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Your Questions About Woodhaven Queens

June 8, 2012

Donald asks…

Taking the bus from laurelton to woodhaven in queens ny?

which bus or buses will take me there

Administrator answers:

I know that the Q11 serves Woodhaven Blvd. And Im sure thats in Woodhaven lol…

But in order to get there from Laurelton, catch whatever bus is closest to you [most likely would be the either the Q4, Q5, Q85 or Q84] and take it to Jamaica Center/Parsons and Archer, take the E to 71st and Continental and transfer to the R or V and get off at Woodhaven Blvd/Slattery Plaza and catch it up there. Or you could just catch the J train at Jamaica Center and get off at the Woodhaven Blvd stop lol. I hope I helped.

John asks…

Need help with using public transportation from Newark Airport to Woodhaven, NY 11421?

Need help with the connections with train or bus (which one to take where) in order to make my way from Newark Airport into Queens, Woodhaven in particular. Need it to be public transport and not some taxi, thank you

Administrator answers:

Woodhaven is not Queens. It’s Brooklyn neighborhood.
Step 1: At passenger terminals, look for New Jersey Transit Ticket Vending Machine and buy one way ticket $15.00 to New York Penn Station. $5.50 Airtrain Fee is included in ticket.

Step 2: Take AirTrain to Newark Airport Station.

Step 3: Transfer to New Jersey Transit inbound service (toward NY) on Northeast Corridor or North Jersey Coast Line to New York Penn Station.

Step 4: Take downtown (2)(3) express from 34th St-Penn Station (7th Av side) to Fulton St.
Transfer to Queens-bound (J) or (Z) to following stops:
75th St: J.
85th St: Z, J.
Woodhaven Blvd: J, Z.
During PM Rush Hour, (J) and (Z) is both express toward Queens with skip-stop.
During weekend, you need to take uptown (4)(5) one stop to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall to catch (J) local.

Mandy asks…

From Forrest Hills, how do I get from Queens Blvd @ 78th to the Brunswick Bowling ctr @ 7225 Woodhaven Blvd?

I believe the Q53 bus will take me there but I do not know where or how to catch it. Please help!

Administrator answers:

My friend, 7225 Woodhaven Blvd is located at Woodhaven Blvd between Metropolitan and 73rd Avenue.

From 78th and Queens Blvd, take the Manhattan-bound “E” or “F” trains (Blue and Orange Line) to 71st-Continental.

At 71st-Continental, transfer to the Manhattan-bound “G”, “R” or “V” trains (Lime Green, Yellow or Orange Line Local). Take either train Woodhaven Blvd-Slattery Plaza (Queens Center).

At Woodhaven Blvd-Slattery Plaza (Queens Center), transfers to either the Q-11 or the Q-53 bus to your final destiination. The bus will leave you at the corner of Metroplolitan Avenue and Woohaven Blvd.

I hope this information is very helpul. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Native New Yorker

Steven asks…

How Long would Subway Ride (On R Train) from 59th Street Brooklyn to Woodhaven Blvd (Queens Center) Take?

I know its probably seemingly pointless to ask here bc of such things as googlemaps and hopstop but they all gave me different routes that would require transfering twice or three times and Im aware that the R train goes directly from one to the other. Im just curious about how long would it take? Thank You and I hope to Hear Your Responses
Thank You All Really appreciate the Help…Apparently Googlemaps says transfering from the N to the V seems to cut time but compared to what one of the ppl who answered my question (saying that it will take an Hour and 10 Minutes just taking the R train all the way) it says it will take 1 hour and 11 Minutes by transfering, which is only a one minute difference so just not sure which is really faster in real time.
***NOTE: Correction the Actual Train Ride Time (By taking the V Train from Queens Center and Transfering to the N Train) Would take 1 Hour and 3 Minutes…ithink this is at least abit of a significant time cut from the 1 Hour and 10 minutes the R Train takes from Queens Center to 59th Street Brooklyn…Does Anyone know if the N takes long to arrive at the stop (the stop where you can transfer from the V Train, which is 34th St – Herald Sq Station?..Cause if its too long i may as well save that time waiting for the Train by just taking the R Train all the way.

Administrator answers:

The ride on the R train will be about an hour and ten minutes.

Daniel asks…

I want to take the E-train to Queens Center Mall.what stop do I get off at?

Would it be Queens Plaza or Woodhaven Blvd perhaps?

Administrator answers:

The E-train does not stop at Woodhaven Boulevard (where Queens Center is located).

If you are coming from Manhattan, you need to get off at 74th Street and transfer to a G, R or V local train, which will stop at Woodhaven.

If you are coming from Jamaica, you need to get off at 71st Continental and transfer to the G R or V.

Hope this helps.

William asks…

queens mall direction. i know i take 5 train to 59th street but what train i take to get off on woodhaven?

Administrator answers:

R train to Woodhaven Blvd

Susan asks…

Can you rate the following neighborhoods in Queens objectively?

Keep in mind that we already live in Queens and know where the areas are by passing through. Also, we are black so don’t automatically claim that they are awful areas (since mostly black people live in some of them). We will fit in, that’s not an issue. I just want to know if it is decent in general. I know these are not the cream of the crop areas but we are trying to pick an area sutiable for us to buy.

Cambria Heights
Queens Village
South Ozone Park
Springfield Gardens
Richmond Hill

Administrator answers:

I think that they are all fair neighborhoods. From the list I like Richmond Hill and Woodhaven as they are not as remote as some of the others. South Ozone is similar in convenience, but I think that the other two that I mentioned are better.

The other neighborhoods are less served by public transportation, but I would rate them about equally. The further that you get away from South Jamaica, the better off you are.

Good luck with your purchase. I hope that you have many years of happiness there,.

Robert asks…

Where can I buy inexpensive…in Queens?

Where can I buy inexpensive groceries in Woodhaven (Queens) New York? Try to be as specific as possible. I am interested in finding a place that doesnt charge more than 1.25 for things like Rice.


Administrator answers:

Pathmark on Atlantic Ave two blocks west of Woodhaven Blvd.

There is a market at the intersection of Rockaway Blvd and Atlantic Ave also.

Maria asks…

Should I buy a co-op apartment in Queens now or wait ?

I found a co-op in Woodhaven, NY (Boro of Queens by Forest Park) — it is a 2 bedroom for 145,000 with a monthly maint. of 566 and flip tax of 18,000 upon selling in the future. The place is in ok condition- kitchen needs to be redone and paint walls, polish floors.

I don’t know if I should follow through though because I keep hearing that real estate prices will still be coming down for at least a good year – so should I wait?

What is the outlook for NYC-Queens Co-ops….

Administrator answers:

That sounds like a good deal. The market is unpredictable right now; New York City is one of the few places where real estate prices have been continuing to go up, because demand for space is so high, but the news today said that there have been a lot of foreclosures, many more in the past year than there were last year, so that might change. I say go for it; if prices come down, it probably won’t be by a lot.

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