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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Plans

June 7, 2012

Donald asks…

Is it common for landlords to raise the listed price of a two-bedroom apartment if four people plan to live in?

If so, how much is the rent usually raised?

Administrator answers:

Very common when the landlord pays for any of the utilities. It happens most with water & sewer. I am a landlord and when my tenant moved her daughter in, I raised the rent by $25.

Betty asks…

HOw much does it cost for a two bedroom apartment?

my friends and I are planning on to moving to NY after high school there are three of us. I was wondering if you knew how much a two-three bedroom apartment would cost?
Also these major cities please I haven’t decided where I want to go but I know its one of these places;
*Seattle, washington
*california ( closeish to LA but it doesn’t have to be)
* Boston, massachusetts
* Chicago IL
thank you so much

Administrator answers:

NYC is very expensive about $2000/m for 2 bedrooms, brooklyn about $1500/m

Donna asks…

Average Small Two Bedroom Apartment Cost?

Okay, I know this might be WAY early asking this question since I’m only 16, but my friend(who is turning 18) and me cannot WAIT to get out of our houses and are just planning for the future. We live in Arkansas and are wanting just a small two bedroom apartment? What would be the average monthly cost?

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

Renting a one bedroom apartment with a baby?

A friend is seeking custody of his three month old son. He was told if his home passed inspection from CPS he would get custody. He rents a one bedroom apartment. He plans to use the bedroom for his son and he will sleep on the couch. Does anyone know if that will meet CPS standards? The apartment is in very good condition and very clean. He has everything the baby will need. Someone told us that he would have to move to a two bedroom to get custody. Any ideas or shared experience would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

In most states they allow 2 people to each room. So yes they will probably accept a 1 bedroom.

Daniel asks…

I am planning on relocating to Singapore, what would be an average price for a two bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

If you have learned japanese and read and write it. You should use the international answers link at the bottom of the screen to communicate with people in japan directly. You’d get more helpful answers i think.

Jenny asks…

Where can I find a decent two bedroom apartment in the New York/New Jersey/CT area?

I’m planning on moving back there from Chicago later this year. I grew up in Long Island (Bethpage), but know that I cannot afford to live there now.
So please give me some good ideas…no roaches or rodents! I can’t stand that.

Administrator answers:

If you go about an hour and a half north of NYC you will be in the Redding/Danbury/Ridgefield area of CT, which is much less expensive than other areas, as well as very quaint-feeling. I know that studios run as low as about $700/month, if that gives you an idea. Hope I helped!

Linda asks…

How many persons can live in a one-bedroom apartment?two-bed room apartment?

I am planning to come to the states for studying
And I checked many sites like for deals
I was wandering is it allowed for 3 people to rent a one-bedroom apartment? what about a 2 bedroom apartment?

thenk you

Administrator answers:

There is no one answer to your question – mostly because you only said “the states” as in The Uniteds States. Occupancy limits are not specified at the federal level in the USA. While they are occasionally specified at the state level they are much more frequently specified at the city ordinance level. Many parts of the United States have no such ordinance in effect at all.

Another variable is the owner of the rental unit; they can and often do set occupancy limits, and within certain limits (which again vary from place to place at several levels of government) they may do so.

Usually you can expect a limit of two per bedroom plus one, but no guaruntees until you check the city ordinance (if any) and/or the owner or management of the rental unit. In some places the occupancy limit is based on the floor area (called square footage in the USA) in addition to the number of bedrooms.

If you can specify both the city and the school you are going to, you could find out from that city’s clerk’s office or, in the case of campus housing, the school’s administration.

Susan asks…

How much are utilities for a two bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio?

My brother and I are looking to move to Columbus this fall but need to know how much utilities are so we can plan our budget. I need to know, on average, how much each utility (water, sewage, gas, electric, trash, cable/internet, and food) run for a two bedroom apartment in the summer and winter. We plan on going sparingly with the water and doing laundry at a laundry mat; we also plan on cutting back on our electricity by not running the air conditioning too much, or the heat (if its on electric). Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Administrator answers:

About $600. A month (as LONG as you don’t do PPV movies on your TV !).

James asks…

two bedroom apartment, do i need 2 cosigners?

me and my friend are planning on moving in and they wanted us both to have a cosigner. will it be a problem if only one person gets a cosigner?

Administrator answers:

Yes. That’s what they said they want. Both need one

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