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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Plans

August 29, 2013

Robert asks…

I live in a large three bedroom apartment alone. I have some plans to rent out some of the rooms, how do I le?

How do I let travelers from other countries, know that my home is open for their stay. I would ask a very fair price. The entire living area two bedrooms and the kitchen would be available for whatever they wanted to bring.
The apartment complax I’m living is down to 20% occupancy due whatever it is the economy is doing. If I just hold on for a while I think they will have to at least lower the rent to get the numbers up. That’s if they havn’t gone belly-up already. Plus, right next door there is a HUGE apartment complex being built that will be very competitive. I don’t know where that money is coming from but I can bet they are counting on something.
It’s either rent out the rooms or work with the city and take in battered women and their children and pets if they need a place to run. I’ve been on the other side of that. I feel a great need to reach out in someway.

Administrator answers:

Some things to consider. If they’re from a foreign country, running any background check on them is going to be that much more difficult. Also, if you run into problems and need to take them to court, imagine how much more difficult that will be if they skip country.
While helping those with domestic problems can be very noble, you will run very considerable security risks.
I see that you’ve already been running into financial difficulty. That’s just the time when you don’t want to take big chances.
Dealing with strangers in Florida during a major recession is a big gamble. My best suggestion is to get a second job if possible.

Lizzie asks…

Are there any one bedroom apartments that can have two people on the lease?

My gf and I are planning to move into an apartment together our senior year of college, and for the sake of our parents, we are looking for a one bedroom apartment that has a lease for two people. After looking around, we can only find one bedroom apartments with a one person signing lease. Are there one bedroom apartments with a double signing lease to all?

Administrator answers:

Yes, we do two people on a lease for a one bedroom all the time. It does make things easier in terms of dealing with security deposits and other issues though if it’s just one person on the lease.

Chris asks…

What are the average apartment prices?

Ok so I am just curious about apartment prices. When I get done with school I am planning on moving up to New York City. I was just curious about how much is rent on a one or two bedroom apartment. I don’t want the very cheapest prices where the apartment is crappy and smells like cat pee, but I don’t want extreamly expensive.

Administrator answers:

Decent 1 bedrooms rent between $2500-4000 a month.

2 Bedrooms…$4000 and up.

Mandy asks…

We are searching for a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to rent for a two week vacation?

There are five of us who are planning a trip to Paris and would like to rent a clean spacious apartment in the best part of town. If you are aware of a reputable website with photos please let me know. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I’ve rented from these people and they are very professional and appear to be completely honest and above board:

Susan asks…

How much would it cost to rent an apartment in Brooklyn or one of the other Burroughs?

I’m planning on going to college in NYC and living in one of the Burroughs. How much would a small one or two bedroom apartment cost? Preferably in Brooklyn. Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

$1200-1600 a month.

Donna asks…

Average utility cost of an apartment?

I live in southeastern Michigan and I plan on getting a small, one or two bedroom apartment within the next year. Any ideas on utility cost?

Administrator answers:

I live near Lansing, MI and have lived in apartments here for about 4 years. My utility costs per month have usually been around:

$25 to $60 for light & water
$25 to $55 for energy

Also, I’ve found that the most expensive months for light and water are August, September, and October. The most expensive months for energy are December through March. So your total utility cost will always be around $35 to $100 per month, assuming basic rates don’t change much.

Helen asks…

Does anyone know of any “NICE” two bedroom apartments in Somerset, NJ for a reasonable price ?

My mom plans to move to PA soon and I don’t want to go cuz I love Hackensack. And my boyfriend lives In Somerset and if I move, that’s going to end our relationship. :’( Sombody please answer me as soon as you can because I don’t want to lose my first boyfriend I’ve ever had. PLEASE!!! :’(

Administrator answers:

You pay a realtor to find you an apartment or have your boyfriend check bulletin boards.

Thomas asks…

What is the average cost of an apartment?

I’m looking to move out in about a year. I will also be purchasing a new car at the same time. I plan on moving into a two bedroom/ two bathroom apartment in Raleigh and have a roommate. On the apartment description that I am currently looking at it says some utilities are covered. I’m not sure which ones they are, but the rent is about $900 a month. What would the average total cost be? I would like to make sure its feasible to move out before I try.
Thank you (:

Administrator answers:

It depends what city state you are and where you are wanting to move and also your total income in a huge factor you should add up your total income and only spend 1/4 on rent alone. Also you must make 3 times the rent to get an apt. If the apt cost $900 a month you have to make $2,700 a month or around 32,000 a year. I pay $979.00 for 1000 sq ft 1 br 1 bath with trash $100 for lights and about $20.00 for water.

George asks…

How much would it cost for three 18-20 year olds to live on their own in a 2 bedroom apartment?

I am currently 15 but am planning to move in with my best friend, and my boyfriend at the age of 18. Can anyone tell me what the prices may range for about?
We want– A two bedroom apartment. (Not specifically top notch)
Heat of course, but air conditioning not needed.
One car with insurance.
No cable, phone, or internet.
Electricity, Water, and food of course are important.
I will be in school as well as my friend, so we can work part time. The boyfriend can work part time or full time.

Does anyone know how much this may come to?
Aim high because we really want to be prepared.
Thank you all so much. =]

Administrator answers:

It depends on the part of country but don’t count on having the same boyfriend at 18. At your age you should be dating in a less committed relationship. If your boyfriend is older since you don’t think he will be a student in 3 years your relationship is almost 100% sure to end. He will be an adult while you are still a school girl so he will want an adult relationship unless he is very immature.
You will need a minimum of $2,000 a month not counting medical insurance and copays and deductibles assuming you paid cash for the car.

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