a Miniature Schnauzer.Can u please tell me which one and why the dog is better.Right now im living in a two bedroom apartment but in about 3 months im moving in to a 3 or 4 bedroom house.Please dont forget to say why it is better

Administrator answers:

First of all I have to commend you on doing good dog research. I say this because a Yorkie and a Schnauzer have very similar personalty. Most people that ask a question like this with be like ” Should I get a bulldog or a Grey hound?” Ok two very different breeds

So with that said both are great dogs. So I would get one of each.
But if you can have only one. Then go with the Schnauzer. One its bigger, which you will be glad for when you go to a dog park. They are also very sturdy for their size. Last is they are cheaper. Although a poplar breed the Schnauzer is not as popular as a Yorkie. Yorkies can very expensive.
I honestly like a Standard Schnauzer. If you get a female they are not much bigger then a Mini. Plus you can find a good breed from the web site.

Sharon asks…

Should I buy a house?

So, I’ve finished my four year enlistment in the Marine Corps. I’ve made about 30 grand while serving. I’m also a NYPD Trainee ( Currently in the Academy ) making about 50K a year. [ Military GI BILL benefit pay]. Would banks be more lenient on me? Should I buy a house? I’m only twenty two. Single too, no children. And also, No car.. was thinking of leasing one. I also have no debt at all, Was planning to buy a nice house around 600K+. While in the NYPD for more than 5+ years, I’ll be making well over 100K a year ( Sgt+5year pay). Am I financially stable right now? I lived in a one bedroom apartment with 3 siblings.. and It would seriously break my heart buying my own house. I’m really good with my money, I’m not like other young adults spending it willy nilly.

Administrator answers:

That would be a terrible thing to do . The rule of thumb is 4 years income . Of course people in California broke that rule and are now bankrupt . You can afford a home of $200,000 . When you start earning $100,000 , you will be able to afford a home of around $350,000 if you don’t have other expenses .

Unless you have a down payment of $250,000 , I would advise against it unless you want big problems .

Donald asks…

Moving from a house to an apartment?

So currently I live in a 3 bedroom home, which actually is only a little bit larger than an apt (mini home). We are running into some financial issues so we have decided the apt would be a better option. We found a very very nice 2 bedroom, has an indoor pool and tennis courts in the building with schools close by. Now the only problem is I have 2 children, so they will have to share a room. We weren’t able to find any affordable 3 bedrooms. How many of you moms have two kids in one room? I don’t plan on staying there forever, but my daughter is 4 and my son is 11 months, he’s pretty much sleeping through the night so I’m not worried about that, but more on how my daughter will adjust to having to share her room. She doesn’t really spend time in her room except to sleep or play on her spin cycle.

Administrator answers:

I am a nanny for FIVE children. None of them share a room, but I know PLENTY of families that do. I am sure your daughter will ajust with EASE. She is rarely in their, same with your son. If she has a complaint, he is a baby! Hold him up to her and say “he isn’t taking up much room now, is he?” – Maybe tell her its her room, and if she wouldn’t mind sharing it with her brother… (Unless you think that would have her screaming ITS MY ROOOOM!!!!) I am 99.9999% sure it will be fine. Sounds like a lovely place btw. Xx

Robert asks…

College Rooming Scenarios, help me out here.?

me and 2 friends have plans to get an an apartment and we have two options a 2 bedroom apartment for $750 or a two bedroom town house (much bigger) for $835 each month, their is no way in hell we could afford the town house with just the 3 of us so i suggested a 4th person for the town house cause its nicer and overall with 4 people cause utelities are not included it would be cheaper to go 4 in the town house only problem is this 4th guy is a zoo animal and wants to party 24/7 and bring home hookers every night other then that he is a nice guy we all get along which scenario would be better 3 of us in the 750 strugling for money or 4 of us with some spare change and a lunatic living with us. Which one is the better?

Administrator answers:

That guy sounds fun. Bring him along and quit being so conservative.

Ken asks…

generations, baby name game :) (part #1)?

1.You are working at the library at your college in your junior year. Every day you’re working you notice that there is one student who is always there. Sometimes he is actually there with his head in the books, others he seems just to be sitting there not doing anything or just on his laptop. He always sits in the same spot, with a perfect of the counter where you work. Lately, you’ve been catching him looking up at you every so often and you decide one day to take initiative and go over and talk to him. You hit it off really well and he ends up asking you on a date. From there on after, you two are inseparable. What is your name? (May be anything you’d like). What is his name? (Must be a common name with a unique middle). Where do you go to college?
2.Senior year comes and goes by quick, you and your boyfriend both graduate. You have a teaching job right out of college at the school you did your student teaching. They loved you there! Your boyfriend has a little less luck finding a job right away, but ends up landing a job at a great business firm about six months after graduating. You move into a 1 bedroom apartment together and on your second year anniversary he proposes to you! Six months later, over summer vacation, you get married and go on a nice two week long honeymoon. Where do you get married? Where do you honeymoon?
3.Surprise! Two months after your honeymoon you find out your pregnant. You weren’t trying, so you both are shocked, but pleased nonetheless. 7 months after that you deliver a beautiful healthy baby. If you are wearing socks it’s a boy, if your not, it’s a girl.
What’s his/her name? (First name can be anything you like, middle name must be something related to where you honeymooned.)
4.You are still in that 1 bedroom apartment, but you’ve been looking for a new place while you were pregnant. Finally you find a little 3 bedroom house for rent that you adore and feel is right for your small family for the time being. In the meantime, you and your husband start design plans on your dream home and are lucky enough to be able to afford something rather big because your husband is becoming extremely successful. When your husband announces another promotion, you announce that you’re pregnant! You both are very happy. When your oldest is 21 months your give birth again, only this time it is twins. If you have blue eyes you have 2 boys, brown eyes you have 2 girls, green/other you have 1 one of each. What are their names? (2 boys must have place names, 2 girls must have nature/flower names, if 1 of each both must have names associated with colors.)
5. About a year later your dream house is being built and it’s almost finished! You have the twins 1st birthday party and then start packing everything up to be moved into your new home. You find you’re getting more tired then usual and aren’t feeling well at all. You chalk it up to moving though and being run ragged by your almost three year old. Finally you’re finished moving and the new house looks great! It’s huge! It has 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a big kitchen and dining room, a living room, a den/playroom, and a big office for you and your husband to share. You throw a big party for your oldest 3rd birthday and when things are finally back to normal you also realize you haven’t gotten a period in 3 months. You can’t believe you didn’t realize it and now it all makes sense. You schedule a doctor’s appointment and sure enough, you’re pregnant again. 4 and half months later you give birth. It’s a preemie. The baby is small and weak, but you can tell you have a fighter. If you have your nails painted it’s a girl, if not you have a boy. What’s his/her name. (Name must either mean strong, gift or miracle.)
part #2 should be on the main wall, if it isn’t go to my page, and look at my asked questions and it will be there.

Administrator answers:

1) Lorraine Alexandria and Collin Dexter, St. Mary’s College
2) My grandmother’s cabin is B.C, Canada. Honeymoon is in Athens, Greece :)
3) Alexander Poseidon ‘Alec’ (Poseidon and Athena competed over who would be the patron of Athens)
4) Well I have Blue/Green eyes, so I’ll do one of each :)
Sienna Rose and Grayer ‘Gray’ Azure
5) Valerie Theodora

I love your way of deciding genders :)

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